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Take Point

Take Point is a movie starring Jung-woo Ha, Sun-kyun Lee, and Jennifer Ehle. A captain and his team of 12 soldiers infiltrate a secret underground bunker to take out a target in the Korean demilitarized zone.

Other Titles
Take point, PMC:ザ・バンカー, PMC
Running Time
1 hours 59 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Byung-woo Kim
Sang-yeon Park, Byung-woo Kim
Jung-woo Ha, Jennifer Ehle, Sun-kyun Lee, Kevin Durand
South Korea
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

On the day of the U.S. presidential election in 2024, Ahab (HA) and his team of elite mercenaries embark on a secret CIA mission to abduct North Korea's Armed Forces Minister in an underground bunker below the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). However, they get caught in the crossfire which causes tensions to escalate to the brink of World War III.

Comments about action «Take Point» (6)

Margaret photo

This movie has all the elements of a great movie. First of all it is a comedy and secondly it is a thriller. It has a great storyline. I like the way the film ended. It was an amazing ending. The acting is great. There were a lot of funny scenes in this film. The director of this movie is well known for his action movies and this movie is like his masterpiece. This movie is full of action, suspense, and humor. If you are a fan of action movies, you will love this movie. This movie is a must see for all action fans and thrillers. 9/10

Helen Holland photo
Helen Holland

This film has its fair share of flaws. The acting is wooden. The story is uninteresting. The story moves at a snail's pace. The movie is a little long and not very exciting. The plot is poorly thought out. The camera work is annoying. But, I have to say that the acting was really good. The main character was played by a good actor, Michael Keaton. He did an amazing job. I highly recommend it. It's a good movie to watch on a rainy day.

Rose Duncan photo
Rose Duncan

I was very much looking forward to seeing this movie, as I have long been a fan of The West Wing and so I am well aware of the various TV series. Well, I was absolutely delighted to find this film in the video store. It was a very entertaining movie, with some very funny moments. The characters are well developed, and they are all well-acted. The story is somewhat predictable, but that is no reason to avoid the movie. I certainly enjoyed the film, and I would recommend it to anyone. My score: 8 (out of 10)

Jose photo

This is a very good movie. The plot is interesting, the acting is good, and the special effects are pretty cool. The action is a bit over the top, but it does help the story. The movie is definitely worth seeing. The cast is very well selected, and the actors all give good performances. All in all, a good movie.

Christian B. photo
Christian B.

This is a great movie! I'm not going to spoil it for you. The acting is really good, the story line is really good and there are many twists and turns in the movie. If you want to see a good movie with good acting, I would recommend this movie. If you want to see a good movie with good acting, go see The Usual Suspects. That's a good movie and you'll enjoy it.

Ashley Murphy photo
Ashley Murphy

This is an excellent film. I was very pleased with the fact that the actors all took the time to learn about their characters and to show us a side of the military that we rarely see. I thought that the plot was very well done, as was the action. It is certainly an effective film for a Christmas movie. The direction was excellent, the editing was excellent, and the acting was superb. I loved the fact that they didn't have the usual Hollywood cliches. I also thought that the camera work was very good and there were many scenes that were very well done. I thought that the film had a great message. I have to say that the film was well worth seeing and that it will be one of the best films I have seen in recent years. I rate this film 9/10.