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The Farewell

The Farewell is a movie starring Shuzhen Zhao, Awkwafina, and X Mayo. A Chinese family discovers their grandmother has only a short while left to live and decide to keep her in the dark, scheduling a wedding to gather before she...

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1 hours 40 minutes
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Drama, Comedy
Lulu Wang
Lulu Wang
Hong Lu, Awkwafina, Shuzhen Zhao, X Mayo
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Billi and her parents Haiyan and Jian emigrated to New York City from their native Changchun, China twenty-five years ago when Billi was only six. Billi is struggling finding her place in life and by association financially, she aspiring to be a writer, but the Guggenheim fellowship for which she applied and on which she placed much of her hopes has been denied. Billi maintains a close relationship with her paternal grandmother - her "Nai Nai" - back in Changchun via the occasional visit and frequent telephone calls. As is Chinese custom, Billi and Nai Nai tell each other little white lies both to save face and to prevent the other from worrying about the painful truth. Those little white lies turn into one big lie when Haiyan and his older brother Haibin, who emigrated to Japan years ago, learn that Nai Nai has just been diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer with the prognosis of only months to live, the diagnosis and prognosis which they and the rest of their extended family that know decide to keep from Nai Nai herself. In a guise to spend one last time together as a family with Nai Nai, they devise a wedding, that of Haibin's only offspring, Hao Hao, to Aiko, his Japanese girlfriend of three months, as an event, with Nai Nai to be the chief organizer in Changchun. Haiyan and Jian don't want Billi to go to the fake wedding in being the weak link that may tell Nai Nai the truth in her western mores. Against her parents' wishes, Billi does end up flying to Changchun for the gathering in her want to say goodbye to her Nai Nai. As time goes on, it may be difficult not only for Billi but for others to maintain the ruse. But Billi and the others may also come to a better perspective of what is best for all concerned under the circumstances.

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Terry photo

At one point I had to ask my boyfriend, "What is he doing? He's still here." But I should have gone back and researched it. A favorite actress has a great role in this film. The supporting actors, while not great, were more than acceptable. But the star of the show is Elizabeth Moss. Her character is very un-PC. This was a rare feat in film. The main character was never supposed to be a misogynistic animal, and her friends did not appear that way. She was, and still is, someone I would respect, just because of her position in the movie. I can't say much about the plot because I haven't seen it. But I can tell you that it was great. The one major criticism that I have is that the movie would have been better if there had been more political and social commentary. At least it did not show all sides. It shows the ridiculous nature of some people's lives. But I will say that this movie is about many things. It is about the pursuit of happiness. It is about the "war on drugs." It is about the way that we look at our friends and family. And it is about freedom. I believe that everyone should see this movie. If you haven't seen it yet, I would suggest that you do so.

Joseph photo

I had the pleasure of seeing this movie at the New York International Film Festival. I thought the film was an excellent adaptation of a novel. The characters were incredibly well-drawn and well-written. The plot was interesting, and the characters were well-drawn. The performances were strong, and the direction was expert. I highly recommend this film.

Howard Tran photo
Howard Tran

It seems strange to compare this movie to the movie "The Royal Tennenbaums" (the latter of which I had seen before and not liked) but both are movies which have the same cast, screenplay, and soundtrack, which is also a contradiction. It also seems odd to say that the music of "The Royal Tennenbaums" is the best in the world, as it has a number of very popular songs. However, if you think it's the best in the world, you would be wrong. "The Farewell" is an incredible movie, and I would recommend it to everyone, even if they don't like musicals.

Kyle photo

All the performances were great. Tanya Roberts, Paul Rudd, and Scarlett Johansson were really funny. The music was good. I don't know why all the people who are negative about this film, are they people that don't get the humor in this film. I personally thought that this movie was great. This is a very funny movie. I think that it was underrated. The concept of it is very original. It's not the same as The Matrix, but it's still really good.

James D. photo
James D.

I didn't quite like this film at all. It is a drama that at times drags. It seems to have a lot of ideas that need to be worked out, and it never comes together. However, this is a great film. It is a great testament to the ability of a film to change a person's life. The acting is very good. Even the young children are very believable. This is the first movie of the year that I have seen, and I have to say that it is a great success. This is a film that has potential and is going to give a lot of people a lot of life. I think that if the film is properly edited and edited well, it will be great.

Frances Hamilton photo
Frances Hamilton

I have seen many movies that start a movie off, just like this one, but in this case, it worked out. I was not bored in the theater, I was more than happy. It is not a movie you have to have seen before, or after, to understand. It is just like a good book, you need to have seen the book to understand this movie. I think this movie could be just as good for a people who do not like to think too much, or for people who like a movie that is easy to watch.

Virginia photo

This is the third in a trilogy, and it's an even better one. There are two other versions of this movie. I saw the 1981 original and the 1989 remake. Both are good, but this one is much better. It has a much more memorable ending, and the cast is very good. It has a lot of humor, and a great musical score. It's full of great quotes. And if you like non-sci-fi, this is the movie for you. If you like sci-fi, this one is for you.

Lisa M. photo
Lisa M.

First of all, I would like to start by saying that I really liked this movie. It was a great family movie and it was very heart-wrenching. I really enjoyed how each of the children were really affected by this movie, and I thought the acting was great. I would recommend it to anyone who is an adult or someone that has children. I would also like to point out that the movie was based on a true story, and I think that this movie should be made into a play or a play adaptation. Because this movie truly touched me, it is my biggest recommendation, and it is highly recommended to anyone who is a fan of movies.

Jeffrey photo

All of the actors are so great and it really makes you want to watch the movie. They are very likable and you care about them. The story is so unique and interesting. It is the story of a rich man who goes from a poor to a rich. All of the characters are such incredible people. One of the best movies I've ever seen. And it really does get a good laugh.

Nicholas R. photo
Nicholas R.

I liked this movie a lot, it's not just about music, it's about life, about relationships, about family. This movie is all about love and about how difficult it is to find a place to belong. I really enjoyed it, and hope it gets an Oscar for best picture. I also liked the movie "30 Days of Night" but not as much as "Farewell", but it's close. And lastly, I really liked "Crazy, Stupid, Love". I've seen the other "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" and it was also good, but "Farewell" was much more honest, and more real. You don't have to be black or white to be sad about what's going on in this country. I hope this movie gets nominated for best picture, it's amazing.

Gerald B. photo
Gerald B.

I first saw this film in 1984 at the prestigious Art Film Festival of the Beverly Hills Film Festival. As a 13 year old child I was not familiar with the plays of George Gershwin, so I had no preconceived notion that this film would be a good one. The film had a very moving quality about it, and I could not put my finger on the exact moment that struck me. The performances were all of the highest caliber. The film was about a father and a son whose lives are drastically altered by the end of World War II. George Gershwin had a heart of gold, and in this film, we see his "heart" in a whole new light. As the movie's title suggests, the film tells the story of a son who is so moved by the loss of his father that he begins to grow up with a phobia of the airport. The son is the "hero" of the film, as he literally suffers through the airport as a means of revenge. His behavior towards the people around him has some interesting parallels with Woody Allen's "Hands of Stone" and Richard Yates' "The London Connection". In the end, however, we see that the hero is not necessarily the hero of the story. This is not a film about heroism or revenge, but rather about the effect of war on people. It is a tragedy that we have not been able to come to terms with the fact that we are still living with the effects of the war, and we are still not able to fully understand what it has done to us. It is an issue that is still very much on the minds of many of us, and the film is a very good attempt to put this issue into a more accessible way. I would recommend the film to anyone who is able to take it in and get a grasp of the complexity of the issue.

Terry photo

The first "Happily Ever After" movie is by no means a masterpiece. It is an average film, but it is still good. The movie is based on a children's book. That book is called "Farewell My Concubine". A few years ago, a movie was released that was inspired by the book and also by the book's popularity, and that movie was "The Good Neighbor". The Good Neighbor is a very good movie. The acting and the screenplay are very good. I give this movie 8 out of 10 stars. However, I would have given this movie 9 out of 10 stars if I could.

Julia photo

What a fantastic movie. This movie has it all. Great story, great acting, great directing, great cinematography, great acting. This is the greatest movie ever. In a film that is great at every level. It is a great film that is a classic. Great movie that people of all ages can watch and enjoy. I have seen this movie so many times. This movie is a must see. Go see this movie!

Richard B. photo
Richard B.

The Farewell is one of those rare movies that are a pleasure to watch, because it's not only hilarious, but it's also a heartwarming story. The first half is the best, because it tells a story that has so much emotional depth, it's hard not to feel something for these characters. When Meryl Streep gives an Oscar-worthy performance, it's hard not to be moved. It's funny, it's sad, and it's just an amazing movie. The second half is the part where it really loses its power. It just doesn't seem to want to tell the same story as the first half did. It doesn't want to connect with the audience. The second half is very awkward and just seems to be trying to make a movie out of nothing. It doesn't have the same effect as the first half had. It's just too lighthearted and seems like it's trying to take the next step. There are some good laughs, but it just doesn't feel as powerful as the first half did. It just feels like it was made in the wrong order.

Keith photo

I really liked this film, I thought it was very well written, and the acting was great. I thought the characters were very well developed, and they seemed to fit together. This was a great film for a Christmas movie, I was so happy to see a Christmas movie that was not scary, and a story that was not corny or a standard Hollywood ending. I was very happy that they didn't have all of the songs, and the original songs were great. I also liked the ending, I was really happy they didn't leave out the songs at the end. The music in this film was really great, and I really like it.

Lisa R. photo
Lisa R.

I would like to say, I think everyone should see this movie. It's so well done, the actors, and the story. But I think the way the film is shown, the "twist" ending, is the best part of the film. If I were you, I would pay for the DVD. My girlfriend does not want to see this film because it is too scary, but I feel like she has to see it to feel the movie. I think everyone should see this movie. I think you should see it. It's a great movie. And, if you are someone who likes violence, you will probably hate this movie. But, if you like great acting, and a good story, you will love this film.

George Myers photo
George Myers

Having been a member of a Canadian sports team that came close to winning the "Big "C" championship during the 1980's, I was initially unaware of the Canadian heritage of this film. I believe that the characters, and their stories, represent many of my family's experiences. As a viewer, you get the feeling that this is an accurate, and at times, frightening portrayal of a culture that was developing and becoming more complex, but at the same time, at times, still seems to be relatively benign. The underlying theme of the film is to share the harshness of the past with the present, and in this sense, the film succeeds well. As I am only able to recall my favorite sports event, I feel as if I have forgotten some important points, but this is not the case with the majority of the other characters. I cannot emphasize strongly enough that the film is well worth seeing, and I hope it gets seen more widely. For those who were not lucky enough to have a childhood team in the 1980's, or, who are too young to remember a time when the Canadian teams were in the vanguard of international competition, or, for that matter, who were not fortunate enough to have experienced the exploits of the popular Canadian athlete team in the 1980's, this film may not be for you.

Joyce W. photo
Joyce W.

Truly a superb film. The movie is set in the 1930's in the American West and is told by the characters themselves. This allows us to see their life in a different light than in other films. We get to see their lives from the outside and then the inside, so we can see how they live and what they think and feel. As they experience different things, we see what they experience. In the end, we see how much their lives mean to them and to the people they meet, and how their lives and their lives mean to us. Truly an incredible movie, with a lot of depth, emotional and humorous scenes. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who wants to experience the true meaning of the word "family" - an unforgettable experience.

Amber Perez photo
Amber Perez

I enjoyed this movie so much. I'm an 18 year old gay guy and I was able to relate to many of the situations in this movie. I also thought that this movie was very realistic and I can relate to many of the characters and their situations. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes real life. This movie is a good reminder that there are still good people in the world. I enjoyed this movie very much. It is not something I would watch again but I will definitely be watching this movie again and again.

Brian Thomas photo
Brian Thomas

This movie is wonderful, my favorite movie, and i highly recommend to everyone who loves great movies. When i was about 10 years old i went to see this movie at the movies, it was great, but it was so expensive, and i had to rent it. I recently rented this movie again and I still love it. My best friend and i saw it together on the screen, and we are still talking about it. this movie is amazing, I recommend everyone who loves great movies to see this movie.

Keith Garcia photo
Keith Garcia

I just saw this movie last night and I must say that it was great! The acting was great and the plot was great! I thought the movie was funny and it had a great story. The characters were great and they did a great job at being the stereotypical gangster and the quirky characters! The plot was great and the characters were great! I have to say that I am very happy that I was able to see this movie! It was great and I recommend it to anyone that wants to see a good movie!

Gloria photo

The Farewell is one of the most well made films I've ever seen. The acting was absolutely brilliant, the storyline was very moving and it even made me cry. I was pleasantly surprised to see such a good cast here. The story was incredible, there were no boring moments and the ending was just plain amazing. The ending left me crying and couldn't stop until the credits came up. I absolutely loved this movie. I love this movie so much that I watched it again and again. It has to be in my top ten movies of all time.

Susan photo

This movie is a cross between a romantic comedy and a drama. The story begins with a young man (played by Tom Cruise) who has been struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. He is then introduced to a charming socialite (played by Julie Andrews) who knows the young man well, who is about to inherit an estate that she has inherited from her father. The young man then sets out to win the inheritance, but is seduced by the socialite's daughter (played by Meryl Streep) who knows more about the estate and is willing to give him the inheritance. This movie is very funny, with some great one liners. Some of the dialogue and jokes are kind of funny, but the best of them is when Tom Cruise is seduced by Meryl Streep. That's the best line of the movie. I also like the way they show the family getting close to the socialite's daughter, but it isn't like this is a "kiss of death" movie. They spend some time with the socialite's daughter, but the relationship is only hinted at. Overall, this is a really good movie. It has a very simple story, but is really enjoyable to watch. This movie has great acting by Tom Cruise, but also great acting by Meryl Streep. This movie isn't for everyone, but I think it would be a good movie for families to watch.

Paul Gutierrez photo
Paul Gutierrez

This is the best movie i have seen in a long time. i have seen it in movie theater and i just watched it again. I love it. From the movie to the movie!

Michael M. photo
Michael M.

This is one of the best films I've ever seen. It is really a film about loss, it has a message about hope, and is about the human spirit. It's very funny and emotional. You won't be disappointed, and you won't be ashamed to have seen it. I am a film buff and I am so happy that I have seen this film. I am looking forward to seeing the second part of this amazing film. It is so much more than just a comedy and I am really looking forward to seeing the second part. I can't wait. This is my first review on IMDb, and I'm not afraid to say I have seen this film 10 times.