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Human Nature

Human Nature is a movie starring Jennifer Doudna, George Church, and Alta Charo. A breakthrough called CRISPR opens the door to curing diseases, reshaping the biosphere, and designing our own children. A provocative exploration of...

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Genvägen, Human nature, Human Nature: Die CRISPR Revolution
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1 hours 35 minutes
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Adam Bolt
Regina Sobel, Adam Bolt
George Church, Jennifer Doudna, Fyodor Urnov, Alta Charo
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The biggest tech revolution of the 21st Century isn't digital, it's biological. A breakthrough called CRISPR has given us unprecedented control over the basic building blocks of life. It opens the door to curing diseases, reshaping the biosphere, and designing our own children. Human Nature is a provocative exploration of CRISPR's far-reaching implications, through the eyes of the scientists who discovered it, the families its affecting, and the bio-engineers who are testing its limits. How will this new power change our relationship with nature? What will it mean for human evolution? To begin to answer these questions we must look back billions of years and peer into an uncertain future.

Comments about documentary «Human Nature» (7)

Larry Carroll photo
Larry Carroll

The interviewees were most interesting, I wish I could have seen more from them. It is very depressing. I think this film is so relevant to today's youth, as they face a lot of problems that no one wants to talk about, but the young will think that it's not real. I don't think they understand that this is what we have to face.

Ethan photo

Well, I am shocked that there are so many negative reviews for this documentary. I have to say that the documentary is absolutely spot on. I have never seen such a "bunch of losers" in my life. People who are obsessed with "God" or religion, people who can't control their "evil" impulses, people who are born with a "dark side" and that's what this documentary highlights. But this documentary does it in a way that makes you wonder why there is such a need to "believe" in God or religion, if all you have to do is "see" this documentary and you'll see that it's true. I think it's very hard to "believe" in God or religion when you have so many people who are "evil". I think this documentary should be seen by everyone and everyone should see this documentary. I think it's the best documentary I've ever seen. I have never seen anything like this documentary. It's brilliant. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I hope you get the chance to see this documentary. If you do, then I recommend you go to the website of the documentary. You can buy the DVD for just $7.50. It's so good and worth the price of the DVD. I hope this helps.

George photo

I watched this movie about a year ago, and I still don't get it. I'm a huge animal lover and animal rights activist, and I thought this movie was really educational. I didn't realize it was that boring until I watched it a second time. The time frame was too short, and it took a long time for any actual details to come into play. The animation and the subject matter was perfect, and the entire story was very interesting. It's also interesting to see how animals are treated, and how often they are abused and mistreated. It's really sad to see animals getting mistreated, and I definitely think that this movie is important. People have to realize that animals are humans and deserve the same rights as humans do. There are animal rights groups out there, and I think it's important to know what you are doing to the animals. I would recommend watching this movie, and learning from it.

Kathryn H. photo
Kathryn H.

In this movie, you'll learn how human beings are the result of evolutionary biology. It's a very easy way to make a story, easy to be a narrator, easy to tell a story, and easy to get a message across. The movie is amazing because it covers not only biological evolution, but the evolutionary forces that influence the way we live our lives. The movie is entertaining, and you won't be bored watching it. In this movie, the different ways that we have evolved, and what our current way of life is, is really shown. In the movie, we're shown the different ways that we evolve, and how the story line progresses from the point of view of different species. The movie is about the problem of our current way of life, and how we can change it. We have to change ourselves. We have to change our way of life. We have to make a change in ourselves. It's amazing how intelligent creatures like us can make a difference in the world, and it's something we should take a look at. You can't make a change if you're not willing to make a change. It's really that simple. There is a very funny side to this movie, that I really enjoyed. You'll have a funny laugh when you're watching this movie. It's a very funny story, and it's very amusing. I recommend this movie to everyone. You will not regret watching it.

Ashley photo

A must see for anyone interested in animal welfare, this documentary is more of an attack on corporate farming, and animal agriculture. It starts off on the Animal Planet network, and is then followed by interviews with experts in the field, and then moves to ABC news. As it progresses, it shows an impressive array of animal life, from the animals in the fields, to the cows that are eating grains. As it ends, the viewer is left wondering if there is an end to the eating of all animal life. The documentary was filmed by Luke Johnson, who was also the director of the documentary, The Animal Connection, which was released in 2014. This documentary is an attack on animal farming, and animal agriculture. It is not intended to be a balanced picture, and there are some areas that were never touched on in the documentary. It is an attack on the meat and dairy industries, which are both eating animals for money. This film does not attack the people who eat meat, or the people who eat dairy. The focus of the film is on the people who eat the most animal life, and who are actually the biggest consumers. There is no condemnation of eating animals, as most of the video comes from interviews with the animals, and people who are in the industry, and doing it. For those who don't know, animal agriculture is the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions, and the biggest source of pollution in the world. I do not see this as a factual documentary. This film is a very good example of the media being misleading.

Henry M. photo
Henry M.

The world is a dangerous place. With the ever growing populations of the world, the animals have been affected. Animals are dying in record numbers. The fact that these animals have been living in peace for centuries, despite the fact that humans are the reason why they are dying, is a terrible and sad thing. But what is worse, is that the consequences are the same for humans and animals. No matter how many times we go out to the animals, we are still going to harm them. This documentary is a must see. This film will change the way you look at animals. They are going to start fighting back and they will be able to protect themselves.

Keith A. photo
Keith A.

This movie is the best thing I've ever seen. The ending is the best I've ever seen. I'm now a member of the group called the Men Who Spoke. The movie is a must see for everyone, regardless of age. If you haven't seen it yet, you will be surprised. If you have, you will love it. You can't help but be moved by the message the director was trying to get across. I can't wait for it to be released on DVD.