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Free Burma Rangers

Free Burma Rangers is a movie starring David Eubank, Karen Eubank, and Peter Eubank. The film follows Dave, Karen, and their three young children, as they venture into war zones where they are fighting to bring hope. Viewers will...

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1 hours 45 minutes
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Brent Gudgel, Chris Sinclair
Brent Gudgel
David Eubank, Karen Eubank, Peter Eubank, Sahale Eubank
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The film follows Dave, Karen, and their three young children, as they venture into war zones where they are fighting to bring hope. Viewers will follow the family into firefights, heroic rescues, and experience life-changing ministry.

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Patricia photo

This movie was one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. The audience was divided. Some liked it and some didn't like it. Many felt that the director was being overly critical of the USA and in this way helped us realize the atrocities that still occur in the USA. The audience was split between Americans who want to help Burma and those who oppose. This film was very clear and straight forward and the audience was very intelligent. One aspect of the film that I did not like was the music used. It seemed to be a series of instrumental songs used to break up the scenes. This was very strange and made the film a bit boring. However, the music was very important in this movie. I do not think it would have been so important if the music was not used. Overall, the film was very interesting. It was not a piece of propaganda like many would say it was. The film shows the problems that Burma has and it helps the audience to understand the situation in Burma and the problems that are still occurring in the country. This film is worth watching. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about Burma and its problems.

Jonathan K. photo
Jonathan K.

This documentary is directed by Geoffrey Condon and written by David Freedlander. It's about the Burma-Myanmar border situation and the tragic events of the past few years. The footage is from multiple locations in Burma and from a series of reports on the border. It's not a documentary but an historical narrative and it's clear from the beginning that the filmmakers are very concerned about the human rights violations, human rights violations and genocide. The reporting is well done. The cameraman gets close up and away, and a lot of the filming was done in broad daylight. There is some disturbing footage, some of it very graphic. There are some things that aren't clear, such as the number of dead and injured on both sides, and the true number of people who were in hiding. The film is very well done and well edited. It was well produced and professionally directed. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in the conflict in Burma. I thought it was a very moving documentary and it made me think about the atrocities that were taking place there. My biggest problem was the length. I thought that it could have been made shorter. I understand that they were trying to be as much a history as they could but I would have liked it to be shorter.

Jacob photo

I just watched this documentary on BBC's 'Two O'Clock Live' and I loved it. I agree with many of the comments already made here on this site. I feel that this film is an eye-opener and should be seen by everyone, including those who are pro-Burmese. I am also a documentary filmmaker, and felt this film could have been better, but I do not think the film was overly edited. I do agree with the producers that the two witnesses were probably the only two people who really knew about the events in Rangoon, and the two would have to have been at the bottom of the food chain to have had a role in the atrocities. I think the first few minutes of the documentary were very misleading, showing images from the TV footage of the Tiger Man being shot. I feel that the footage shown was from the BBC's report on the Tiger Man. I also think that it is a good thing that the movie is based on the actual footage, as it would be too easy for someone to say that the footage was faked. This film should be seen by everyone who is pro-Burmese. It is a must see for anyone who wants to see what is happening in Burma.

Diane photo

This is an excellent documentary, well made, with decent direction, good acting, and a great message. It is both informative and entertaining, and I found myself in tears several times. The film covers many different aspects of Burma and its people, from the general ignorance about what happened to the majority of the Burmese population, to the state of starvation and lack of medical care, to the human rights violations. It is disturbing to see how a country which has made it's name as the home of such human rights abuses and atrocities, can show such love and compassion towards its people. It is also a disturbing to see the abuses that occur to other countries, and that they are almost ignored by the media. The documentary shows how there is a sense of 'security' around Burma, which has been built on the backs of the people. The problem is, they do not seem to be the most responsible for this situation. Burma's government, which includes the ruling junta and the military, are the ones responsible for the continued oppression of the Burmese people, which has been the cause of the current humanitarian crisis. A lot of the information in the film is based on the testimony of victims, but there is a lot of circumstantial evidence, like in many other recent documentaries, showing that the military are the ones that are responsible for many of the atrocities, and that the world is ignoring them. The film is extremely well-edited, and the director, Neil Shand, has managed to extract good and accurate information from the testimonies. I found the final result very moving, and the film is definitely a must-see for anyone who wants to see more of what is happening in Burma. It is definitely worth seeing, even if you are not particularly interested in Burma.

Amber G. photo
Amber G.

The DVD version of this film, which is made available by the Human Rights Watch, is an excellent one-hour and thirty-minute documentary, that covers the development of the "Burma Campaign" in late 1996, which was intended to stop the Burmese Army from taking over the whole of Burma. The documentary covers a number of important issues: "Why was this campaign started?", "How did the Burmese Army react?", "What did the Burmese Army do in the first days?", "What were the consequences?", "How did the Burmese Army respond?" The film is fascinating and informative. I think it is very important for the United States to come out against the Burmese Army, for what they have done, and not to be complicit in what they are doing. The film is very informative and raises questions that need to be asked. A very good documentary.

Arthur photo

This is a good documentary about a group of young people that are being persecuted by the Chinese government. They have to go to a camp where they are supposed to learn the basics of English. They are told that they are going to be allowed to live in England after they graduate from the camp. They are very shocked when they find out that they can't leave the camp. They are told that they are going to be allowed to go to a camp in England. They are surprised when they find out that they can't leave the camp. This is a very well made documentary. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the situation in Burma. I have never been to Burma, but I know that it is a very dangerous place to be. This is a very good documentary about a group of young people that are being persecuted by the Chinese government.

Victoria photo

I've never been a huge fan of the 'Free Burma Rangers' but I'm glad I watched it. I'm not a person who is easily offended by documentaries, but this one really got to me. The documentary is very well made, with a great soundtrack and a great storyline. The documentaries style is not to be confused with that of the 'White Helmets' or 'White Helmets' the White Helmets, but the 'Free Burma Rangers' are a far more dangerous group of people. The documentary follows the 'Free Burma Rangers' as they travel through Burma to the capital city, Sittwe, where they are being paid to go and help the people of Burma. The documentary also covers the events that led to the current situation in Myanmar. In the documentary they are given permission to go into the country to do their work. This is what lead to the current situation of the 'Free Burma Rangers'. The documentary is very well done and the documentaries style is not to be confused with the 'White Helmets' or 'White Helmets'. I would recommend this to anyone interested in the situation in Burma, or just an environmentalist who wants to know more about what is happening there.

Elizabeth photo

One of the most controversial topics in the world today, Burma's situation, is summed up in this powerful documentary. It's a very well made film, and with the help of a great director, this is a must see for everyone who cares about the issue of the liberation of Burma. The film is split into two parts. The first is the documentary of the first group of Burmese refugees that was sent to the United States in 1996. The second part is an interview with one of the refugees, who goes through the emotions of the refugees as they come to terms with the fact that their home is no longer safe. It's an emotional roller coaster of emotions. There are some pretty harsh moments in this film, and it's very difficult to watch, but I think the film is very effective in conveying the feelings of the refugees. The film's ending is extremely powerful. The film's director, Robert Mapplethorpe, is a well respected director, and I'm glad he was able to take on this project. I hope he gets the recognition that he deserves. This film is a must see, and I'm glad I saw it.

Sarah photo

This is a must watch for anyone who cares about human rights and the atrocities committed against the Rohingya people. This film has been made by two international journalists, a Buddhist monk and a Christian, who have come together to make a film about the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar. The filmmakers are hoping to raise awareness of the plight of the Rohingya people. They are trying to create a film that will be distributed in the world and can be watched by the world. I highly recommend this film.

Ryan Schultz photo
Ryan Schultz

Just had the opportunity to see the latest documentary by the Freedom of Burma Rangers. It is a very informative film. It is a very well done documentary. One of the things that stood out for me was how very difficult the resistance to the new government was. People were afraid to talk about what they were doing or what they wanted to do. People also were very proud of the Freedom of Burma Rangers. I would like to see more documentaries like this. They were very well made. The pictures and sound were very clear. One thing that surprised me was that they are in every village and every community. The film was shot in Myanmar, Burma, and Thailand. A few of the communities they visited were not even identified. All the villages were small and in the middle of nowhere. This is a good thing. They showed the locations of villages and towns. This is something that is not commonly known. The film is very well made. It was also interesting to see the resistance of the groups to the new government. The film also showed how people were willing to kill and kill again to protect their land and their traditions. It was also interesting to see how the resistance was growing. I am very interested in what will happen in Burma in the future. The resistance is still very strong in Burma and I would like to see more documentaries like this. This is an excellent documentary and I would recommend it.

Sharon Reed photo
Sharon Reed

I don't agree with the movie. The story is not an issue, but it's the execution that is. For a short documentary, the movie is extremely well done. I was really moved by this. I'm also a fan of David Grovic, a former high ranking official in Burma. He was sentenced to prison and death for his efforts to promote freedom for Burma. It's the only documentary I have seen about the issue and the reason for its existence. A lot of people have probably never heard of the situation, and I hope this helps to show them a little more.

Stephen Cooper photo
Stephen Cooper

I was very impressed with this movie. I was extremely moved by it. I wanted to see it and I did. I have a lot of questions about the movie and I hope it answers them all. I want to know the truth about the origins of the armed groups in Burma and I also want to know why the U.S. government did nothing to help them. I hope this film does not leave out any of the important facts. I also want to know why the U.S. government didn't do more to help the Burmese people. I hope the U.S. government and the Burmese government can help each other in the future.

Lauren L. photo
Lauren L.

I have never felt more inspired to fight for what is right. This documentary shows the stories of over 100 soldiers and their families, who are just like you and me. They are going through a difficult time in their lives. The soldiers have experienced some of the same things that they're telling the stories of. We also see the extreme cruelty of the military and the horror of the situation. It's hard to watch. But it's a powerful message that we need to hear. It's also a powerful reminder of the importance of telling the truth. It's a reminder of how important it is to tell the truth, even if it's uncomfortable or difficult. It's also a reminder of the importance of keeping your emotions in check, especially when you're going through difficult times. It's a reminder that we're all connected, and that we all have the power to make a difference. I highly recommend this film. You don't need to be a military member to see this film. This film is a great way to connect with your fellow Americans.

Rebecca photo

I've been following the plight of Burma's Rohingya Muslims since the 1970s. Since then, they have been denied citizenship and are denied basic rights. I have seen many videos of the abuses they are subjected to in Burma. My interest in this film was heightened by the fact that it was produced by the BBC. The BBC has a history of promoting freedom of speech. I felt it was essential to hear the views of a Westerner. I felt that the BBC's coverage was biased. I would not recommend this film to anyone. It is not worth the price of a movie ticket.

Karen photo

I have to say that I am very surprised by this movie, as I have been reading a lot of comments about it and most of them have been negative, but I was surprised by the quality of the film. What surprised me most about this movie is how good it was. I thought it was very important to highlight the injustice done to the Rohingyas, especially to the Rohingya women and girls, who are considered to be illegal immigrants. Also, to highlight the widespread discrimination against the Rohingyas in Burma. The movie does this in a very subtle way, as the narrator describes how the Myanmar government and the government of Burma actively persecuted the Rohingya people. The movie doesn't really focus on the atrocities, but it does show the cruelty that was done to the Rohingyas, and how the Rohingya women and girls suffered from the situation. They are really portrayed in a very realistic manner. This movie is very important for Rohingya people. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who cares about their rights and wants to stand up against the discrimination and violence. The Rohingya people are still being discriminated and abused by the Myanmar government and the government of Burma. They have been forced to flee from Myanmar into Bangladesh and India. If you want to learn more about the Rohingyas, this is the movie you should watch. This movie is definitely worth watching.

Rose R. photo
Rose R.

What an excellent film! A good documentary that shows what the world is doing and has been doing. Many people have been led astray by the media and politicians. People in other countries have been misled and fooled by the media, and many other people have been influenced by the media. It is clear that we are being led by an arrogant group of people who have lost the ability to control their own lives. We need to see what is happening to us and how we can stop this. This film is the only one I have seen that is doing this. This is the film that is truly helping to bring the world to its knees.

Andrea photo

One of the best documentaries ever made about the plight of the Rohingya people, "The Burmese Rohingya" tells the story of the Rohingya people in Burma, who are not recognised by the government, and who have been forced into refugee camps, in Myanmar, since the military, led by the Burmese military, took over from the Myanmar army in 2011. "The Burmese Rohingya" is a harrowing documentary that documents the atrocities committed by the Myanmar military against the Rohingya people, and also shows the determination of the Rohingya people to resist the army's atrocities. The film also gives a clear picture of the Rohingya's struggle for survival. The film was made by the Australian Human Rights Commission and the Burmese government, and it was made in response to the Rohingya people's desperate need for a humanitarian solution to the situation in Myanmar, and the Burmese government's refusal to help them. It is a very powerful and moving documentary that shows the lives of the Rohingya people, and it also shows the courage of the Rohingya people to resist the Burmese army's abuses. "The Burmese Rohingya" is a film that will be well-received by all, and I am sure that it will be shown in many different countries, including in the United States, and it will be seen by many, many more people, in the years to come.

Dennis L. photo
Dennis L.

I have watched this movie a few times and I always get a lot of information out of it. The movie is extremely well done. I was impressed by the actors and actresses. The conflict that they are dealing with is not new and is very much the same that is happening in Burma. I think that the message that is being conveyed is that if the people of Burma want to see that there is no discrimination on the basis of race, religion or ethnic origin, they should leave Burma. It is not about what you are, it is about what you are not. That is what the movie is trying to say. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to know more about the situation in Burma.

Jonathan Ryan photo
Jonathan Ryan

I have never seen a documentary that has so powerfully illustrated the gravity of the situation. I would recommend this to anyone who is not in the military.

Stephen L. photo
Stephen L.

I had not heard of this film before I read about it, and I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of information it provided. I had no idea that the movie would be so comprehensive. This movie gave me a great overview of the plight of the Rohingya people, who have faced decades of persecution by the Myanmar government, and are living in squalid refugee camps in Myanmar. The movie is truly inspiring, and should be shown to all world leaders as an example of how the international community can work together to make a difference in the world. It is also a great film for anyone to watch as an introduction to the Rohingya people and the plight they face. The documentary is really good, and I highly recommend it.