Anschauen Moonlight Sonata: Deafness in Three Movements

Moonlight Sonata: Deafness in Three Movements

Moonlight Sonata is a deeply personal memoir about a deaf boy growing up, his deaf grandfather growing old, and Beethoven the year he was blindsided by deafness and wrote his iconic sonata. Their lives weave a story about what we discover when we push beyond loss.

Running Time
1 hours 30 minutes
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Irene Taylor Brodsky
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Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Daniel G. photo
Daniel G.

This is a very fascinating and insightful documentary about the plight of a man who was born deaf and can't hear. The film is very well done and shows the history and reality of the deaf community. The film is well worth seeing. One major issue that this film touches on is the way in which people are being encouraged to go deaf to save money and to improve the quality of life for their loved ones. I feel this is a very important issue, but it is being ignored by the mainstream media.

Rebecca C. photo
Rebecca C.

I enjoyed the whole documentary, it was very interesting and informative. As a deaf person, I did not feel like I was misrepresented. I think the majority of people that this film was targeted at would have similar thoughts. For me, I really enjoyed the way that it was filmed and the way that they showed the people that were affected by this issue. I loved that they didn't talk about how bad it was for some and how much worse it was for others. I loved the way that they made it sound like there was no progress and that they were just going through the motions. I think that is a really important part of this movie. I think it is important that we remember that it was only a matter of time before someone was affected by this and that's why the filmmakers had to make this movie. It was an amazing experience and I am grateful to them for doing this.

Gregory Cook photo
Gregory Cook

It's hard to tell if this film is for or against the deaf. It certainly doesn't make any sense to me that anyone would make this film without their hearing. I'm one of the people who thought the story of the deaf and hearing people was a more interesting story, and it is, but the film is focused on the deaf people. The story is told with great beauty, but the film is not very entertaining. It's just too much. I found it quite boring. I really think this film is better for those who are deaf and don't want to see the deaf in the film. It's a good film for those who want to see the deaf in the film, but I just didn't like the story. It was boring. It's not a good film.

Susan Jones photo
Susan Jones

A documentary about the life of a deaf man, Angel Palacios. The film was made for a documentary-film festival, but it is much more than that. It is an analysis of the human condition and the way that life is lived and the differences that exist between people of different cultural backgrounds. We see that Angel Palacios is a very remarkable person who is determined to live a life that is not his own and that is more comfortable for him. The film shows us that the difficulties that he has encountered in life are not necessarily from the world outside of his home. The film shows us that we are not alone in the world, and that we have people around us who help us in our everyday lives. We also see that Angel Palacios' life is not all plain sailing, as some people may have assumed. We see that there are problems with the institutions that are set up for him, and we see that there is a great deal of suffering for him in that respect. He finds that he has a way to cope with his life that is not only satisfying but also gives him the feeling of a "normal" life, even though he is not normal. The film is very realistic and shows how important it is to be able to live a life that is not your own.

Henry Oliver photo
Henry Oliver

I was so interested to see this movie, I just wanted to be able to say that I have seen it. The acting was superb, especially by the children and the actress who played the deaf girl. I enjoyed the movie very much. I highly recommend it. It is a movie that is very well thought out and interesting to watch. One of the best movies I have ever seen.

Gloria Morgan photo
Gloria Morgan

The film is about a deaf girl living in a small town in south China. She is not supposed to be there. There are many problems with the village and the government but she manages to overcome these obstacles. She uses music to express her feelings and finds her own voice. The film is quite shocking and does not show the real life of the deaf girl but focuses on her situation. The way she uses music is fantastic and shows that deaf people are different from hearing people. In this film there is a lot of attention to detail and you can see the equipment and settings that the film maker had to use. There are also very good performances from the entire cast. The director is not afraid to show the audience the issues that the deaf girl faces and that she works through. It is very interesting to watch this film and get a clear view of what the deaf girl lives and is trying to live. Overall, the film is very well done and a great documentary. It is not a documentary in the traditional sense but does not try to be. Overall, the film is very interesting and the viewer will want to watch it several times.

Andrew photo

The problem with many documentary films is that they are so relentlessly honest. With that in mind, I think it is important to see the impact of a deaf person's experience on a non-hearing friend and family. We see the same things that the deaf person experiences, but we don't know the experience is a little different than our own. I was amazed to see that many of the folks in this film came to this conclusion. While the film isn't an expert assessment of the deaf experience, it does present the experience from a non-hearing perspective. It is difficult to describe how much the film enhances my understanding of the deaf experience. While the deaf experience isn't what it is, it is an experience I am proud to have. I wish the film had more time to show the deaf experience in depth. The documentary was well-made, but I'm disappointed that the film didn't have more time to explore this. It would have been great to explore how the deaf experience differs from that of a hearing person. It is often the hearing person who feels like they are part of the deaf experience, whereas the deaf experience is usually seen as being more outside of the hearing world. I would have appreciated more of this, and more time with the deaf people. I thought that this would have helped flesh out the non-hearing experience. Overall, this is an amazing film, and one that deserves the best of the best awards. I highly recommend it.

Elizabeth Spencer photo
Elizabeth Spencer

A large group of deaf people of all ages and cultures came together in New York City to share their stories and experiences. This documentary follows the journey of a group of deaf children and their families from the 'Painted Ladies' Project to the United Nations in New York City, and their journeys through education, career, and being an individual in a world that cannot understand. This is a beautiful film. It's more than a documentary. It is an entire community experience. The raw emotion and raw, heartfelt stories of the deaf people and the deaf professionals and families in the film, shine through. The film takes us through their story, their life and their struggles. The camera work, editing, sound, and production are all first rate. The sound is very well done. The scenes that focus on the deaf children are particularly heart-wrenching. The music is very well done. The director has done a great job of making the audience feel that it is a community experience, not just about one group of people. The director has taken care to give the story the emotional depth and presence that is needed to capture the audience's emotions. He has managed to get the best of the best in the deaf community to give this film a truly uplifting experience.

Gerald W. photo
Gerald W.

I came out of this documentary having heard a lot more about the history of the deaf people in Mexico than I had expected. I came to the conclusion that I had been quite naive about this subject. This is, in my opinion, a great documentary because it shines a light on a topic that is usually neglected. In addition, the music is very beautiful and I think it was well done. I would highly recommend this film. It is an essential movie for all those who care about the history of this people.

Arthur W. photo
Arthur W.

I love this documentary. It's made up of three stories, one of a deaf woman and her brother, one of a deaf man and his wife, and the final story is about a deaf boy who's a survivor of a bus accident. There are short clips of each of the stories and the result is a really beautiful, well-made documentary about deaf people and their world. It's so real and emotional that I have to say it's one of my favourite documentaries.

Timothy B. photo
Timothy B.

It's an interesting look at a difficult topic. The documentary was very good, but some of the information that was given to the audience was extremely simplistic. This film is not about how to speak a particular language. This film is about the challenges and the joy of learning. That's it.

Shirley Kim photo
Shirley Kim

In the documentary "Birdy: A Journey Through the Music of Birdy" I learned that the film is based on a true story about the life of the great jazz great, Birdy. As I watched the film I found that I could relate to the story of Birdy, not as an individual, but as a member of a family that includes many other artists. It was hard to see Birdy come into his own and become an important part of the history of jazz. I could relate to the story of how Birdy, a young boy in Harlem, grew up in a foster home and how the rest of his life he struggled with his inability to communicate with others, especially his deafness. He eventually turned to his father's influence, which helped him to learn how to play the guitar and to be successful in the music business. The film was interesting to watch because of the music that was being played in the background. I heard the classical music that was being played at the same time I heard the jazz. I also heard the different jazz styles being played. I also heard how Birdy was able to create his own style of music from his friends that he played with. I was impressed by the way that Birdy was able to learn to play the guitar and become successful in the music business, and how his father was able to help him do so. It was very entertaining to watch the film and I found myself wishing that I had been able to learn to play jazz or hear jazz in the theater because I had a chance to listen to the music in this film. Overall, I enjoyed the film and I would recommend it to others because I think that the story of Birdy is interesting and has a lot of lessons to teach us all.

Brian photo

So, I saw this film at a screening in the U.K. I was impressed with the screening and was impressed with the director. This is a film that's been under-appreciated. The last 5 years or so have seen a lot of re-releases of the same old stuff. It's been a long time since we've had something new and different. The film is on-target and well-made. It's important to give credit where it's due and the film has no problem doing so. It's a documentary about the deaf-blind community and their struggle. The director's work and the way it's presented was a pleasure to watch. The actors did a great job and I thought the music was superb. I've seen a lot of different films with the same theme. It's just an amazing story that makes you want to do something about it. So, this film is a great documentary that's worth seeing.