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Luce is a movie starring Naomi Watts, Octavia Spencer, and Tim Roth. A married couple is forced to reckon with their idealized image of their son, adopted from war-torn Eritrea, after an alarming discovery by a devoted high school...

Other Titles
ルース・エドガー, Pannim Rabbot La'Emet, ルース
Running Time
1 hours 49 minutes
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Julius Onah
J.C. Lee, J.C. Lee, Julius Onah
Kelvin Harrison Jr., Naomi Watts, Tim Roth, Octavia Spencer
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A married couple is forced to reckon with their idealized image of their son, adopted from war-torn Eritrea, after an alarming discovery by a devoted high school teacher threatens his status as an all-star student.

Comments about drama «Luce» (18)

Frances Morris photo
Frances Morris

I watched this film quite late and have been searching for a DVD for years but only found it in Canada. I never heard of this film until I checked the IMDb list, but was quite interested in seeing it and it was interesting. I liked it. I think it was a bit slow, but it kept me thinking a little bit. I really liked the first 20 minutes or so, I think. I was happy to see the performances from the various actors. The dialog was good. The movie is very well done and very entertaining. I liked the cinematography, too. The first part of the movie took place in a church, and I liked the emphasis on spirituality and religion. I didn't like the different kinds of religions, though. The best was Christian. I liked that. I thought the movie started out nice and lively, but after it was over I wanted to go and see a different film, and then I remembered I had left the film playing on my DVD player. I must have forgotten to turn it off, though. I watched the whole thing. I'd recommend it.

Howard O. photo
Howard O.

Wise is played by Sean Penn. Wise's family is broken and his mother and grandmother are in a dire situation. He is a loving father, his brother is a member of the military, and his father left him with a group of high school kids. He is also the great uncle to David-the gunner who has served in the Army-and all of his daughters are members of the military. It is not easy to get a job. He is essentially a stay at home dad, working in the car wash and taking care of the girls. He is not very attractive and he has trouble keeping his eye on women. Wise has tried and failed to get in a decent looking girls' college. He is frustrated by the fact that he can't get girls for his daughters. After one such attempt, he ends up getting a hooker, but his new girlfriend dumps him after a few days. In the end, he finds the courage to tell his wife about the two new women that he's gotten, and it changes his life. Sean Penn is a great actor and Wise is just a good character study. If you can understand the frustration in the film, you will enjoy it.

Doris Murphy photo
Doris Murphy

It's hard to imagine that this is a film that has been rejected by a lot of people. It's simply too bad that this is not the case, since it could have been so much better. This is a film that is interested in showing the actions of the Russians and Germans in WW2 as "normal" and "normal people". It portrays the German soldiers as the "good guys" and the Russians as the "bad guys". But all of this is rather vague. There's a lot of talk about "normal" behaviour and "normal people", but the film only shows a small part of the "normal" behaviour. The acting is good, the dialogs are good, but everything about the film is very abstract and it's hard to be convinced about how the Germans and Russians behaved. Perhaps because of this, it is very difficult to relate to the film. I am not too fond of abstract movies, and I don't think that a film that focuses only on the bad stuff that "normal people" do and wants to make them appear to be "normal" is really a good movie. Nevertheless, this is a very good film, which I would recommend.

Tammy Gray photo
Tammy Gray

Marlene Zimmerman is a school teacher in the city of Buenos Aires, whose primary goal is to raise her children and to study to become a professor. Her life is somewhat complicated by the appearance of a mysterious stranger with whom she shares a bed. In order to improve her mental state, she undertakes a series of bizarre experiments in which she pretends to die and enters a body. She begins to understand what a normal person must have gone through in order to be able to open the door of a particular person. "El semana de la noche" ("The Turn of the Screw") is a very disturbing movie. The atmosphere of confusion and the dark humor of a teenage life is ever present. The special effects are fantastic. The direction is excellent. In addition to the great performances of the two actresses who are well known in the international world, the movie is a great contribution to the literature of the country. The themes of growing up and not knowing who you are, has been taken up by a number of great filmmakers and novels. And in addition to the great performance of the two actors, the movie has a strong music, in particular the score of Federico Fellini. The director of the movie, Felipe Fuentes, has an interesting background. Before he moved to New York he was in Argentina, where he studied as a teacher. Besides he has been involved in several books. His movie is a "first" in the genre of the Argentine cinema. Recommended to anyone who likes cinema and especially to people who are into psychology and the work of F. de Sica.

Martha S. photo
Martha S.

I am rating this movie a 9 out of 10 because it is so good. It's difficult to watch it again and again because it's so good. It is important to know that this movie is not for people who only enjoy the feel good aspect of movies. It is good because it is dark and it is sad. There are many scenes that are so harsh that you want to cry and not look at the screen. I do agree with people who say that the ending is a bit abrupt. But it's a well done ending, the way it is used is perfectly fine. This movie also has a wonderful soundtrack that fits perfectly with the scenes in this movie. This movie is very touching and has a lot of beautiful images that will stay with you forever. It's a must see movie.

Joyce photo

The story of a girl named Luce that is unable to understand her mother's voice and for that reason cannot communicate with her mother. Her mother wants to marry a man who is often late for her mother. When she eventually sees him in the mirror, she tells him to marry someone else. They go to the farmer and they go to the countryside. The land is not just for grazing, but the sun and the fields, even as they go to a village that is totally abandoned. When the father tells the farmer that his son will not marry the woman he loves, he says: "Come again and you will see, I have to do what is right for me and my family." That is how the film ends. I think the movie is very good and there are parts where it gets really difficult to understand what is going on.

Raymond Boyd photo
Raymond Boyd

I was looking forward to seeing this film for so many years, and I think it deserves a much more broader audience. The story of a woman who changes her life for the better through a simple act of kindness and willingness to change. A film that has many more layers than just the final sequence.

Roy photo

The story of a father, who suffers from "Stiff upper lip" syndrome. It's a very interesting, but not too much predictable, story. And it's well worth a watch. The acting is great. And I am impressed with the directing. The director doesn't always show the emotions of the characters very well, but in a way that gives the story a more realistic feel. The acting is quite good. And I like the way that the movie does not tell you anything about the characters, and only shows you what they feel. I have to say that I am very impressed with this movie, and I recommend it to anyone who likes movies with a story and acting that is not too predictable. It's definitely worth a watch.

Nancy D. photo
Nancy D.

I am not someone who likes documentaries or any kind of documentaries. That's because I am a great fan of David Fincher (his 2007 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' is a great piece of film-making), and I was impressed with 'Antitrust' a few months ago, but I did not like 'Antitrust' so much. However, I found this movie very interesting, and it was very satisfying. It's not an hour-long documentary that can be watched every day. It has two parts, the first is about a group of lawyers suing the U.S. government for making false claims against them, and the second is about the same group of lawyers suing the government for making false claims against them. They are all involved with computer software. The lawyers decide to put their software in the hands of the government, and the government puts its software in the hands of the lawyers. It sounds like a pretty compelling story. But it's not. The movie is very slow-paced and some scenes do not come together well. The government lawyer does not even have a great deal of screen time. The lawyers who work for the software company are so uninteresting. They are all lawyers, not computer scientists, and their job is to make computer programs. So there is no reason for the lawyer to be interested in computer software at all. This is a big letdown because the movie could have had great things to say about the people and how the people were affected by the software and its claims. The government lawyer's monologue in the beginning was also very bland. He did not even mention that he was a lawyer. He was just a computer programmer who said things like "Microsoft thinks that it can lie and win all its cases." I felt a little cheated when the movie ended. I think this is where the first part of the movie suffers. It is just a one-hour documentary that can be watched every day. It could have been a great documentary, but it was not. You can either put this movie on your watch list, or wait for it to come out on DVD. It will be a disappointment, but it is still worth watching. It's not like I can't recommend it, either.

Gerald B. photo
Gerald B.

All throughout this film, there's an overwhelming feeling of anger and frustration. The father-son relationship between Father Krieser and Lars and the younger son (one of the earlier reviewers said the son was too good for his father) is, on its own, disturbing. But there's an underlying sense of bitterness, betrayal, resentment and loneliness that the story plays on for its length. The storytelling is a combination of observations and observations, as in any good film. The film suggests that the film doesn't get anywhere near what it sets out to get. The performances are superb. Andrew Prine is a great character actor. The relationship between him and Dola is so beautifully played and believable that the director can't help but watch with his eyes. "We were taught to hate each other, but no longer do," says Dola. "I hate you." The music, too, is unforgettable. This film will make you feel. If you like films about family and relationships, this is a film for you. If you're looking for a film to show off your musical ability, this is one of the most under-appreciated, under-researched, under-watched movies of the last decade.

Heather R. photo
Heather R.

I went in thinking it was going to be one of those ultra-violent action films like 'Magnolia' or 'X-Men: First Class'. I was very disappointed, but happy. This is much more subtle and insightful than it seems. It isn't just a film about two kids making up a comic book, but a story about growing up, about a mother who has gone to a lot of trouble to try to recreate the childhood she had. It is also very affecting, both from a dramatic and emotional point of view, which is quite rare in such films. The acting is very good, both from the children and from the adults. The last part of the film is very moving, and its a pity it is the only part I saw.

Sean Ryan photo
Sean Ryan

The point of the movie was a strong one and the intention was to do something about the problems we often have in our own lives. The movie is somewhat progressive in that we can do better and more with our life than we ever thought possible. The actors are good, the pace is fast, the direction is firm, and the screenplay makes the audience laugh all through the movie. The movie is unique and interesting in that it is a movie that can make you think and analyze your life. If you like these movies I can't recommend it enough. The movie will make you think and you will have a great time. I would highly recommend this movie and the effort it took to create this movie.

Ronald photo

This is an amazing film. The performances are perfect and the characters are very well-drawn. There is not a dull moment in this film. I just can't stop watching it. It is a film that demands to be watched again and again. The film is based on a true story, but you don't have to be a relative of the author to enjoy it. It's a great movie to watch with the family. If you are a fan of film, this is a must see.

Janet photo

I just saw this film in Chicago, IL last night. It is a stunning and powerful film, with a wonderful and poignant ending. I am glad I saw it, and I would recommend it to anyone who has not seen it. The story of a young boy and his love for his mother is very touching. There is an extraordinary scene of the mother in the hospital bed and the boy's eyes are wet with tears. I have seen it several times and I am glad that I saw it. I also have heard that the mother did not like the film and it was not a happy film. I can't imagine why she would be upset with it, but it is very clear to me that she did not like the film. I was very moved by the film. I was also moved by the story and the music.

Victoria photo

A surrealist, dark and gritty movie from master director David Lynch. One of his other movies, "Wild at Heart", is also disturbing. This film, by the way, had a minor role for Danny Glover. Lynch uses the unique medium of sound in a way that he's done so often in his movies. It's very powerful and effective. It seems that he's a master of his craft. His directing style and music have inspired countless other directors. There's no doubt that this is one of his best movies. The ending of the film is heartbreaking. There's a feeling of pain and loss throughout the movie. It's impossible to put your finger on it. It just seemed to fit. Lynch's movies have always had a mysterious quality. The characters in this movie are interesting. We get to know them all. This movie will be as important to the history of independent films as it will be to the history of film itself. I've never seen a movie as influential as this one. It's hard to find a film that is as influential in its time as this one. It's impossible not to admire this movie. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys independent films. It's the first movie that gave me a definite look into the world of independent film. This movie's effects on the audience are a bit odd at first. But, I think that's what Lynch wanted. That it be a bit enigmatic. It makes it easier to understand the movie. I recommend this film to anyone who appreciates independent cinema. It's a must-see for anyone who doesn't know much about independent cinema. I know I'm not the only one who would recommend this film. 9/10

Frank W. photo
Frank W.

One of the most powerful scenes in the movie is when Benigni's character is washing the blood off a slain soldier's helmet. The camera pulls back to reveal the blood coating the helmet and the expression on the soldier's face is incredible. I will never forget the scene. Benigni uses the camera to show the emotions of the soldier. He demonstrates the anger, sadness, disgust, and disgust I feel toward this scene. The image is so well done. Benigni does not try to show the audience how much the soldier suffers. He has the soldier speak the words of God and is just praying for forgiveness. His actions speak louder than words. Benigni gives us the chance to truly feel for the soldier. In a movie like The Godfather, you are supposed to sympathize with the characters. I don't think the audience needed to feel sorry for him. But I do understand the audience was already feeling sorry for him. I think the main character deserves that sympathy. And the scene where Benigni's character goes to his uncle and asks for forgiveness for the atrocities he committed in the past is powerful. The audience sees Benigni's anger and sadness, the anger for the man who was responsible for his uncle's death. But it is Benigni's anger that is so powerful, that is the reason we feel for his character. The scene is powerful and told the audience why the uncle is so hated. The uncle is a role model for the group of criminals who go to the Dominican Republic to rob the banks and steal money from the poor people. I feel for the uncle. The uncle is the one person that everyone can look up to. Even though the uncle is a role model for them, Benigni does not try to say how great he is. He says the uncle's name, so we know he is a role model. The uncle gives us the strength to make up our own mind. Benigni's character, F.G., is a very strong character and I am very much impressed by this movie. I am disappointed that Benigni was not nominated for best actor. He is truly an amazing actor. This is a brilliant movie that I would recommend to everyone.

Frances photo

I rented this movie the first day it was out. I wasn't sure what to expect, but the movie turned out to be a nice surprise. A man comes to an old home and discovers a Bible, which he realizes has a book written on it. The movie was slow in the beginning but was full of life, especially the father's reaction to his son's Bible reading. When the story slowly picks up, it was really interesting to watch. I think the actors did a great job in their roles and the director did a great job. The only negative I would give is that it could have been longer. Overall, I think it was a good movie to watch. I recommend it to anybody who is looking for a good movie.

Theresa Rivera photo
Theresa Rivera

I have to say I was very impressed with this film. It was a very emotional film with great acting, wonderful cinematography and a very emotional story. The story was very simple and yet very powerful and it was very real. I believe this film will go down as a great film to watch and it is very well written. It was extremely moving and heart wrenching and I can't wait to see it again.