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Out on Stage is a TV series starring Zach Noe Towers, Gloria Bigelow, and Janine Brito. The Dekkoo-original series 'OUT On Stage' is a hilarious, one-of-a-kind comedy series hosted by Zach Noe Towers - OUT Magazine's "One of the 10...

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Gloria Bigelow, Zach Noe Towers, Christopher Smith Bryant, Janine Brito
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The Dekkoo-original series 'OUT On Stage' is a hilarious, one-of-a-kind comedy series hosted by Zach Noe Towers - OUT Magazine's "One of the 10 comedians to watch in 2018". Experience the party when Zach and 16 other top-rated Gay and Lesbian stand-up comedians discuss taboo subjects as only they can.

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Kathy King photo
Kathy King

I recently watched this movie for the first time. I'm not a big fan of movies that are "promoted" as "a movie about the French Connection". I am, however, a huge fan of the music, and "On the Run" was a good movie. The music is great, and the acting is great. The movie is a great look at the American gangster. It is an interesting look into how people from the hood and from the North were more real than the people of the South. The actors and actresses are amazing. When it comes to the music, the movie is awesome. There are some really great songs. This movie is great and is worth watching. My only real problem is that the movie was too short. This is a really good movie, I would recommend it to anyone.

Pamela M. photo
Pamela M.

I'd say this movie is a great example of a movie that deals with the concept of 'drama' in a very realistic and at the same time funny way. The storyline is not very complicated but the way the movie is made is something that you will not get from a lot of movies these days. The actors are all very good, especially Tom Wilkinson and Eva Green, but I would have loved to see some other famous faces like Dustin Hoffman, Johnny Depp, Susan Sarandon, John C Reilly, and so on. Overall this movie is a great example of how you can make a movie that is very good but still be very funny and entertaining. The movie is a must see for anyone who loves movies or drama in general. 8/10

Emma R. photo
Emma R.

I'm a fan of most of the movies in the series, but this one was a real surprise. I thought that the acting was great, but I was a little bit disappointed with the story. The movie was an 8.4, which is good enough for a comedy. I was expecting a movie that is an 8.1, but it was a 7.9.

Tammy Thompson photo
Tammy Thompson

I saw this film at a screening with other film buffs in Toronto. It is a British comedy that takes place in London. I thought it was good and funny. It was funny in the sense that I could relate to the story and the characters. The story is about a group of friends who are getting old. They are thinking of getting out on stage to perform and this film tells the story of how their lives and the lives of the people in their lives are changing. They also have to deal with the people who are going to be the ones who they are trying to be. It was great to see the British cast in this film and it was very enjoyable. I would recommend this film to anyone.

Nicole O. photo
Nicole O.

I'm sorry but I don't understand why this movie is getting bad reviews. If you haven't seen it, go ahead and do so. You won't regret it. This is my favorite movie of all time, and I would be willing to bet that most people don't even know that it is a movie. The plot is perfect, the acting is perfect, the acting is the most perfect movie ever, the cast is perfect. The production values are flawless, the music is perfect, the music is the most perfect movie ever. It is a wonderful movie. If you haven't seen it, watch it.

Jane May photo
Jane May

I am not a big fan of Canadian movies. I have seen a few of them and loved them. This film is one of those, if not the best Canadian movie ever. It's funny, dramatic, and uplifting. There is some nudity, which is a good thing. The movie is a lot of fun to watch and well worth seeing. I recommend this film to anyone who likes comedy.

Brian D. photo
Brian D.

This is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. It is also one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. The film opens with a clip from a book called "The Book of Negroes" which tells us about a little known fact about black people: They are really, really stupid. One of the black actors in the film is called "Max" and he is about to be given a role in a movie. He is approached by a white woman who has recently had a baby and is very happy with her new husband. When the mother dies, Max's friend "Dr. Pig" (Kurt Russell) tells Max to get his friend a role in the movie. Max agrees and he meets "Max" on the set of a movie called "The Book of Negroes" where he plays a black man named Max. The movie was filmed in South Africa, which is a very different country to America. It is full of music, music, and music. The music was so loud that it made you feel like you were in Africa. The movie was filmed in a very professional way and the actors and actresses were professional as well. The whole movie was filmed in the same style as "Fantastic Four", except that "Fantastic Four" was filmed in a much bigger studio. It was filmed in a very professional way, with a lot of special effects. This was an outstanding film, which should have won several awards. It was one of the best movies of all time. If you haven't seen this movie, you should. It is the best movie ever made.

Keith Parker photo
Keith Parker

I'm so glad I bought this DVD for my daughter's birthday. It's so cute. The movie is a parody of a good thing. It's so funny and heartwarming. The only problem is that the DVD is only out of print. I think they should make a DVD with the original version. I hope they do!

Bruce photo

This is a wonderful film. I was a little apprehensive about watching it due to the fact that I had never heard of it before. I think it was because of all the bad reviews that I had read. But I am glad I did. I have to say, the reviews are very unfair. I would give this movie a 9.5/10. I recommend it to everyone who enjoys good films and is looking for a good laugh. It is a great film. It is a must see.

Stephanie Armstrong photo
Stephanie Armstrong

Great Movie. I had no idea it was made by the same people who made "Coyote Ugly". All of them are great. The actors were excellent and the songs were memorable. The movie was not predictable and kept you guessing until the end. I can't wait to see the sequel!

Jacqueline M. photo
Jacqueline M.

This movie is the best comedy I have ever seen. I know some people may find this movie boring, but I think that's a bad thing because if you watch it, you'll find that it's actually pretty entertaining. The characters are amazing and their chemistry is really strong. The actors play their roles really well and you can't help but laugh at the situations they find themselves in. The dialogue in the movie is really funny, which is why I think it's so funny. It's not your typical comedy and it's really good. I'm actually really proud to say that I got this movie for free from my public library. I can't say anything about the plot, but I can say that this movie is hilarious and it's also really good. I recommend you watch it. It's really good.

Kathryn B. photo
Kathryn B.

I have to admit, this movie is very good. I really liked it. I had a blast seeing it and getting to know the characters. I have to say I'm a bit biased because I'm a huge fan of the TV show and I know how the show would have ended if it had continued on. I don't think this movie is as bad as everyone seems to think. It's good, but not great. I don't think it will be on the top 250 movies for a while. I can see a few of the bad reviews on here, but not a lot of good ones. The main thing I didn't like about this movie was that it was a bit long. I like the idea of the story, but it seemed like it could have been done a lot quicker. I also didn't like the ending, because it seemed like it was rushed, which is a bit of a shame, because there was a lot of potential in this film. I can't really complain about the acting, because they all did a good job. There was a lot of drama and heart in this movie. I think the writers and directors did a good job of tying up all the loose ends and tying up some loose ends that would have been a bit more developed, but for me, it was a good story and I enjoyed it. If you liked the TV show, you'll probably like this movie. I would definitely recommend it.

Olivia George photo
Olivia George

You can see why some people might be turned off by this movie. The acting is far from Oscar-worthy, the plot is a bit far-fetched and the soundtrack is a bit out-of-place. But that's just the reason I enjoy this movie. There's something about it that is so off-the-wall that it's almost comical. It's like a parody of a satire. It's just funny, not funny enough to be funny, and yet somehow you're laughing at it. Maybe that's because of how unintentionally funny it is. You'll probably find yourself smiling at the movie, or laughing at it, or feeling bad for the characters because it's so ridiculous. There's some weird symbolism in the movie that really has nothing to do with the plot, but it's still funny. The characters are so silly, but yet they're so funny. I think it's a really good movie. It's not a classic by any means, but it's good for a laugh. I think I would enjoy this movie more if it was a comedy. But it's not, so I'll give it 8/10. Not great, but not terrible.

Samuel Lewis photo
Samuel Lewis

I have never been so happy to see a film of this kind. I loved this film and it is really a wonderful tribute to the comedy that was an integral part of my childhood. My mother and I watched it together at home on the big screen and I can't wait to watch it again. We both laughed so hard we were sore the next day. This is a must see film for all people who grew up in the 1950s and who remember that era and its funny characters. I would highly recommend this film to anyone. I also recommend it to anyone who loves the films of the 50's and to anyone who loves comedy and the 50's.

Jerry photo

This is a great movie that shows the inner workings of a very small group of people. The main character is a young man who just left a successful job in New York and his friend who left a successful job in Chicago and now is living with his mom in Chicago. The group gets together and are very good friends and have many similarities in their lives. The main character and his friend have a lot in common and the whole movie is about how these two characters are drawn together. They are very much like each other, they have similar personalities and they are just friends. They both have their issues and problems and they both are very good friends. There is a lot of humor and good laughs in this movie. It is very funny and has a lot of great laughs. The plot is very interesting and it is good to see a lot of different stories and characters in a movie like this. There is a lot of the movie that is very predictable but it does not matter because it is really good. It is really good because it is a good movie about friendship and life. The movie is very good and has a lot of good laughs and it is really good to see the friendship and the humor that it has. It is really good and really funny and the movie is very good. I give this movie a 10/10.

Diane O. photo
Diane O.

This is the kind of movie that people will look back on as a funny and creative film, but if you think of it in a more realistic way, it will really stand out. It's about a gay filmmaker and his quest to make a feature film. The story takes place over the course of many years, and he starts out with a very low budget, and gets a lot of help from his friends and family. He meets and falls for a fellow gay man, who also has a background in film. They start making a film together, and things go really well. But things get more complicated when he discovers that his friend is actually a bit of a hack. This is a story about a filmmaker and his quest to make a feature film. It's funny and it's funny because it's so true to life. It's a lot of fun, and it's a lot of fun because it's so true to life. It's also a lot of fun because it's a movie about a gay filmmaker, and it's funny because he's gay. The acting is good, the characters are good, and the dialogue is good. The only problem with the film is the ending. It's not bad, but it's not good either. But it's not a terrible ending, so I guess that's a good thing. This is a great movie to watch with a friend. It's not an action film, but it's a comedy. It's a movie that will be remembered for a long time. I give it a 10 out of 10.

Austin R. photo
Austin R.

I'm not sure how this film will do in the end, but it's a great way to spend a couple of hours. The actors are very good, and the story is quite funny, but it isn't that great. But it is very funny. The film is set in England, but it is not a comedy. There are some tragic moments, but I don't think it's that depressing. You don't have to be a comedy lover to enjoy this film. It's good for the whole family. The last scene was great, and I really enjoyed the music. The ending of the film was very nice, and the music was great. I recommend this film to anyone who likes comedy.

Jack Price photo
Jack Price

A really good film, perhaps not quite as good as the Book, but a good one. It's a little bit hard to sit through, but the plot is intriguing and the acting is just as good. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I would suggest this to anyone who likes a good comedy, or who enjoys British cinema. 8 out of 10. A good film.

Tiffany photo

As a young kid, I was amazed by the amount of attention this movie was getting. It was such a unique concept, and so many people loved it. I thought it was a real winner. I saw it again recently, and it's still as good as it was in '83. The only way to explain it is to see it again, and again. I haven't seen it in ages, but it still remains a masterpiece. This movie is a must see for all of us.

Phillip photo

I am a huge fan of the show, and when I heard about this movie, I was curious. The movie is definitely a step up from the show, but it's a good step up. I think the movie does a good job of being the same type of show, without it being a remake. I'm not a big fan of music videos, but the music in the movie was so good, I actually cried. I can't wait for the DVD, it's going to be the greatest thing I've ever seen. I'm giving it a 9.5 out of 10.

Donna Rose photo
Donna Rose

This is a perfect movie for people who like old school rock music, and the musical theater in general. This is a "one time watch" movie, but it will be on my DVD collection when it is released. If you enjoy movies with no dialogue, but you do have to think, then this is the movie for you. I would have never guessed that the songs were written by Jim Morrison, but it is a great surprise. You get to see the process of creating a rock opera, the inner workings of a band, the angst of an actor, and the struggle of a man. I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys rock music and has a soft spot for the Broadway musical. You have to be in the right mood to watch this movie. This movie will make you laugh, make you cry, and make you think. A great movie for the entire family.