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Action Point

Action Point is a movie starring Johnny Knoxville, Eleanor Worthington-Cox, and Chris Pontius. A daredevil designs and operates his own theme park with his friends.

Other Titles
Action Point - Extrém vidámpark, Action Point: Park rozrywki, Aksiyon Parkı, ジョニー・ノックスヴィル アクション・ポイント ゲスの極みオトナの遊園地, Locul actiunii, Action Park
Running Time
1 hours 25 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Tim Kirkby
John Altschuler, Dave Krinsky, John Altschuler, Derek Freda, Dave Krinsky, Mike Judge, Johnny Knoxville
Dan Bakkedahl, Chris Pontius, Johnny Knoxville, Eleanor Worthington-Cox
USA, South Africa
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

D.C. (Johnny Knoxville) is the crackpot owner of Action Point, a low-rent, out-of-control amusement park with dangerous rides. Just as D.C.'s estranged teenage daughter Boogie (Eleanor Worthington Cox) comes to visit, a corporate mega-park opens nearby and jeopardizes the future of Action Point. To save his beloved theme park and his relationship with his daughter, D.C. and the Action Point staff risk everything to pull out all the stops..

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Maria photo

To say that this movie was made in the shadow of his other film "Caddyshack" is an understatement. To that point, it is certainly not a failure, in spite of what some of the reviewers have said. It is a solid comedy, with many of the gags and laughs making it a lot better than "Caddyshack". To put it simply, it is not very good. It is not very funny, and it is not very good. But if you are a fan of the movies, it is worth a look. And if you like Bill Murray, you may not be disappointed. He is the reason I went to the cinema. He did well, though I do think he did his best acting in the supporting roles. I'm not sure I'd go to the cinema again, but I may get the DVD for the actors and actresses that were in the movie, just to be sure.

Evelyn Howard photo
Evelyn Howard

The story is great, the dialogue is fine, the acting is great. The movie is well shot. This is one of the movies I would see on a lazy afternoon. It has the best way to go on a Saturday night with your friends. It has everything you would expect from a comedy, a little romance, and a lot of action. The best thing about this movie is that it doesn't take itself too seriously, and the movie actually is quite funny, and that is a rarity for movies in general. I would recommend this movie to anybody who likes to watch a funny movie. I give it a 7/10.

Elizabeth photo

I've never seen this movie in the theaters, but I love the television series so I bought a movie copy. I thought this movie was so funny! And it was really fun to see Doug Liefield's character try to be the successful rocker. That's the type of person that the movie is based on. The only thing I didn't like was that when the movie ended I didn't get a feeling that it was over. I thought that it would have ended sooner and I would have had more closure. Anyway, I recommend this movie for all of you rock fans!

Pamela photo

How would you like to see your favorite actor in a film that is a mixture of historical fiction and comedy? Well, you may want to watch this film! I watched this movie after hearing it was in the Oscar race for best film of the year. I actually thought it was a bit silly, but I laughed quite a lot. Michael Keaton was quite funny as a military leader that loved to kill. It wasn't funny at all, but it was still a very entertaining film. The film has some fantastic actors in it, like Liam Neeson, and Ben Stiller. The story isn't too important in this film, but it's great to see Michael Keaton and Liam Neeson together again. It's also fun to see Keaton as a great hero, instead of playing him as a bad guy. The film is entertaining, and there's some pretty funny moments in this film. I recommend this film to anyone who is looking for a good film to watch. It's not one that you'll remember after watching, but it's still worth watching. 7/10

Richard Nelson photo
Richard Nelson

You will know that I like most of the TV movies I have seen, they are all very entertaining, however this one ranks right up there. The premise was just great, so much fun to watch it unfold, and the acting was very good, it was well thought out, well done. I would say that the movie would have worked even better if they had stayed with the original plot, but I did not mind that they changed it. The effects were excellent, and the storyline was also very good. I would highly recommend this movie, and even more that I will be seeing it again. I do not understand why this movie was not nominated for an Oscar, I am sure that it would have been an even better movie if they had gone with the original idea.

Amy Spencer photo
Amy Spencer

This is an excellent movie. When I saw it, I was taken back to my childhood. It shows the true essence of what it means to be a teenager. For many, I think this is the first time they see this movie. When they see it, it's like a fresh breath of air. It is very realistic. The characters are unique. They are the cutest, cutest, cutest, cutest. The characters have feelings. There is no one out there who is going to be like them. And it shows how beautiful life can be when you put yourself out there and not conform. I hope that this movie will bring some awareness to people to what being a teenager is really like. You have to let yourself go, and you have to let go of everything that you think you know about being a teenager. This movie is really great.

Sandra H. photo
Sandra H.

This is a very funny movie. It's about a group of drunk idiots who meet and make a pact to go out and have a few drinks. One of them is George, the goofy one, who wants to go to Vegas and does not want to pay for it. The rest of the guys are doing their best to have a good time. Unfortunately, the pact is broken by the most drunken idiot, who wants to go to Las Vegas and pay for his ticket. George is the only one who knows that he has to pay. What follows is an hilarious series of events. The funniest part is that the guy who didn't want to go to Vegas just happens to be one of the guys who want to go to Vegas. After the first few minutes, it gets very funny. This is the kind of movie that you should watch if you are not drunk.

Alexander photo

First of all, the fact that I am still alive and breathing, after watching this film, I am amazed. The story is incredible and the acting is fantastic, especially the young actors. I think the only reason why the film didn't get a perfect 10 is because the main character doesn't have a lot of dialog. The dialog is pretty brief and it is not really necessary to understand the story. So what we have is a good story about a group of college students and their quest to take down the ultimate prize. The story is also the story of how the world is changing and the battle to save the world from global warming. The ending is incredible. It's not what you expect and it's a bit different from the norm. The first half of the film was good, but the second half was good as well. This is a film that will definitely stay with you and you will find yourself thinking about it for days. The cinematography was amazing. The film looked like a documentary, but it's not. This film is a classic. You will be thinking about it for days. This film deserves a 10/10.

Lori Jimenez photo
Lori Jimenez

Movies about football need not be raunchy and risque to be great, but they do need to be about something. This is exactly what this film is. A simple idea, a simple concept, and a simple plot. All that is missing is a good cast. It is amazing how many talented people we have to go to work every day and we never see them in the big screen. Bill Murray is absolutely hilarious in this. The thing I loved about the film is that it really was about something. There was no cheap jokes, no dumb humor, and no anything. Just a lot of straight forward fun that had me rolling on the floor laughing. I would love to see another film about football that had a good plot and a good cast. It's a great idea, and I think it's well worth the time and effort to make a film about it.

Sara R. photo
Sara R.

The plot of this film is great. The film is fun, the story is fun, the acting is great, and the special effects are great. The acting is very good and the directing is great. I really enjoyed the film and would recommend it to anyone who wants a movie to watch with a bunch of friends.

Marilyn R. photo
Marilyn R.

When I went to see this movie, I had heard nothing but great things about it. I had heard that it was so clever and smart. I was right. It was a very clever movie, and I liked it. I really enjoyed it. I think that the whole movie was smart. Some people thought that it was too clever, but I think that it was just smart. I enjoyed the film. I thought that it was intelligent. If you haven't seen it yet, see it. It is really good.

Gloria photo

Although a good movie, it doesn't have any originality. The story is about a guy who gets some people who are trying to destroy him. This guy is playing with a team of "Evil Alien" like creatures. The creatures are huge. They look like some sort of monster that lives in caves. The guys get sucked into the cave and come out some sort of Alien. They are back in the same place. The characters are named after some super heroes. They are basically "Deadpool" (Paul Dano) "Daredevil" (Michael Caine) and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (Elizabeth Banks). They are given missions to do to go find some missing people. The movie has a good plot and good actors. The cast is good. The script is average. The acting is not bad. There are some funny moments in the movie. I rate this movie a 7 out of 10.

Janice photo

This movie is so funny, it's a comedy movie, and not a bad movie. The characters are likable, especially Mac's character, but you can easily relate to them. The story is also simple and has been done before, so I'm not going to be harsh on this movie. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to laugh.

Elizabeth photo

I think this film was really well made, and the performances were very good, and I really liked the characters. I also think that the director did a good job of telling the story. I also liked the fact that he didn't seem to try to make it too serious, and I think that was a good thing. The film was very enjoyable and I really liked it. I give this film a 7/10. Thanks for reading my review. This review may contain spoilers!

Julia photo

I love this movie, it is one of my all time favorites. I do not watch it often because it is so funny but I do watch it now and again just to see how funny it is. I also watch the movie a couple times a week because I like the story and the acting is so great. This is one of those movies that will get you laughing and crying. You will laugh and cry and laugh again. I love the movie, I do not know what to say about it other than I really liked it. I really love the movie, it is one of my favorite comedies of all time. I give it a 10/10.

Anna R. photo
Anna R.

I was expecting to be disappointed, but I was really surprised with this one. I didn't expect a comedy, so I was prepared for a more serious movie, but the movie itself was really funny. It really surprised me, because I didn't expect a comedy to be so funny. I don't think I've ever laughed this much at a movie. The whole movie is really funny. I loved the part when Jackie got really mad when he found out that Tommy had sex with that prostitute, he threw the file away, and said he wouldn't do it again. It was really funny, and I cried. The part when Tommy told his mother he would not marry Jackie was really funny too. I loved that part. Overall, this movie was really funny, and I highly recommend it to everyone. It is a very funny movie, so if you have a hard time laughing, I think this movie will be good for you. It is really funny, and you will love it.

Martha Fields photo
Martha Fields

This film is a celebration of the artist and the artist's art. It is a delightful mix of pop culture, droll and quirky humor, and a lot of fun. The acting is great, the writing is superb, and the music is super-cool. The film also has some of the most memorable quotes in film history. There is no limit to how many times you will have the phrase "I'm a big fan of yours!" "There's a line in the book that's said so many times that it's like a catchphrase. "In the Pantheon of Human Beings." And the music is incredible. It is absolutely amazing, I could listen to it all day. I have seen this film a few times now, and I still love it. I was never a big fan of Madonna, but she is definitely my favorite pop singer. The character she plays is her way of expressing the general sentiments of her audience, and it is a very special and truly memorable performance. She is also very self-deprecating, and really funny at the same time. The rest of the cast is also very likable. The most memorable character in the film is the dog. The humor, the attitude, and the character's personality are all perfect. The plot is very simple, but it is told very well. It is not a movie that is just for everyone. The film is designed for the average viewer, so if you don't like pop culture, it probably won't be for you. If you like pop culture, it will be for you. And if you are a big fan of Madonna, you will love this film. This is definitely the greatest film of the decade, and I think it will go down as one of the best of all time. I think it is going to be one of the biggest hits of the year, and it is going to have a very big impact on pop culture in the years to come.

Susan B. photo
Susan B.

I laughed, I cried, I was in awe of this film. It had a great cast and a script that kept me on the edge of my seat. The whole cast was hilarious, even the bad guys. My friends and I were able to laugh at the same time. This is the first film I've seen with the cast of Harry Potter and I was absolutely hooked. I can't wait for the sequel.