Anschauen Matthias et Maxime

Matthias et Maxime

Matthias et Maxime is a movie starring Xavier Dolan, Harris Dickinson, and Anne Dorval. A drama focusing on a group of friends in their late 20s.

Other Titles
Matthias i Maxime, Matthias and Maxime, Matthias & Maxime (2019), Matthias ve Maxime, Matthias & Maxime
Running Time
1 hours 59 minutes
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Xavier Dolan
Xavier Dolan
Xavier Dolan, Marilyn Castonguay, Anne Dorval, Harris Dickinson
Canada, France
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A drama focusing on a group of friends in their late 20s.

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Joseph M. photo
Joseph M.

A small boy takes a trip to a remote and isolated island to meet his dead grandfather. A major issue at the end of the movie is that this story and story in general are based on real events. It is, however, a strange film. You could see the tiny little boy, with his colorful clothes, hair, shoes and gadgets. His hair and clothing were made in the same style as the hero of the movie. The little boy was meant to look like a child. However, the hairstyle was too long and it looked like a girl's haircut. You could see the boy's eyes and ears. However, he was meant to look like a young boy. This was also a problem with the movie. If you look at the movie in a different light, you will understand what is going on and why the boy is acting so odd. Also, this movie is about a boy who is lost and needs to find his father. It also deals with death and it has a religious theme. The only thing I did not like was that the boy looked like a boy, but he was not. It was a very odd looking boy, but it is a very small thing. I am a little surprised by the bad reviews on this movie. It is a very good movie. It has many important things that you need to think about when watching this movie. I think this movie will be good for many people. I gave it a 7 out of 10.

Gerald R. photo
Gerald R.

I am not really interested in a movie about the "troubled" teenagers of the French countryside. But Matthias and Maxime are worth the time of the viewer, both because they are French and because they are superb actors. They convey the harshness and the strange sense of loneliness of this kind of people. In a movie like this, you can really feel like you are in their world, not just a spectator. And in a movie like this, you really do feel like you are living in the countryside with these people. As a result, I felt myself really in their world and I couldn't help to identify with them. The characters in the movie have no real personality, but they are so perfectly realized that I was sure that I knew them before the movie was over. I am not saying that this movie is without flaws, but there is enough real life story to make it bearable. I can understand why this movie was not a huge hit in France. This is a movie about people who are really different from most of the French people I know. And that makes it even more of a movie.

Christina photo

This is a thought-provoking, stylish and well-acted film, that, I feel, offers enough insight to its story to allow the viewer to make his/her own interpretation of what happened. With the opening scene, the viewer can see that there is more to the story than meets the eye. We see the characters as well as the environment, and even the story is not complete without the audience feeling empathy with the characters. I think the film would have been more successful if there were less visual imagery and instead focused on the characters, rather than on the environment. I do not think the filmmakers would have had the same effect, but I suppose the film could have been much more interesting had the story been just as good as the characters. This film does not do enough to let us understand what happened to the characters or their circumstances, but it does seem to give enough background to the story to allow us to understand it. The acting is good, and the photography is excellent. Overall, I felt the film was good, but I would have liked more than what I saw.

Diane photo

Not a great film, but certainly worth a look. A very interesting topic. Good cast, with some rather amusing scenes. The main character, Matthias, is portrayed by a German actor, albeit an English one, but the accent does not interfere at all with the film. He is in fact, a very well-known and well-liked actor. Maxime, the main character, is a man, who is on the brink of suicide, due to his attempts to have sex with his girlfriend. He is also an artist. The movie is told in chronological order, and is, therefore, rather slow at some points, but keeps your interest. You can see the other characters' reactions to Matthias' problems, but you cannot tell much about their relationship. If you like art films, this one will not disappoint you.

Ronald photo

The picturesque, lively, and exotic surroundings of the "Eclectic" town of Luxembourg, to the highly engaging stories of the eccentric, small town residents of the villages and hamlets of the city, bring the viewer into a world where the 'big city' is all but a shadow of the 'little city'. And this is what the film is all about: showing us the beauty and strangeness of life in a small town. For example, in the little town of Champagne, a young girl named Petal has a crush on a handsome young man called Hichcock. In the village of Meaux, Lidia is the epitome of innocence, and is a woman who lives in a family of nuns. In the hamlet of Saint Etienne, the daughter of the local priest, Jeanne, is having a fling with a man called Jacques. Even in the faraway town of Pontoise, the town's mayor has a daughter named Cecile who is a young woman with an unrequited love for her uncle. With the help of their father, the two young women try to understand why their father doesn't love them. As we see the way of life of these small town people, we get a sense of the confusion of life. There is a sense of a great loneliness that is expressed through the situations of the villagers. The film tries to show us the sense of the loneliness that these women experience and the helplessness that they feel. In the town of Pontoise, the young woman, Cecile, has a romance with a man named Jacques, a young man who is an aspiring writer, and he falls in love with her, and she gets jealous. When she discovers that she has been having a fling with Jacques, she is unable to control her emotions and is deeply in love with him. When he tries to keep their relationship a secret, she must defend herself and her family and friends. In the village of Meaux, Lidia, the daughter of the local priest, is having a fling with a young man named Jacques. When she discovers that he is an aspiring writer, she is unable to control her emotions and becomes furious. When she discovers that Jacques has a secret crush on her, she becomes very jealous. When she learns that Jacques is planning to marry Cecile, she tries to get rid of him. This film is not meant to be a romantic comedy. It is more of a depiction of life in a small town. The French film industry has produced some beautiful films, and it is sad to see such a beautiful film like "Ecclectic" be marred by a few incidents that don't contribute to the story and make the film feel empty.

Rachel photo

This is a very good movie about a father who is a police inspector in Paris and he is the best detective of his profession. The movie starts with a murder and he has to investigate it. The second part of the movie is a visit to the police academy, where he meets a new girl and a policeman who is a bit different from the others. A very good movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat and is full of suspense and you are always wondering who is going to be the next victim. Recommended.

Lauren photo

This is a well-made movie about a family in the mid-seventies in France. It is mainly set in the city of Paris, which is shown as a character in the film. I have always been fascinated with the 1970s and had always wanted to see a film about that era, but it never happened. This film is a lot different, and although it is not exactly about the 1970s, it is still a very important period. The characters in this film are all interesting, although the one I was most interested in was Vincent, played by Jean-Pierre Marielle. I thought he was really good. The young girl in the film was very interesting, as was the main actor, who played Vincent. The two main characters of the film are the father and the mother. I really liked the mother. I thought her relationship with her daughter was very interesting. I thought the movie was very interesting, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes movies about the 1970s. I think it is very interesting. The music in the film is also very interesting, as is the cinematography, which I thought was very good. This film is definitely worth seeing.

Raymond N. photo
Raymond N.

I've just come from watching this film in its entirety. The story is a good one, but the characterizations were uneven, and the film felt to me to be very "spoiled" and "stylish" compared to other French films I've seen. The only film I've seen which is nearly identical to this, is "Facing the Sun" (1981). "Nosferatu" and "Carnival" are just as good, and I really liked "Rendez-Vous" a lot. This is just a shame, because this film should have been a lot more, or more cinematic. Perhaps the most disappointing thing about this film is that the film was so "artsy", and this is not a film to take your mother to. I've seen the film a few times and have forgotten it. But it's good, and the story was great. I'd definitely recommend this film to anyone who's interested in a "dirty" film. However, I think it's still a film that's worth seeing, even if you've seen a lot of French movies. I'd say it's a good film to watch if you're into "artsy" movies. The acting is pretty good. The music is good. The direction is good. The photography is good. But I'd probably say that it's a bit pretentious. I would definitely recommend this film if you're into "artsy" movies.