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The Amendment

The Amendment is a movie starring Mike Vogel, Taryn Manning, and Silas Weir Mitchell. The Amendment is the true and inspiring story of finding triumph over tragedy, injustice and loss. In 1979, Brooks Douglass and his sister Leslie...

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Paul Brown
Paul Brown, Brooks Douglass
Silas Weir Mitchell, Taryn Manning, Brooks Douglass, Mike Vogel
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The Amendment is the true and inspiring story of finding triumph over tragedy, injustice and loss. In 1979, Brooks Douglass and his sister Leslie survived a devastating crime that rocked their community and took their parents' lives. Initially sent into an emotional tailspin Brooks regained his footing, became Oklahoma's youngest state senator and championed important victim's rights legislation. It is not until his question for ultimate justice brings him face-to-face with his parents' killer that he must reconcile military training with the lessons of his father to discover the path to finally finding peace.

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Jessica B. photo
Jessica B.

I can't say enough about this movie. It's got it all: beautiful cinematography, fine actors, and a script that makes you think about what you just saw. I loved it. I give it a 9.5/10. That's my rating, folks!

Grace Rogers photo
Grace Rogers

Everyone has his own way of how to write a story, so be it. The only thing I feel is a bit unfair is that The Wachowski's are going to have to write some very difficult story with far fetched characters. However, the story is actually very well written and does not put any limitations on the audience. Some might be put off by the plot, which has many twists and turns, but really, what's there to put that on? I would rate this film 9 out of 10.

Susan Soto photo
Susan Soto

i just got back from seeing this film in the movie theater and it was excellent! i first read about this film when the trailer was released but then i heard about the great story behind it and i was intrigued. this film is a drama about a man that is trying to move on from his past and his now deceased wife and child. the thing is that the man's love for his wife and child make him a real person and when the man and the woman he loves, both as people and as a loving couple, begin to have family problems that soon spirals into more serious family troubles. this film is full of life and it is a very emotional and heartfelt film. the directing is awesome, the actors all put in great performances, the story is interesting and at the same time it is very simple and not complicated and the characters are all unique. i also want to point out the amazing ending of the film. i have no idea what is going to happen but the ending made me cry and this film is not about a happy ending. its about something to happen and i can't wait to see what happens next! i would recommend this film to anyone and everyone. i would give it a 10 out of 10! i would also like to point out that the film, not to mention the great actors and the great story, is worth the price of admission. i also would like to mention that when the film was over, the whole audience was crying because they loved it and i felt the same way! i am so glad that this film is available and i want everyone to see this amazing film! i hope that everybody enjoys this film as much as i did. if you are reading this, then go see this film. it is a must see!

Stephen G. photo
Stephen G.

The 1966 Rock Hudson radio-graphic adaptation of the Jules Verne novel "Patriot" has been presented as a low budget film for years, but the viewer knows he is actually watching a truly brilliant film. Rock Hudson's (as always) brilliant performance as a character full of paradoxes, good and evil, always both sides of the coin, and a cop whose only goal is to survive. Tom Selleck has a very uninteresting and flat role. The scenes between Hudson and Selleck are so unnerving and sharp, you can't help but watch them. Hudson himself is excellent, but most of the other performances are so raw and expressive, you want to cut your own head off and keep it in your freezer. The plot is simple, but it does not need to be. The story is more important than the plot. The plot should be as simple as the story, but I was utterly drawn in by the action and the suspense, and the story was simple but very impressive. I always felt like I was watching a well-made film with all the layers, and this was no exception. This is a must see film.

James Taylor photo
James Taylor

I have never seen this movie and now I want to. It is on the top ten. Great story and great acting. This movie should be on all the major tv channels.

Mary photo

Forget any negative reviews. It's a very good movie. If you don't agree, wait till it comes to cable. You will like it. It is not the biggest movie out there, but it's a good one, and I look forward to seeing more from this writer and director. Stay tuned.

Thomas H. photo
Thomas H.

This is a great movie about what a child's life is, and how what you see in the films of the masters is all you should ever see in the worlds of cinema. I found this film to be a masterpiece. I would say it is possibly the best film I have ever seen in the past years. It has a good storyline, great acting, great music and you should watch this movie if you like cinema. This is a must see movie for people who like to be entertained.

Susan R. photo
Susan R.

It's the darkest hour of our lives, and this film, simply called "The Amendment" is how we decide when that is. Rationally, the film starts as an absolute horror movie with two friends, captured by an insane assassin and kept under a dictatorship by the head of the regime, played by Pedro Aragon. In a quiet, quiet world where almost everyone has been replaced by the new regime, a fresh face in their midst is the young, brilliant and promising Danilo (Nacho Vigalondo), who turns out to be a kind and intelligent man, whose only curse is that he lacks a heart. The film is about the gradual change of fate of the two friends, whose good side and tragic side of their souls become one. On the other side of the coin is Aragon's usual nemesis (Marcello, played by the great Fernando Meirelles), who is almost a mythological figure, as he constantly puts pressure on the leaders of the regime and ends up being his nemesis. The characters are very well developed, with many memorable and effective scenes, as well as impressive special effects, especially the fight against Aragon, played by Fernando Meirelles, and a lot of the action sequences, especially the final one. It's very real, which makes it very realistic and with a lot of weight. "The Amendment" is a film that would make the new regime, dictatorship or dictator regime, look like little bees on the face of the earth. It's a cinematic masterpiece. It's funny, tense and very entertaining, full of courage, bravery and truth.

Joyce Stevens photo
Joyce Stevens

I was like 19 when I saw this movie. I'm 31 now and I remember it like it was yesterday. I remember as if it was yesterday. I saw it because my friend told me about it and I saw the movie and I was like "oh my god!". I think this movie is perfect because of the film, acting, story, everything. I'm very surprised that this is not in the top 100 because I think it deserves to be there. As a film it's perfect. As a movie, it's great. I was sad when they killed her character in the end. I think she could have made an interesting, long, film about the things that she had done. But not this movie. This movie is perfect and great. I think the character she was giving in the end, was the most important part of the movie. I'm glad I saw it again and I hope that you all will too. :)

Maria F. photo
Maria F.

I loved this film, the story line is wonderful, the acting is great, the effects are awesome and the action scenes are thrilling. And to say this film does not follow the "Fantastic Four" comic books is absolutely false. They do follow the comics very closely. But in this film, there are no consequences for anyone who is not a "Fantastic Four" fan. There is not a bad character in this film. The only bad character is Johnny Storm, but he isn't really bad at all. Johnny Storm is much more like the character he is supposed to be. I don't think the film made fun of the Fantastic 4, but I wouldn't mind if the comic book did. There is no way that would happen. So what I am trying to say is that I loved this film. I would say it is one of my favorite movies. But what does that really mean? It means I think it is good.

Gloria A. photo
Gloria A.

You would think that if you were a hero, that you would also be a villain. Not so. "The Lie" was a very interesting movie and well worth watching. I have to say that "The Lie" is much better than the original "Pitch Black", which I consider to be a very bad movie. I think I can understand why people like the original pitch black movie. The original pitch black is a very boring movie and is much better in plot and atmosphere. The plot was interesting and a great idea and the atmosphere was great. The remake is very different. The characters were different and it didn't feel like "The Lie". The characters in "The Lie" were both very boring and predictable, which I didn't like. Overall I think "The Lie" is much better than the original pitch black. If you liked "Pitch Black", then watch "The Lie".

Katherine A. photo
Katherine A.

the greatness of this film is in the way it tells the story and not just the action. it is like if it was a short story that was put together in a movie form. i loved the fact that the final scene at the end was where all the action took place and the explanation of what happened and why this is happening. it shows that this is a universe that we have to understand and live in. i think this film is great because it shows that "humans" have no self awareness. all we can do is act and react to situations. there is no planning. you can do anything and everything with the actions and emotions you use to deal with the situation. the only way for us to understand our "self" is to face the situation. to live in the real world and be understood by others. this is what film is all about. films like this show that what we think is just a movie is not. this is a universe that is much deeper than a movie or a television show. this film makes me think about the choice i made, about the choices we have to make, about the people we don't have to deal with and it makes me think how we are making our choices everyday. this film is definitely not for everyone, but if you have to do something, do it. this film is not for those who think "why do we need to act in movies?". i think this is a great film, and i highly recommend it to people. this film is definitely worth watching.

Emma Andrews photo
Emma Andrews

I'm not the biggest Sylvester Stallone fan, but I absolutely love this movie. A film about an anti-hero, a series of stories about the crusades, and a very good mix of action and drama. The movie has everything a movie needs. Stallone plays a bad guy who is like a nightmare. He doesn't show emotions. He just does whatever he wants. He's like a predator in the woods. All the characters are completely unlikable and none of them is likable. The plot is pretty lame and predictable, but there are good lines. The ending was very violent. It was disturbing, but it was well done. Overall, it's a good film, and I highly recommend it.

Frank photo

I'm a huge fan of the 90's film industry. I am absolutely blown away with the movies that came out in the 90's. While there were a few films that I disliked, I actually gave some respect to those movies. One of the major things I love is that these films give you a very hard time. They are honest and tell you the truth about what really happened in Vietnam. Those films had an intense tone that has been lost in the 90's. Those movies had scenes that were so much better then in the 90's. Here's the thing: I don't really understand the whole "where's the big action, what's the big story" thing. I understand that, but I don't think it makes any sense. Well, that's what I think, anyway. The greatest thing about this movie is the way the filmmakers have captured the spirit of the 90's. They have gone back to the low budget scenes of the Vietnam war. The effects look so good, the sound is fantastic and the editing is very good. They have captured the real feeling of that time, while at the same time going for a new tone. That is the big reason why I give this movie an 8/10. The other reason is because it is something completely different then all the rest. The real story behind it is the characters. They are great, and the acting is really good, too. Overall, I really love it, and I hope they will make a sequel. I can't wait!

Alan photo

I have enjoyed all of the movies that are in this series. A great movie for every fan of the genre. The story is well written and what works in one movie does not work the next. If you have not seen this movie yet, you should. It's a great film for a rainy day.

Aaron photo

This film is the best of the Tarantino gang. I really enjoyed watching this movie. The dialogue between Johnny and him brother is a riot and the brother has a great performance. I also really enjoyed the music and the acting was also great. The film has some really dark and realistic elements, and the violence is just absolutely awesome. This film is definitely a MUST HAVE for fans of Tarantino or all fanatics. The ending is an amazing and shocking ending to a film that I really enjoyed.

Albert Martin photo
Albert Martin

This movie is a fantastic action flick. It's great fun to watch. It's a little long, but it's worth it. Anthony Mackie does an awesome job playing a man who has put all of his fear, anger, hate, hatred into a gun. But when the bad guys are seemingly unstoppable, the only choice is to go all out. And that's exactly what he does. This movie has a good story, action, and lots of comedy. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll cheer. It's all here. And, unlike the other comedies of this type, it's not just for young children. It's a family movie that's not for the just plain grown-ups. I highly recommend it. 10/10

Melissa Ramos photo
Melissa Ramos

I really enjoyed this movie. It is an action-packed adventure. It is a straight forward film with no flashy special effects or too many explosions. This movie is not a superhero movie like the other sequels. You don't see the Incredible Hulk or Iron Man. You don't see the X-Men. The main hero is a young man with superpowers. What happens is he doesn't quite have the strength to go against the Red Skull. He uses his friends to help him get the strength to go after the Red Skull. The thing I liked about this movie was the action scenes. The action scenes are great and they make up for the lack of a big special effects. The one thing I do think that could have been done better is the character development. This is not a plot driven movie like the other movies. You have to sit and watch the movie to get to know the characters. I think they should have done more character development, but I think that is what they were going for. I think it could have been a little longer. I think that the character development was better than what I would have liked to see. Overall, I think that this movie is awesome. I think that the rating of a 7 or 8 out of 10 is a little low, but I don't think it should be. I think that the action scenes are very good. I think that the action scenes are very exciting and I think that this movie is very well done. It is definitely worth seeing. I really enjoyed this movie.

Anna photo

The film is about politics and the lives of American voters in California. The film also has a message about voting, how voting makes the world go around and how the movie captures that attitude of voters towards voting. While the film might not be groundbreaking or powerful it is well made and informative. The performances are superb, James Woods as the Governor is well cast, and the performances from Rickman, Jr. and "John" are extremely well done. Overall, a very entertaining and watchable film.