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The Dating Project

The Dating Project is a movie starring Kerry Cronin and Christopher Meehan. Five single people try to figure out dating in the age of social media, texting, hanging out and hooking up.

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1 hours 11 minutes
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Jonathan Cipiti
Kerry Cronin, Christopher Meehan
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Five single people try to figure out dating in the age of social media, texting, hanging out and hooking up.

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Vincent photo

This is a must see documentary on the dating industry. While some people may not be interested in the industry, others are, and it's interesting to watch. Some of the interviews are great, while others are cringe-worthy. I recommend this film to anyone who has ever wanted to date, or know someone who has ever wanted to date, and is interested in the industry. If you are not interested in the industry, you are still welcome to watch this. I've met many people in the industry, and am fascinated by what they do. This is a must see. If you do not like the industry, you will probably hate this film.

Steven photo

I just finished watching this documentary and I thought it was excellent. The interviews with both the women and men who have gone through the program and their experiences were very compelling. I thought that the women were more articulate and had more insight into their experiences than the men. They were able to explain their own reactions and feelings more effectively than the men. The men were able to describe their reactions in a more realistic manner than the women. Overall, I think the women were more eloquent and the men were more concise. This is one of the best documentaries I have seen. It is very well made and the subjects were very interesting. I highly recommend it.

Emily photo

This film is a documentary, but it is a very good documentary. It shows a very good view of the dating scene, and how it is still going on. The people in this film are all in relationships, and are not just the usual men. The men are very talented, and have lots of experience. This film is about a dating scene that is changing and growing, and it shows that the scene is not just a boys club, but a very intelligent and professional one. This film is definitely worth seeing, and is very good at showing the passion and passion that goes into the dating scene.

Daniel B. photo
Daniel B.

Well, I didn't expect much out of this movie, but I got a few surprises. I had seen the previews and the synopsis, but it had a negative connotation in my mind. But I didn't expect to be so surprised. This movie is well-made and entertaining. It is full of interesting facts and information. It is really good that it was made. I highly recommend it. I am curious to see the sequel, which I hope to see. I recommend this movie to people who are interested in the topic of dating and relationships.

Raymond Stone photo
Raymond Stone

I was curious about this film because it was written by the actress who played Cindy, the woman who became a serial killer in the 1980's. The film is about her and her friends who were obsessed with her and the man who was the one who discovered her in the shower. The film is a fascinating look at a group of people who were deeply affected by this woman. It is interesting that the most shocking part of this film is not the actual murder but the way in which they coped with her. The film is a bit slow at times but is an interesting look at how they came to terms with the fact that Cindy was dead and her friend became a serial killer.

Joyce photo

A beautiful film about a group of people who spend their days together in a house and live together for a year. What they have to do is basically follow a book. I can see the logic behind the movie but it is so good that it is hard to ignore. It is a documentary that gives you a glimpse of the lives of people who are trying to live as a single person. The characters are very realistic and all of them have their own reasons for being single. The movie also gives you a sense of how the people live their lives and what it is like to be single. The movie is a lot more than just a collection of conversations. It is also a beautiful and touching documentary about a group of people and the reasons behind their decision to live alone. It is definitely worth seeing.

Evelyn photo

This is an interesting look at a group of artists, musicians, and screenwriters who have found that the internet is a powerful tool for self-expression and self-expression is a powerful tool. This documentary is well-done, well-edited, and well-directed, with a lot of interviews. It also is a good look at the culture of the internet, and how the artists have found a way to express themselves. I was pleasantly surprised to see some musicians who were not particularly famous or well-known on the internet. Some of them had never done interviews before, but they were so convincing that I was able to believe that they were real people. I really enjoyed this film, and I hope that the other critics and audiences who are considering this film also enjoy it.

Kelly Pierce photo
Kelly Pierce

I didn't really expect much from this documentary, and that's probably why it was so good. The subjects are all interesting and well-spoken, the interviews are fun and informative, and the production is a good one. It was also nice to see a documentary that was both entertaining and informative at the same time. It was fun to watch a couple of people who are a bit "different" in their dating styles (but who still do have it in them to be together) and learn about the things that make them tick. I was really impressed with the way that the subjects talked about their dating problems and what they had learned about themselves, and how they dealt with them. The ones who didn't seem to have any problems, just found themselves in situations that they didn't know how to handle, and that is what the documentary was about. I can't say that it was a perfect documentary, but it was entertaining and a good way to spend 90 minutes.

Jason N. photo
Jason N.

I would like to say that I am not a fan of dating movies. I just don't like them. This is the first movie that I have watched where I actually enjoyed the movie. There are so many stories in this movie, but the one I liked the most was the story of the dead guy who was in a relationship with his ex-girlfriend, and the story of how they got together. It was funny, emotional, and I could relate to the story. I like the way the movie depicted the love and friendship between the two men. I think it was an important lesson for people. It was just great. I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Jesse Guzman photo
Jesse Guzman

The Dating Project is an interesting look at what can happen when a single person is rejected by a romantic partner. The film is a bit on the sappy side, but there is a great deal of honesty in it, and the two main characters are very interesting. The guys are not terribly likable, but they are also very good looking, and the women are very attractive. This film is a bit of a personal project, which is great. I highly recommend this film.

Marilyn photo

I was skeptical about this documentary before I watched it. I heard so many people talking about how great it was and all I knew about it was the title. But I was very pleasantly surprised. This is an honest look at the dating industry, and it shows that it is a business that is not perfect. It also shows that the dating industry is full of lies and mis-information. It also shows that dating sites are just a way to hook up with a potential partner, and that the sites are not perfect. I don't know about you, but I'd rather see a documentary that is unbiased than one that is biased. I also think the people in the film are a little too self-centered. They are all really nice people, but I don't think they realize that the people they are connected with are a lot more important than them. I think the main reason I liked this film was the way it was shot. It was beautiful to see how people lived their lives. There were lots of beautiful shots of New York and L.A. It was also interesting to see how a single man who was using dating sites was able to meet and connect with a beautiful woman. I think the biggest reason I liked the film was the way it was able to show that the dating industry is not perfect. I really liked the way that it was able to show that not all the people who work in the industry are evil. They just want to hook up and make money. I also thought that it was a little funny how the people in the dating industry would call other people "dates", but then they would call someone a "dates" when they actually met. I thought it was a good documentary and I recommend it to everyone.

Andrew Rivera photo
Andrew Rivera

I found this movie quite entertaining. It was not as gory as the ones I've seen in the past. The plot was not that far-fetched. It was entertaining and I found it easy to watch. I don't like the way they made it look like it was scripted. It was quite believable and I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a good documentary.

Dylan photo

This documentary is well made, well paced and well produced. There are some very good points, for example the idea of dating in the present tense - a man and a woman who have been together for 30 years, living in London, and have a son and daughter. They have an opportunity to meet again. There are some very good points about the internet dating scene. And the fact that there is no control over the relationship and the natural end. But it's also very dry and boring. The documentary also discusses the romantic part of the relationship - the relationship between the husband and wife and the son and daughter. But the best point of the documentary is the relationship between the two men and the two women. It's very interesting, even if it's a bit dry and superficial. A documentary that I would recommend.

Frank W. photo
Frank W.

I went to see this film with an open mind, and ended up watching it with an open mind. This is not a film that really makes you think, or makes you feel anything. It is just a collection of very good clips from various sources. It was a pleasure to watch, and the people who gave the film good reviews seemed to be doing so for the wrong reasons. They are looking for something, and it is hard to know what. The film does not really attempt to show any kind of 'message', it is not a political statement. It is a documentary, and does not try to make any kind of statement about anything. The main thing I could take away from the film is that it is a very good film, but it is not a great film, and it is not a classic. I would say that the best way to watch the film is to get a feel for the kind of approach the makers took, and then do your own analysis. It is a really good film, but I wouldn't say that it is a 'must-see' film, because it is not a 'must-see' film. You can watch it for the clips, and for the fact that it is really good, but you would be better off seeing a documentary, or a film with a better message. This is a good film, but not great.

Matthew Burke photo
Matthew Burke

This is a really good movie that deals with dating in a lot of different ways. It shows that when it comes to dating, everyone has different ideas of what it should be. It also shows that when you're with someone for a long time, you get to know them a lot more than if you were dating for a few days. It also shows that we're not all the same, and we have different things in our lives that we enjoy. It's a really good movie and I recommend it to anyone.

Emily photo

As a married woman, I'm well aware that I have many different issues to deal with. I have a husband who I love dearly, and a daughter who is my rock. I also have a strong, vibrant, independent, and vibrant husband. So, I was pleased to see the dating project, because I am a bit skeptical about the men in my life. However, I am very curious to see how I can change the way that I view men and relationships. This documentary was a wonderful step in the right direction. It shows us the reality of the problem, and it shows us what it would take to be a "real" man. I was happy to see that there are people who are willing to share their stories and experiences with the world. I hope that the next time I see someone looking for a relationship, they will not have to see this documentary, and they will not be disappointed.

Ashley C. photo
Ashley C.

I recently saw this film on the New York Film Festival, and thought it was excellent. The movie is about a couple who are getting married in a few weeks and they're just trying to figure out how to spend their time before the big day. They're also going to have a couple of meetings with potential friends, and they want to make sure that they get to know them before the big day. I thought that the movie was a bit slow, but I really enjoyed it. I'm not sure what people were expecting, but I think that the movie was pretty accurate in it's portrayal of a wedding. The couple are both married in their early 30's, and they're both having problems finding the right people to date. They also have a few friends who they don't really know. There are a lot of interesting conversations that the couple has about relationships and dating, and the movie is really funny at times. Overall, I thought the movie was pretty good.