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Teret is a movie starring Leon Lucev, Pavle Cemerikic, and Tamara Krcunovic. Vlada works as a truck driver during the NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999. Tasked with transporting a mysterious load from Kosovo to Belgrade, he drives...

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Mahmouleh, A Carga, La carga, La Charge, Krovinys, The Load, Ładunek
Running Time
1 hours 38 minutes
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Ognjen Glavonic
Ognjen Glavonic
Leon Lucev, Pavle Cemerikic, Tamara Krcunovic, Ivan Lucev
Qatar, Iran, Croatia, Serbia, France
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Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Vlada works as a truck driver during the NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999. Tasked with transporting a mysterious load from Kosovo to Belgrade, he drives through unfamiliar territory, trying to make his way in a country scarred by the war. He knows that once the job is over, he will need to return home and face the consequences of his actions.

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Ashley photo

It is a very nice movie about a young man who try to become a professional footballer. First of all, it is very interesting to see the movie and hear the story from the young man. The part of this story are very interesting. Then the movie itself, is a very nice movie, it is full of emotion. You can see that this is real. And the camera movements in the movie are really beautiful. It is very nice and heart warming. In the end of the movie, it is very sad. I'm sad for the young man and for his family. But this movie is very nice. I really like this movie.

Elizabeth photo

I saw this film yesterday. A few times. The script was good. The performances were great. I was not expecting to be inspired by it, and I am. I'm sure most of the people who don't like this movie do so because they were expecting a lot of things that weren't delivered, and because they are not familiar with New York. I have lived in NYC for a while, and this movie is very representative of NYC. The movie is very entertaining and has a few deep parts. I would recommend this movie to people who enjoy a good story about a couple of good friends that make a life decision to be together. I saw it twice. I liked the two women, and the movie was good.

Bobby photo

I'm not exactly sure what the writers were trying to achieve with this film, and at times the narrative was very disjointed and poorly thought out. However, as a piece of art it is not a bad film, though it was a bit over the top and jarring at times. It was shot in color with lots of light, which added to the emotion of the story. The actors in this film were also a bit over the top. Especially the couple. They were probably a little over the top when they first met the brother and sister and were pretty good for the first 10 minutes. But then they were so annoying and annoying. The script was good, and the direction was good. The music was perfect for the film, and the sound was good. I thought the film did a good job of showing the love and pain of losing a child. The actor playing the father was very good, but I didn't like the performance of the mother and I think the director did a poor job of making her come across as a selfish, cringing mother. Overall, this was a decent film, but I'm not sure I'd recommend it to anyone.

Jonathan Fisher photo
Jonathan Fisher

Not only does the film deal with the sex abuse of children, it is also an exploration of the nature of friendship and relationships in a school environment. My only criticism of the film is that it does not really delve into the issues of sexual abuse that I would have liked to have seen. Also, a lot of the moral and ethical questions are not fully explored. I thought that the actors did a very good job of playing their parts and that the film did a good job of conveying its message. I would recommend it.

Angela S. photo
Angela S.

The movie is very well done, but like all great movies, you have to love it in your heart. This movie is amazing. It has a very beautiful soundtrack, and it really makes you want to cry. The actors are amazing, and I don't know why people hate on this movie, it's definitely not bad. I love it.

Lori photo

This film was worth seeing in its original form on the big screen. At times it feels a little slow and a little unfocused. But it's worth seeing for the sublime performance of Thao. And for the splendid photography, especially of the early morning scenes. The scenes of the other actors are also well shot and portrayed. But the story is not good enough to sustain a two hour film. There are moments where the story jumps from one plot point to another. And a lot of story lines aren't developed or explored to their full potential. All in all, a fine film. But not as good as it could be.

Betty photo

While this movie was very good, there are a few things that I didn't like about it. One thing I didn't like was the way they showed the characters. The characters in the movie were very colorful and original. When I first watched the movie I didn't even recognize the characters. When you see this movie you will recognize the characters easily. Another thing I didn't like was the background music. The background music is a very important part of the movie. If you don't like the music when it plays, then you will never like this movie. But I still enjoyed the movie, so I give it 7 out of 10 stars. The story is original and the acting is very good. This movie is not a bad movie. It is one of the better movies I have seen in a while.

Alexander O. photo
Alexander O.

A careful reader of the Bible might suspect that this movie was based on a genuine incident in the life of Jesus. It is certainly possible that the story is true, as we are given the names of several people who had contact with him, and even the places where he lived. The question that the film raises is whether the people who worked with him or the people who were close to him were aware of what was going on in his life. The movie does not go into any detail on this issue. All we know is that people were using their influence and their connections to the high priests to influence Jesus. The film does not attempt to answer this question. The characters in the film do not have the depth that would have made a deeper understanding possible. It is a good film that raises an important question about the way people respond to life, even the most basic of questions. It is definitely worth seeing. The story is interesting, and the actors are great.

Craig Pierce photo
Craig Pierce

The actors played their roles well. The story line was interesting. I had no expectations for this film at all. The movie seemed to have a strong point of view. The movie moved quickly, was enjoyable, and most of all was just a really well done movie. My only complaint was the ending. It seemed a bit abrupt and out of place.

Jack Weber photo
Jack Weber

This is a very long and very beautiful film that I think should be seen. I love it. The main actor is great. It is not the usual picture of a life of people on the verge of total despair. We have to see the individual moments, and that is the beauty of the film. The acting is excellent, I hope for more movies like this one.

Gloria Guzman photo
Gloria Guzman

I felt in the first 10 minutes of this film that I was in for something special. The first 20 minutes were very "full of mystery". The most interesting thing for me was how one could feel like they were watching a movie for the first time. This movie was too good and I could hardly breathe. The tension builds to a point where the questions don't stop flowing. This is what I call an "eye-opening" movie. Not only are the questions left open but there are hints that help to answer them. As in most movies, the main character is not the protagonist. This movie has a nice balance of a more straight forward story with a lot of unexpected twists. This movie is not about the "cool" guy but rather the "uncool" guy. This movie tells a story about how a man is in the middle of a struggle between the past and the present. It does a good job of doing this without using flashy visual effects to show the events. I really enjoyed watching this movie and I am looking forward to seeing more. The reason I am saying this is because of the ending. This is one of the best endings I have ever seen. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves "a bit of a story". This movie does not resort to acting and crying and is not afraid to show emotion.

Christina W. photo
Christina W.

The film tells the story of two men, one an ex-cons, one a drug addict, who fall in love, during a crisis, and both are destroyed. They have to stay together, or one of them will die. The director does not give you the feeling of actual guilt and feels free to deal with the lead characters who are really destroyed and they have to find a way to fight back. This is the most unusual love story that I have ever seen. It is not the typical of a love story, nor is it the typical of a drama. This is the story of a love story that doesn't have a happy end, but a sad one.

Danielle R. photo
Danielle R.

What a good movie. I am not a fan of Daniel Auteuil, but I was pleasantly surprised with this movie. There was no love story, no romance, just a simple story about the son and daughter of two families, their life, and what makes it important. It's a simple story about the baby's connection with his parents, the fact that they want to look after him the best, and also the child's connection with him. The two parents look after their son, and they're a single mother and a single father, who never know each other until he's 7 years old. The father's stepfather is trying to kill the baby, but it's too late. The mother takes care of the baby, and she doesn't want him to die. It's all about the care of the baby, and how he is in a loving relationship with his mother, and also with the other people around him. It's a simple story, with a few twists, which make the whole movie interesting. This movie shows you how much love and respect you should have for your family, and the importance of doing what's right for your family.

Christina J. photo
Christina J.

I'm not sure how much this movie is made to be about the Vietnam War, but I don't think it really matters. What this movie is about is the weird sort of alienation that one might experience when you have been in a war zone. I think that this is probably one of the reasons why this movie gets so much hate from some people. I'm not sure what the critics are expecting from this film, but I think that the message that this movie delivers is that war is a terrible experience and the only thing that you can do is to try to make the best of it. Not everyone will be able to handle the death and destruction that war inflicts on people. I can see how some people might feel this way. I have seen this movie in its entirety and found it to be extremely interesting. It was intense in the beginning, but as it went on, I realized that it was a movie about feelings and communication. I think that this is one of the few movies that I could sit down and watch again and again without getting bored. It's also a very good movie that I think everyone should see.

Anthony photo

This film is supposed to be an elaborate psychological drama about a troubled family in Lebanon. But I didn't get the vibe at all. The film is actually very political, and I mean political in a very positive sense. It is basically a warning against the tyranny of religion in general and Christianity in particular. A quote from a young boy said to his mother is at the beginning of the film: "There is no god but God and Mohammad is the messenger of God." I think the idea is that it is good to be a Christian, since they are basically the only people left in the world who practice their faith and have the ability to give their life for it. Then the idea that this entire family is led by an Arab Muslim woman is really negative. It's too bad that the director never elaborated the story, but he had some interesting and thought provoking questions. It seems that the film is a reflection of a family. I was really surprised to see the film was also in Arabic, even though it is not a major plot point. I really thought that the film would be a Christian film, but the director chose to show the story in a different color. I was wondering why, but then I was surprised again. The film was also very dark. It was one of the most dark I've ever seen. I felt it was very effective. It is quite bleak and depressing. I was reminded of "The Shawshank Redemption", but I'm not sure if that is the point, I think that the character is also very complex and not just a simple man in prison. I really liked the atmosphere of this film. It reminded me of "Pulp Fiction", but I'm not sure if that is the point, I think the character is also very complex and not just a simple man in prison. The film is a serious but not entirely dark film. I really liked it. The music is quite moody and sounds like it's trying to give the film an atmosphere of a late 70's period. I really like the acting. Sam (Piaf) is really good. I liked the character she plays, she was a little tough, but not that tough. I like the different characters, because it makes the film more interesting, and they are very different from one another. I really liked the scene when she fights with the uncle, I think it was very interesting and made the film a little more interesting. I really liked the scenes where she went to the Syrian refugee camp, it was a very moving scene, I thought the acting was very good. The scene where she is told by the doctor that she has to go to her sister's wedding in Beirut is very good. I really liked the film, it was good, I liked the atmosphere, I like the characters, I like the music, I like the acting. I give the film 8/10.

Crystal A. photo
Crystal A.

Just watched the movie at the local cinema and I must say that the movie was really good. My friend did not like it because it was a documentary about Native Americans and he said the movie was too much about "white people" (kind of an overreaction for him, I think). I liked the movie. The movie had some interesting scenes and some interesting points about the film. The movie had some nice music in it and the actors were really good. The movie was really good and it was worth a watch. You will be very surprised when you are watching it. The movie is for everyone, and the movie really caught my attention.

Eric W. photo
Eric W.

I must admit that I didn't know what to expect when I went to see this film. Sure, I had heard a lot about it from friends and family, but I had never seen a trailer for it. This was one of those rare occasions when I was lucky enough to see a film before it came out in the theaters, and now I know that it was quite the surprise. I think the film itself has a message about loneliness, and how one can help someone in their darkest hours by telling them about themselves. I'm not going to give anything away about the story of K'Nex, but I will say that it's an interesting take on a gay relationship, and the story is told from the perspective of the young boy who goes through his own struggles with the separation from his father and brother. I think it is something that is universally relevant and will be of interest to those who are unfamiliar with the issue. All in all, it was a good film, but not something I would recommend to everyone. It is worth watching once, and if you're into the gay and lesbian scenes, it will have something for you.

Frances photo

I'm a relatively strong Christian woman, but the first time I watched this film I just had to say, "It's not that bad!" I agree with the movie's thesis. I'm not really sure what that is supposed to mean, but I like it. It's not a film that tries to be "social" or "spiritual" or "religious", but that's why I found it fascinating. The second time I watched it, I went out to go pick up a DVD of a Christian film called "Tentative". It is a beautifully filmed, beautifully written and beautifully directed film about two women who work in a "secular" humanist bakery in which the owner actually believes in God. She was disappointed with the outcome of the film, and so decided to make a different movie. I still enjoyed the story line, and the movie was actually quite interesting. I don't think that all the arguments in favor of the "ideal" way of life are wrong, because the religious ones are very good. If they were made with more sense, and without the outrageous exaggerations that are so common in the world today, I think they would be much more acceptable. I don't want to give too much away about the movie, but I just have to say that I think that a Christian film is something very different from anything you see on TV. I enjoyed this movie a lot, and I'm glad that it was available on DVD. And I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good story and a good film. (4/5 stars)

Terry W. photo
Terry W.

You have got to have sympathy for the writer, director, and all the participants. Let me say that I have seen many movies of this genre and this is the first one I have seen of which I have not wished to leave the theatre. I give this movie a 9/10. It was very well shot and has a great sense of smell and its memorable sound effect. I have also been exposed to many film which has been unmemorable, but this one caught my attention because it had a story I could identify with. That was the key for me to watch this movie.

Lauren O. photo
Lauren O.

I had the pleasure of seeing Teret, a very interesting movie by the director Nehe Milner. I am not a big fan of the movie but thought it was good. It starts with a father who is looking for a wife for his three sons. He meets with a lady and after the meeting, they have an affair, with two other people. At the end of the film, they decide to split up but she asks if they will find each other in the next life. That was a good point of the movie. After watching it, I was very happy with the way the story goes and it made me think a lot about the life of marriage. I think that one of the reasons of the movie is its political points. When you go for a meeting, you want to be noticed. I think that this movie is very political and that makes it very interesting.

Joan G. photo
Joan G.

I had the pleasure of seeing this movie at an art house screening. Although I'm not a fan of the way horror movies are done, I must admit that I enjoyed it. The only problem was that it was not as good as I had expected. However, I enjoyed it, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys horror movies. The movie starts off well enough, but then it is ruined by a weak and annoying ending. I thought the movie could have used a little more depth. The movie could have made a lot more of the characters and their back story. The movie could have had a lot more punch to it. Overall, the movie is worth seeing, and I think it is a movie worth seeing. I would rate it a 7 out of 10.

Amy photo

This film shows, from the beginning, that the term "white trash" comes from the oldest form of the word "rich". There are many whites who "disadvantaged" by the very nature of their existence, including, by the way, whites who don't want to be "white trash". But what is more, the film is concerned not with the social problems these white people experience, but with the struggles they must endure. They're forced to deal with the constant threat of eviction, and their families suffer from abuse, and violence. "White Trash" is not about what happens to the poor white trash, it is more about what happens to the white trash, the vulnerable ones. Thus, the film follows a young black man, Shun "Teret" Walker, in his struggle to find a job that can make a difference to his life, and the struggle of his family, as well. Teret is a pretty, eager, shy kid. He has always been a failure, and he starts to feel it in his family, as he tries to make friends, but is rejected because of his blackness, and as a result of the harassment he receives. There is no mercy in the film. Although he has a brother, who he tries to be a good brother, Teret is still very much in control. He takes his family to several places where they can be able to feel better, or to go to places where the bullies are unable to touch them. He even seeks out ways to become a "gangsta", and can't be helped. But Teret, though not a gangsta, still has a friend in a neighborhood gang, "White Trash Gang". And that's where he gets to be a leader. Teret is the white trash, or as they call him, "white trash". But it isn't just the nasty people who attack him, or the gang that tries to beat him up, but also the other people who he sees as "white trash". The whole movie is just a part of the larger picture, and it tells a story that we all have experienced. Sometimes, we all try to make the best of things. Sometimes, we have to look past what others expect from us. Sometimes, we don't have the skills we think we have, or we don't know how to react. This is part of the reason we all have to look after our families, to look after our friends. And that's just the beginning. When you see the movie, you can't help but feel sorry for Teret. He's miserable, and he's just trying to survive, but he has no idea how to deal with his situation. This movie is not easy to watch, but you won't be disappointed. The characters are so well made that you won't even notice their race. And the acting is superb. Especially from Tim Roth, as "White Trash Gang" leader, and Stanley Tucci as Teret

Lisa Alvarez photo
Lisa Alvarez

A truly classic. With a starring role from the incredibly talented Tom Hanks (before his final demise), a "true" master of acting, and a beautiful cinematography of the mountains and valley and countryside, it's easily one of the most remarkable movies of the 1990's. Many have cited Tom Hanks' performance as "too "macabre and "gothic", but when you look at his performance in this movie, it is absolutely perfect, bringing out a great depth of emotional turmoil and self doubt within the human soul. There are so many wonderful things that Tom Hanks does in this movie, such as "taking the blame for not being as brave as you think you are", and "dying alone, trying to explain to his kids how he lost their mother". It was almost as if this movie was trying to touch all the feelings of each character, especially the young child. The young child becomes really, really "special" in this movie, and it's a truly touching moment. It makes you feel a lot for her. Also, it's an extremely powerful scene of two boys just sort of looking up at the stars, when one of them decides to put his finger on the sky and say "oh yeah! that's right, this is where you got that star!", it's just absolutely brilliant. So, in conclusion, I highly recommend this movie to anyone who has a love for art, and I can't really think of anything else I can say about this movie. I'm pretty sure you've seen it already.