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Serengeti Rules

Serengeti Rules is a movie starring Jim Estes, Jaime Excell, and Bob Paine. Exploring some of the most remote and spectacular places on Earth, five pioneering scientists make surprising discoveries that flip our understanding of...

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The Serengeti Rules
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1 hours 24 minutes
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Documentary, Biography
Nicolas Brown
Nicolas Brown
Jaime Excell, Mathieson McCrae, Jim Estes, Bob Paine
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Exploring some of the most remote and spectacular places on Earth, five pioneering scientists make surprising discoveries that flip our understanding of nature on its head, and offer new hope for restoring our world.

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Cheryl Russell photo
Cheryl Russell

Serengeti Rules is a very entertaining documentary. It's interesting in that it covers the group of nomads of the Serengeti region of Africa, the origins of the conflict between the colonial forces and the locals, the subjugation of these people and the suffering they had to endure, the people who faced the physical and spiritual hardships, and finally, the courageous way the locals turned their suffering into strength, their strength toward independence. Also, the film has a message of hope for the future of Africa. The film uses a lot of interviews from both the colonial forces and from the local population, and the result is very compelling. I think this is a documentary that is so good, that the information it contains can be of great benefit for both those who want to learn more about the Serengeti region of Africa, and for the people who want to find out more about the struggles they have been living through in order to become independent. Serengeti Rules is a great documentary, that I highly recommend.

David photo

Serengeti Rules is a documentary about the ways in which the Oglala Lakota, an indigenous tribe, are living on their land in South Dakota. Based on the book by "Do We Own the Land" by Margie Cameron, the movie tells the story of how the tribes in the United States have been affected by the world's wealth and political power. It is also a cautionary tale about how things can get very nasty and destructive. This film focuses on the issues surrounding the environmental movement and human rights. As the story starts, the Lakota, with their reservations in the United States, have already had a radical effect on their land. When the reservation is sold to the new owners, all the animals in the reservation are either killed or forcibly removed. This is a genocide that is being supported by politicians who pay for the killings. This is a very powerful and disturbing documentary that should be required viewing by all people who care about what happens to people on their lands. It's also a very inspiring story that should be very watched by the people who care about the environment. The movie does a very good job of conveying the conflict between people on the other side of the reservation. However, this conflict comes in many forms, including criminal activities and greed. It's a great movie for people who care about the environment and people who want to find out how it impacts people on their land.

Philip L. photo
Philip L.

The movie does show a lot about the life of the Trengeti, including the turmoil of the times, wars, feuds and reconciliations. It does show how the tribes originally appeared in prehistoric times, their origin and creation. It shows how it was the Trengeti that were responsible for the wars and how the warring tribes had to be satisfied to survive. The filmmakers did not use any special effects in order to make a documentary, as they did in The Fifth Element, but rather spent a lot of time on research and research it shows. The filmmakers have done a great job in conveying their views of what the Trengeti have become. The documentary shows some of the great atrocities committed by the Trengeti during the time of their conquests and the wars that had to be fought to maintain their dominance, including cannibalism. One can feel sympathy for the atrocities of the Trengeti. The effects of this and other crimes committed by the Trengeti are shown in great detail. The actors of the documentary are very good and very convincing. The scenes of violence against the humans are very graphic, as they should be in a documentary like this. The actors also add a feeling of realism to the movie. The effects of the film are very powerful, and make the movie even more powerful. The impact is visible as the viewer is forced to realize the atrocities that have been committed by the Trengeti. The film does show one of the very few documentaries which show the war and atrocities by the Trengeti, and how they took over a little bit of Africa.

Adam photo

The film follows a group of film makers as they make a film about the discovery of the new world. The film is an amazing journey through a world that was almost completely unknown to the white man. The people that live in the Amazon are in danger of extinction because of the destruction of their habitat and a growing crime problem. There are also fears that the Amazon may be irreversibly lost. The film follows them throughout their journey, and the footage of the film they make. The film is very informative, and the information given about the history of the Amazon is interesting. The film is well-made and shows the true beauty of the Amazon. It shows the beauty of the Amazon, and the loss of the Amazon that has been caused by humans. I think this is a very important film to see, and it should be seen by everyone.

Philip W. photo
Philip W.

The ultimate documentary about the history and politics of the most powerful tribe in Africa. Just like in the movie, the details of their culture, history and technology are told from a personal perspective, in a documentary style. There are hundreds of shots showing the dramatic events from their current to their history, that tell a lot of stories about the West and Africa, both sides of the continent. There are long silent hours that show how important this group is in both political and cultural spheres. After all, the movie is really about them, and their profound impact on the African continent, and even the world as a whole.

Evelyn Beck photo
Evelyn Beck

This is a very touching documentary about the amazing story of Serengeti wildlife. The movie is made by six people (David and Astrid, their three sons and daughter, the Nepalese guide and the couple who came to this remote area with him) who are fascinated by the wildlife and their lives. The area they choose is the largest area for Serengeti and it is as remote as any westerner would be to spend a weekend with the animals. Each one of the six family members is a different type of wildlife expert, a hunter, a guide and a farmer. The documentary also features interviews with the local guide and with members of the community. The documentary starts with their background and how they got to the area and where they are from. They discuss their background with this particular area of Africa, the country they were born in, their plans to open a tourism business in the region, and why they decided to travel from there to the wildlife. Each person has his or her own personal story, and they are all very well portrayed. I especially liked the stories of the children and the guides. We also see footage of the area and its wildlife. The music of the movie is also very well done and as you watch the movie, you can't help but be transported to that tranquil area that we know so well. This is a great movie that I recommend for everyone, and should be part of anyone's movie collection.