Anschauen Sekai kara kibo ga kietanara

Sekai kara kibo ga kietanara

Sekai kara kibo ga kietanara is a movie starring Hisaaki Takeuchi, Fumika Shimizu, and Tamao Satô. A man's near death experience inspires him to choose life - and change the lives of millions.

Other Titles
Immortal Hero, 世界から希望が消えたなら。
Running Time
1 hours 58 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Hiroshi Akabane
Ryuho Okawa, Sayaka Okawa
Tamao Satô, Kei Kinoshita, Fumika Shimizu, Hisaaki Takeuchi
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A man's near death experience inspires him to choose life - and change the lives of millions.

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George Fernandez photo
George Fernandez

Japanese director Tsui Hark's new film "The Room" (2015), the follow up to his 2008 gem "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex", tells the story of two people who meet and fall in love in a world that is radically different than the one they know. The movie is the story of Joel, a brilliant filmmaker, who becomes obsessed with creating a masterpiece and when his young daughter joins the cast, she is also in his sights. As the story unfolds, Joel discovers that his daughter has moved into a new town and is in love with a person he has never met before. Joel's obsessive desire for perfection is met with a bitter-sweet end, as the love between his daughter and the person he had fallen in love with in the movie changes everything for him. "The Room" is a highly stylized, unique and entertaining film. The movie is visually stunning, with its large and colourful sets and lighting. The film has many musical numbers and musical scores that are part of the story, which are also very creative. The film also has several interesting philosophical moments in the script and the characters. The performances of the main cast are good, especially by Hark and his daughter. My personal favourite performance in the film is by Uma Thurman, who plays a psychologist. She is outstanding in this movie, as she plays the role of a woman who knows nothing about love, but still becomes attracted to the man who has loved her for so long. Thurman is also a very talented actress and I hope that she makes more films like this one. The cinematography and sets are also very interesting. The movie has an unusual script that will leave you with a deep impression. The director was influenced by Hitchcock and his films, which he used in the background and did in the screenplays. The camera is very inventive and effective, with the use of fast edits and panning shots. The directing of the actors is good. The actors have great chemistry, especially Hark and Thurman. Hark is the creative director and Thurman is the actress who embodies the actress in the film. Their chemistry is also great, with Thurman's acting also being very powerful. The music of the film is also excellent, with a lot of references to Hitchcock and Pink Floyd. Overall, "The Room" is a very strong film that is not for everyone. I believe that many people who are not fans of the Japanese style will be completely surprised by the film. I highly recommend this film to anyone who is a fan of Japanese cinema, Japanese art or Japanese cinema in general. 9/10.

Kyle Castro photo
Kyle Castro

I think the movie is a good film and it can be understood by everyone. You must watch the movie and you should understand it well. It's not only for the art or movies, the film is also for the children. It's not a movie for the adults. It's not just about magic and ghosts and demons. It's about our lives and the way we live them. We have to remember that this is just a film.

Debra W. photo
Debra W.

I found this film to be very good. It has a great soundtrack, the acting is excellent, and the director manages to capture a little of the feeling of childhood. The story is about a boy, he is an orphan, he lives in a weird orphanage where no one believes him. He hears voices, his mother, and an old woman, who he doesn't know, tell him that he has to go to a magical place where things are happening, and in that place, his parents are having a fun time with him. But then, things start to get weird. He starts to see strange things in the place, and when he finds out what's going on, he decides to find out what the voice he hears is. The story itself is very good, and it has a great ending. The director did a great job with the music, the way it was used, and the way it was filmed. I would highly recommend this film to anyone. I recommend it to everyone. It has great things going for it, and I recommend it to anyone.

Kimberly George photo
Kimberly George

I haven't been so thrilled by a Japanese film in a while. The acting was superb and the storyline was very intriguing. I was a bit disappointed by the ending but it was a very good ending to an excellent film. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone.

Margaret B. photo
Margaret B.

Kikuo Sato is an Asian movie director who made one of the best films of the last decade, "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time." It is an amazing film about a young woman named Asami, who makes a wish to travel through time and change the future, but her wish goes awry. The movie has a plot similar to "The Matrix," but it is not really a sci-fi movie, but more of a drama film about the destiny of a young woman who was never really a part of the Japanese society. This movie is truly a masterpiece, it is an incredible story that is not to be missed by any one who is looking for something deep to talk about.

Anna W. photo
Anna W.

If you don't know what a drama is, you're going to have a bad time watching this movie. The story is about a girl who takes revenge on her father for killing her mother. And the father isn't really the kind of person you'd like to meet, so she keeps the girl locked in a cell for the rest of her life. At first, the girl looks kind of nice and kind of innocent, but as the movie goes on, you see the cruelty and the flaws of the father. At one point, she says that the father is going to die, but she does not seem to care. She looks like a young girl who's just lost her mother. But she's not really, because she's not really the kind of girl you'd like to meet. I don't want to give away the ending, but I'll just say that it is not the kind of ending you'd like to have in a movie. The girl, Sakaki, is still pretty much a child when she gets out of the cell, and the only thing she wants to do is walk the streets of Tokyo. That's a pretty good thing to do, but it's a very hard thing to do. It would be better if she went to the countryside, but she doesn't. That's not what she's like, but it's the kind of thing she'd probably be happy about. The drama is not as bad as I had heard, but it's not a very good drama. It's really good at showing the cruelty and the flaws of the father. You could probably see it from the beginning, but the end is not very satisfactory. That's just how it is with the drama. It's not a good movie, but I don't think you'll be disappointed. I give it an 8 out of 10.

Julia S. photo
Julia S.

This film was excellent. It is a good film and I recommend it to anyone that has never seen it. The reason I said it was excellent is because it is full of beauty and has a fantastic story. The characters are interesting and all of them are likable. This film was a bit slow and I did not really enjoy it that much, but I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good story and good acting.

Lauren photo

I really liked this film. Although the title might sound similar to the TV series, this film is much more than that. I really loved the idea of the film: a man going on a journey to find his lost wife, without her knowing. He tries to explain his motives, his hopes, his doubts, his fears, and his ultimate truth. He also tries to explain how the mother of the missing woman reacted when he was forced to leave her, and how he is now trying to find his missing wife. He learns that his wife was really missing, and she had no clue as to why he was following her. She knew he was lonely, and that he was searching for his lost wife, but she didn't understand why he was searching for her. In the end, he finds his lost wife, and realizes that she is indeed his lost wife. This is not only a film about a man's search for his wife, but also a film about a man's search for himself. I think this is one of the best Japanese films I have ever seen. I would highly recommend this film to anyone. It is very moving and fascinating. It is also very funny, although not in a bad way. I think anyone who likes romantic films would also like this film.

Charles Payne photo
Charles Payne

The great art of film is that it is the essence of something: the essence of the movie is to be in essence. In that, this film is a success: it is so well done, and the story is so interesting. The story is about a young boy, who is very lonely, and has a weird friend, who he meets in a park. This friend, a young girl named "Kuroneko", has a mysterious past, which is not really clear, and you can't really tell if it's a part of her childhood, or if it's something that happened in the past. The movie is very touching, and has a lot of psychological and emotional depth. It is a very good film, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Roger M. photo
Roger M.

I can't believe that this is the first review I have ever written. I was truly amazed at the writing and the overall message of the movie. I actually want to watch the film again. And I will, because it is a film that makes you think. There are a lot of things I didn't understand, but I think it is a very simple and clear message. We should not be afraid to say what we think. People are just people. It is just a matter of where you are in your life. It is not like we should all be "strangers". There is a lot of "unfortunate" situations in our life. It's just a matter of where you are in your life. If you can accept these situations and not judge, then you should be able to understand what I am talking about. I believe this is a great movie and I recommend it to everyone. And I believe that anyone that wants to become a better person will love this film.

Sara photo

This is a good movie. I am a big fan of Kunihiko Ikuhara and I was quite worried that this would be another meh anime. However, this is not the case. It is much more than meh. The story is very gripping. I could feel the tension build up throughout the movie. There were times where I was really amazed by the level of suspense and the suspense in the end. It's one of the most exciting movies I've ever seen. The setting is good and the setting is used in a good way. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes thrillers and is looking for a good movie.

Debra C. photo
Debra C.

This film is a great film that captures a lot of time and time again. It captures the sorrows and pain that each character experiences. The drama is very well played out. I just love how they show the death of each character. I just love how they show the whole time that they are going through with each other. This film is a must see. I would recommend this film to anyone. It has a lot of heart to it.

Theresa Andrews photo
Theresa Andrews

The girl on the cover of the movie was the only reason I gave this movie a chance, but I was really surprised how good this movie was. I expected the movie to be more a drama and less a horror movie, but it actually turned out to be one of the best horror movies I have seen in a long time. The movie is well-paced, it has a well-written story, the acting was great, and the characters were well-written. I really like how the movie had a "real" look to it. The movie really made me think about the scary movies I saw growing up, like the Shining and the Ring. This movie really made me think about the power of imagination. If you're into dark and twisted stories, this movie is a great choice. If you're into movies with great acting, great story, and a good soundtrack, then I recommend this movie to you.