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Assassination Nation

Assassination Nation is a movie starring Odessa Young, Abra, and Suki Waterhouse. After a malicious data hack exposes the secrets of the perpetually American town of Salem, chaos descents and four girls must fight to survive, while...

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Suikastçı Topluluğu, Gyilkos nemzedék, アサシネーション・ネーション, País da Violência, Nation destruction, Nación salvaje, Nación asesina
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1 hours 48 minutes
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Comedy, Horror, Thriller, Action, Crime, Drama
Sam Levinson
Sam Levinson
Abra, Odessa Young, Suki Waterhouse, Hari Nef
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After a malicious data hack exposes the secrets of the perpetually American town of Salem, chaos descents and four girls must fight to survive, while coping with the hack themselves.

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Ashley photo

It's been a while since I've watched a film that I thought was great. Well, seeing this film was a total change of heart. This film is an amazing example of what I call "Off the Wall". It's a weird mix of genres. It has elements of action, suspense, comedy, drama, and a whole lot more. But somehow this film just works, it works perfectly. It is basically a great film in its own right. As I said before, the characters are very well developed and the story is very well executed. The film has a bit of a dark side, but it's also hilarious. It's also filled with tons of great one liners, which are used a lot, as well as amazing scenery, sets, and costumes. It has a lot of social commentary, which is definitely one of the strongest parts of the film. The film has a lot of atmosphere, a lot of great special effects, and it has an excellent musical score. In the end, I give this film a 10 out of 10, for the originality and its excellent characters, and its cool story. I would also recommend seeing it if you're a big fan of "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" or "The Bourne Identity". It will give you plenty of entertainment, and will satisfy your imagination.

Billy K. photo
Billy K.

This film is a very good example of a great crime thriller. It's dark, it's dramatic, it's thrilling. This is the kind of film that can easily put the weight on the audience's shoulders when they're over-stressed, and the director works really well on that. I love it.

Louis photo

This is definitely one of the most underrated films of the past decade. I don't think anyone saw this movie coming, and I'm pretty sure it's not fair to those who didn't see it coming. It is definitely a high quality movie and you should go out and buy it. It's not too violent and has an interesting plot. I really enjoyed this movie. There are a lot of good performances, especially from Kevin Bacon and Scott Caan, and I really liked the style that the director used. It's a movie that is good for all ages and is a really nice watch.

Nathan Lopez photo
Nathan Lopez

We have one of the best genres ever, movies about the supernatural and the supernatural. This is a very good movie. The characters are good, the acting is very good, the characters are a little silly, but I didn't find that as annoying as most people would. The ending is very unexpected and nice. There is something about this movie that makes me watch it again and again. It is one of those movies that make you laugh, then cry, then laugh again, then cry again, then laugh again. And it does that so well. Even though I was quite surprised by the ending, I think I liked the movie a lot. I don't think this movie deserves to be any awards. If you like the supernatural and supernatural movies, I strongly suggest you to watch this movie.

Edward photo

If you want to see a great movie with a wonderful plot and great acting, then I highly recommend that you check out Assassination Nation. It has everything you would expect in a good movie. And the only thing that really disappointed me is that it didn't do well at the box office. I am a huge Michael Bay fan and I hope he continues to make movies in the future. He does a great job with movies such as this and I hope to see a sequel to this movie. I think that Bay is a great director and I think he should be given more chances to do movies in the future. But I would still say that this movie is a great movie. I think that the acting in this movie was superb and the plot was amazing. This movie is a must see. I highly recommend that you watch this movie!

Terry photo

Why not make a satire on today's "Weird Scenes" like we are currently seeing in movies like "Avengers: Age of Ultron" and "X-Men Origins: Wolverine"? I mean, sure, it's a no-brainer to make a spoof on the latest X-Men movie. But why not have a good laugh with something that you know will be a good laugh at you? "Assassination Nation" does exactly that. It's a nice film with a nice story. Some of the scenes were more funny than others, but for the most part, the film is fun. It has a fun and original story, and the characters are all well developed and played. I'm not going to say anything else about the movie, so I will just say that it's a good, well-written film with some great, funny scenes. I'll rate it 9/10.

Helen Tucker photo
Helen Tucker

This movie is just as good as the first one, I think. The plot is actually very simple, I know it seems that way but its not. Its really all about the acting and how good or bad it is. The acting is very good, I think I haven't seen such a good acting in a while. Some of the acting is a bit over the top, but I think that is just what the movie is. Its not a movie that is meant to make you laugh, or scare you, its more of a movie to make you feel uneasy and make you think. I give this movie 9/10. A great movie. I loved it.

Sara W. photo
Sara W.

This film is an absolute work of art. I enjoyed the movie and was very satisfied with the conclusion of the movie. I enjoyed the way the director kept the viewers in suspense and also the fact that the Director used different scenes from different movies. I really liked that the Director used certain songs from various songs from different movies and also they used some new songs that I didn't know about. I really enjoyed the movie, and if it was a different director I would have rated this movie 9 stars but now I'm rating it 9 stars. I really like this movie. It was a good story and it's a good idea to use different scenes from different movies. This is a great film and I recommend it to anyone who likes a good film. I really like this film and I hope that it's a success.

Mary May photo
Mary May

Saw this at the DCiA on VHS. It's a good one, almost as good as Dead Calm, and as good as the new Battletoads film. If you've seen either, I strongly suggest you see the other. I think it's the only one worth seeing this year. I give it 9 out of 10 stars.

Benjamin S. photo
Benjamin S.

Well, I must admit that I watched this movie with some sort of hype, and for me, it was a big disappointment. Because of this, I was reluctant to watch it, but I finally did and I am happy that I did. I really enjoyed it. It's an original movie that's funny and entertaining. I actually found it more shocking than it was humorous. The film is set in the early 90's, and the movie shows that when things get out of hand, people really do end up killing each other. The characters are very well-rounded, and I liked the villains the most. The best thing about this movie is the actors. Everyone did a fantastic job, especially the leads. One of the main reasons why this movie was so enjoyable was because I really liked the lead actress, Bridget Moynahan. She has a great presence, and her voice fits her perfectly. The movie was also funny. The jokes were funny, and the twist endings were funny, which is why I liked this movie so much. I was also pleased with the special effects. The main characters were very convincing. I can't wait to see this movie again, and I hope that it will be better than I remembered.

Diana N. photo
Diana N.

I have been trying to get into a relationship with a girl since I was 12. There is a girl in my neighborhood that is really pretty, and the younger my age, the prettier she is. It's been a year since I've seen her. It's been about a week since I've seen her again, but it's been a month since I've seen her. I have no friends, I have no girlfriend. I can't believe this movie got so bad reviews. It was funny, not smart, but that's just how it was. It was a little stupid at times, but it was never boring. The plot was original, but the ending was original too. The fact that the guy was an idiot, but I would have never suspected it from the beginning. I was right, but the movie was a lot more funny than stupid. The characters were not really likeable. I actually liked the movie. I have to say that the main character, Billy, was the best. The other characters were just there. The main actor did a great job. It was definitely a good movie, but it's not like it should win Best Picture. I recommend this movie to everyone. It's not a movie for the whole family, but I highly recommend it to anyone. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Billy Bryant photo
Billy Bryant

This film is probably one of the better ones to come out in recent years.It starts off pretty much as a stereotypical revenge flick but once you get to the story, the plot really starts to unfold.The story is pretty much about a thief who's house is trashed and he is on the run.He is given a chance to redeem himself by having a superpowers, he can teleport himself to anywhere.He then befriends a girl who has superpowers.I won't spoil it for you but there is a good amount of twists and turns along the way.The cast is pretty good.The best part about this film is that it is a decent amount of comedy and action.If you want a well made,original,great film then this is for you.Rating: *1/2

Julia photo

I know that I've been getting a lot of hate for this film and the fact that I've been critical of it for a long time, but I just can't see why anyone would even try to critique it. I think it's because it's just a fun movie to watch. What are the chances that some of these people who want to put something on the table have actually watched a film before? How can anyone have any knowledge of the American psyche or even understand it? So let's get a few things straight. The film is not about mental illness, depression, or suicide. It's not about being religious or religious type movies. It's not about any of that stuff. It's about a man trying to come to terms with his mental illness. If you want to be an intelligent person, watch this film. If you want to watch a film about religion or your beliefs, watch another film. It's not meant to be some deep thought film. It's meant to be a light-hearted movie that gets you laughing and a couple of tears. There's nothing deep in this film. It's fun to watch and I wouldn't be surprised if this film becomes a cult classic in the future.

Jason G. photo
Jason G.

Don't think of this as a movie. It's an art project, a provocative, thought-provoking, fun film that will engage you as it does me. Is this a movie or a critique? Maybe both. There are two threads of thought to this film, and the first one is the inspiration. When the American history was played out on screen, I felt myself as a spectator and in some ways the writer is me. This is because the first half of the film is a self-contained commentary on the American past, which is so important to the plot. And the second one is the actual review. The review is here. The first thing that made me understand the film was that there is no right or wrong way to describe the way the author saw this story. What he wrote was a vision, and he is going to be judged on it. I can see a lot of ways in which the movie is different from reality. He didn't mention the music, for example, which is, in my opinion, one of the most important elements of the film. Instead, he saw it as an important symbol, and it was. I think that this movie is the best of the three I have seen. It is not perfect, it's a controversial film, but it is also an important one. It's about the future, and there are certain points of view about that. And it is about freedom, which we need in a society that is clearly divided. This is a movie you need to see, because you will want to go back and re-think what you have just seen. And maybe, even if you don't, you will enjoy this movie. It is a good, very good movie. 9/10