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The Goldfinch

The Goldfinch is a movie starring Oakes Fegley, Ansel Elgort, and Nicole Kidman. A boy in New York is taken in by a wealthy Upper East Side family after his mother is killed in a bombing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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2 hours 29 minutes
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John Crowley
Peter Straughan, Donna Tartt
Nicole Kidman, Jeffrey Wright, Ansel Elgort, Oakes Fegley
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A boy in New York is taken in by a wealthy Upper East Side family after his mother is killed in a bombing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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Dennis photo

If you read the comments on this film, you can't help but wonder what the screenwriters' intentions were. This was obviously a vehicle for one of the brothers to put on a play that they may have written, based on this film. The film is designed to be a parody on Christmas. A big part of the 'story' revolves around a very morbid story of the death of the fawn, a female deer who had the unfortunate chance of being killed by a truck driver. There are many scenes where the brothers attempt to poke fun at this story, but I think they came to this movie with a little too much reverence to the story. They want to make fun of it, but they don't think of it as a serious satire of the story, which is what this movie is. In the end, I don't think the boys ever got out of their own way. At one point they are seen driving by a house, and the occupants are celebrating Christmas, and they are not happy about it. Then, as if that was the most heartless thing they could have done, they stand and watch it happen. It is like they are trying to be like the men in the story, but in reality, they are never even around, they are never even in the story. It is a very sad, sad film, but for me it was necessary to get a point across. The film is beautifully shot, the scenery is grand, and the music is quite haunting. This is a good film, but not for everyone, it is not for people who think the stories are too serious and the comedy is too crude, but for the people who like movies about the Christmas story, and like the way the brothers approach it, this is a good movie. The script is very clever, but in some ways it is too complex for the actors to be able to pull off, and the narrative at times gets confusing. I think this is a good film, and I think that even if you don't like the characters, you may still enjoy the overall message, and the way the film is presented, and overall, the way the brothers are trying to get to the bottom of their father's death.

Patrick F. photo
Patrick F.

First, I have to say that if you liked The Royal Tenenbaums and are in love with Kevin Kline, you will love this film as well. Second, and more importantly, it is a film that one can get caught up in and do their own research. Basically, it is a story about two children who love each other and decide to go on an adventure. They meet a quirky (and weird) man who runs a concert hall with them and his cute wife. After the tour, the children are told that their father is dying and their mother is having an affair with a major media mogul who is going to "expose" the children. So the children get a job with the media mogul and it is a few months before their father passes away. At this point, I guess I am writing too much about the story but it is important to understand the plot because it is so complex. So many of the aspects are going to be different depending on what you do and what you like about this film. I personally enjoyed the friendship between Kline and Stone. I also enjoyed the general idea of the story. Also, I thought that Kevin Kline was very good. I also liked the sense of history in the story. It is interesting to see how a couple of children get caught up in things they should not be in. Overall, I recommend it to people who like love stories. But then again, the story is very complex and it is really up to you to figure out what is going on.

Alexander G. photo
Alexander G.

A superb film about a young, sheltered woman and her problems with her parents, with the recognition of the reason why the person's parents hate her. In a quiet house the wife is able to feel for her daughter in some ways, and the husband her mother. This is a fine film. A perfect recipe for success.

William photo

The Goldfinch is a movie that would make one think twice about watching it on the big screen. What I mean is this - it's a movie that would make one think twice about watching it on the big screen. It is, by some, a very difficult movie to sit through - no matter how much you try. The performances in this film are very good and this makes it very difficult to watch. The performances, and the chemistry between the two leads, work very well and make you want to watch this movie. The story of a father and son, but the father is a celebrity. He has never done anything more than been on television and now he is going to take his son on a tour of the U.S. And the son is also a star. But his father is so put off by the attention his son receives that he never really lets his son have any success. So, when he tries to get involved with the child's star, the boy runs off. It's a real hard film to sit through. I saw this in the theater, and I don't remember being bored, but I was very irritated and irritated watching it. It's a really hard movie to sit through, and I have to say that I found it very difficult to watch.

Matthew Marshall photo
Matthew Marshall

Last night, I watched "The Goldfinch," starring Tom Hanks and Mia Farrow, for the first time. I really enjoyed it, even though I had a general knowledge of the story and didn't really know anything about the subject. The story was interesting, and the acting was good. The film was very well-made, with a visual style that I found very pleasing. The director, Steve McQueen, deserves an Oscar for his work on this film. The script was very well-written, and had a few twists. This was not a "Marilyn Monroe" movie. The story of this film was very interesting and it was a good movie overall.

Timothy Hayes photo
Timothy Hayes

I first saw this film in the 90's. When I went to college, I decided to watch this movie because the Oscar ceremony was the next day. I was disappointed. The acting was good and the story was great. If you are going to watch this film, you might as well watch it with the knowledge of who is who. In the theater I saw this film, I watched the entire film. I knew who the actors were and even understood the musical score. It was a very well-written film. I can see that if it was a drama, the acting would not have been as good. I think the fact that the audience would have been familiar with the actors and their respective roles, would have made the acting great. The main character in the film was a strong character. I would like to see more of him and his story.

Albert G. photo
Albert G.

I recently watched the "Goldfinch" on cable, and it was excellent! It is not the typical Hollywood fairy tale, but it is quite a good tale, just like most of the classics of the genre. The story is about a young woman (Samantha Eggar) who was abandoned by her parents as a child. She is taken in by the family of a rich and spoiled man (Curt de Niro). His family is not happy with her, and send her away to live with them. But one night she has an encounter with a mysterious bird, and a love story begins. The special effects are very good and it was nice to see all the animation styles of the era. The cast is a very good one, with Jack Lemmon and Samuel West as the leading stars. If you like this type of movie, this one is very interesting, and will probably get you interested in movie history.

Sharon photo

I watched this on TV (because it was on at the time) and found it entertaining. It's one of those films where you have to sort out what to like and what to dislike. What I found engaging was the two or three moments where Heathcliff (or Jim, as the movie refers to him) is alone, only for him to have the opportunity to get back into touch with his estranged son, Bobby. It's easy to see that Heathcliff loves his son and wants him to return. The one thing I don't like about the film is the way Heathcliff's backstory is presented. He's described as having experienced childhood abuse but not having been sexually abused. What I have in mind is that Heathcliff had not been abused at all. The abuse Heathcliff endured is well-known and very serious. I think Heathcliff really needed to have some form of counseling to deal with his trauma and I think the film presents his therapy poorly. The movie also provides Heathcliff with a companion for his adventures, a sweet, naïve girl named Ellie. When Heathcliff goes on an adventure, he goes alone and gets lost. Heathcliff's adventures are shown in flashbacks and I have to say that when I was 12 I was a fan of adventures and even in the 70's that could be fun. But for me, it just doesn't work. When you get stuck in a situation where you don't know where you are or what time of the day it is, you're not going to have a great time. And Heathcliff, who isn't stupid, should know that. You've got to have someone there to point you in the right direction. When Heathcliff runs into his younger self in the 1980's, he's told that his younger self was the real adult, who didn't know what he was doing, when it was actually him running away from home, going back to the 1940's. This film is a modern take on the adventures of young Heathcliff and has some interesting plot twists. For example, how did the older Heathcliff find out about the adventures of his younger self? There are many things to like in the film. One thing I didn't like was Heathcliff's father who I don't believe was a good man. But Heathcliff's relationship with his dad is good and it's worth a watch. I was really disappointed with the ending of the film. Heathcliff's adventure with Ellie is shown in flashbacks. After this, the film just ends and you have Heathcliff as he is today and he's almost as goofy as ever. There's a feeling that it's pointless to continue the story of Heathcliff when he's had so much of his life, all of which we've seen, depicted in the last fifteen years. I was really disappointed when Heathcliff got back to his mom's home in the end, for me it was not the appropriate ending. It could have been a way for Heathcliff to heal and move on. But then Heathcliff is suddenly just back in the present with no connection to his mother. So the relationship with his dad is now an empty shell and Heathcliff is no longer able to really have that emotional connection with Ellie and his other adult self. The movie ends with Heathcliff taking Ellie back to the past and she tells him that the memories

Denise photo

I thought the film was very moving and deeply moving. I would recommend the film to anyone who wants to think and feel about something. I'm sure it has a lot of people out there that have not seen the film. I do have to admit that I liked the ending, as I could not see any other ending. I think that the film was very moving and heartwarming, especially the two acts that were not originally part of the plot. The acting was superb. Everyone in the cast was really believable and felt very real. I thought that Ben Foster was a very convincing lead actor, and really held his part very well. He really brought the characters to life and made them real. Catherine Zeta-Jones was very convincing as the loving mother, and she really was very believable as well. A very beautiful and moving film. I really enjoyed it and would highly recommend this film to everyone.

Crystal W. photo
Crystal W.

For me this film was an ode to the novel of the same name by J.M. Barrie. It was enjoyable, it was touching and it was heart warming. As much as I loved the film, it was not without its flaws. One of the biggest was the choice of Ruth Gordon. Ruth Gordon had just been thrust into the role of the title character (though technically she did not actually have a role) in a film set in 1939. This was a time when little girls were expected to be pretty. The fact that the two main female characters were GIs really ruined that. Another was the choice of the setting. They did not have much of a setting in this film. I know they are meant to be in the past but I did not feel that the setting was that important. The only time the setting was used was during the scenes with the old soldiers. This was definitely a film that should have been in black and white. The only reason this film was not in black and white was because the black and white scenes were for the old soldiers, they could not fit the film in black and white. This was a film that was well made, there was nothing wrong with it. However, it is also not one that I would recommend. To sum it up, if you like films that are related to the book, or if you want to enjoy a good film, I recommend this film.

Jesse photo

In the title, it is important to recognize that this is a very different experience than any of the other Birdman films I have seen. I have watched the 2010 film for the first time and when it came out I was almost certain I would never watch it again. I was still skeptical because it was set in the musical, I had never seen the previous films but in retrospect I see the parallels and while I am sure the films are a lot alike, I could never really connect to them. In this film, however, I really liked the ensemble cast. Russell Crowe was great as a mysterious and mysterious man. I could not figure out who he was and what his motives were. Michael Keaton did a great job as the angry and unstable cop. I was always hoping that he would turn his back on his life of crime and become the love of his life. The character of Goldfinch was created so well by Michael Keaton that it was almost a real feeling of the character. I was always hoping for the best and I wanted him to be happy. I wanted the happy ending. This film is a good story with a great ending. I loved it and I recommend it to anyone who wants to know what happens to people in their lives. The performances were amazing and the story was really captivating. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants a better understanding of the characters in their lives. Michael Keaton is truly a legend of cinema.

Kevin Fields photo
Kevin Fields

Well directed, acted and written by the director of "Blow Up", the "Goldfinch" comes from what I consider a directorial team who were very successful in the mainstream industry. The cast was also excellent with a performance that is deserving of an Oscar. This movie was certainly better than the "A Beautiful Mind" of 1997, and the "Happiness" of 1993, but I think it is a lot better than "Chinatown" in 1993. The cinematography of the film was also beautiful, even though I do not understand why the director wanted to take his camera to Morocco for the opening scene of the film. In the end, I think the best thing about "Goldfinch" is that it is quite possible to watch a film by the director of "Blow Up" and not know anything about him, and it is really a shame that this film is almost completely unknown to the public.

Jacqueline Rodriguez photo
Jacqueline Rodriguez

This is probably the most underrated film of all time. It is a great feel-good film that has a great message. Why is it underrated? It is a film that doesn't attempt to be epic or anything, it just is. It has some truly amazing acting. I don't think many movies get that kind of acting. Most people don't. And on top of that it has an amazing story that will leave you with a tear in your eye. It's a movie that you can watch again and again. Every time you think it's going to go too slow, it takes you back to the beginning and will make you think about it until the very end.

Joyce C. photo
Joyce C.

The Goldfinch (2014) is a fantastic film about a troubled woman's search for her mother. Anne Hathaway (who has been in several great films, including THE FABULOUS 7, THE FIFTH ELEMENT) and Miranda Richardson (who is quite underrated) bring out the best in this film. The film is pretty slow and if you have not seen it, you will probably be confused at times, but if you have seen it, you will feel the love and compassion of Hathaway and Richardson's characters. You will really want to see the film to understand what it was about. The story is pretty simple, but that is not a bad thing. It is hard to come up with an actual story in a film, but this film did it. I don't really have a problem with the story, but there was one scene in particular that is really irritating. I was watching it with my girlfriend and I was very upset because the scene was so out of character for the characters. We weren't sure what it was supposed to be about and I could have done without it. Overall, The Goldfinch is a great film that I would recommend to anyone, but if you have seen it and don't understand it, you should check it out again. It really is that good.