Anschauen Late Life: The Chien-Ming Wang Story

Late Life: The Chien-Ming Wang Story

Late Life: The Chien-Ming Wang Story is a movie starring Chien-ming Wang, Neil Allen, and Brian Cashman. The first and only Taiwanese player for the New York Yankees, Chien-Ming Wang held many titles: American League Wins Leader,...

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1 hours 39 minutes
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Documentary, Sport
Frank W Chen
Wen-Hao Winston Chou, Hui-Chuan Chan
Neil Allen, Brian Cashman, Chien-ming Wang, Billy Connors
Taiwan, USA
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The first and only Taiwanese player for the New York Yankees, Chien-Ming Wang held many titles: American League Wins Leader, World Series Champion, Olympian, Time 100 Most Influential, and The Pride of Taiwan. He had it all - until a 2008 injury forever altered the course of his career. LATE LIFE: The Chien-Ming Wang Story - named after the late sinking action on his signature pitch - follows the rise and fall of the international icon as he fights his way back into the Major Leagues through endless rehab programs and lengthy stints away from home, carrying the weight of the world on his battered shoulder. A poignant and intimate account of Wang's steadfast quest, LATE LIFE tells the story of a man who is unwilling to give up and unable to let go.

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Louis photo

I've been a fan of Chien-Ming for a long time. I remember seeing her in her first movie "The Red Lotus" and I was impressed. She is a great actress and I think she deserves more recognition. This movie is one of her best performances. It is a great look at a difficult time in her life. It shows the hard work and the dedication to her craft that is necessary for success. It shows that her work has paid off. The movie also shows how hard it is to get people to believe in her work. The movie also shows the struggles she had to go through in order to get people to believe in her. I believe it is important to understand that she is not just a good actress but a great one as well. She is one of the few actors who I think can make a movie worth watching. I am not sure if this movie will be as well received as her other films but it is still a good movie and worth watching.

Kevin C. photo
Kevin C.

I have never seen the movie, but have read the book. The book is a bit long and the movie was so short. The movie shows the end of the life of the famous Chinese boxing champion Chien Ming Wang. The movie does not show the fight with the Japanese boxer. In the book, Chien Ming Wang is in the final stages of a terminal illness and his last words to his friend and trainer were, "You are in my thoughts and in my soul." The movie doesn't show the fight between Chien Ming Wang and the Japanese boxer. The fight was just a foreshadowing of the final fight between Chien Ming Wang and the Japanese boxer. The movie is very entertaining and is an excellent book.

Jeremy G. photo
Jeremy G.

I was fortunate enough to see this film in the film festival. It's definitely a film that will get you thinking and thinking. I'm just really glad that I took the time to watch this film and I can't wait to see it again. I love it when people like me can say "I know this is the reason I'm here". So it really makes me proud that I'm in the film festival. Thanks for a great time and good luck to all of you!

Katherine R. photo
Katherine R.

When I first heard of this movie, I thought it was going to be a typical talk show/documentary type of movie. What I was pleasantly surprised to find was that this movie actually was about something. It was a great story about a man that is a former champion and was in his prime. However, when his life takes a turn for the worse, he gets the chance to prove that he can still be a champion. It is not an easy thing to do, but this movie shows the man's determination to do just that. It also shows the other people in his life that help him through the hard times. It is a very inspirational story and one that I think all of us can relate to. It is also a very good movie to see on a rainy day. It is not a movie that will make you feel good, but it is a great movie that will make you think.

Edward S. photo
Edward S.

Michael Schumacher directed this film in 1991 with the most successful movie of the year. It was the last time that Tiger Mask was on screen. Tiger Mask was a superstar with fans all over the world. Tiger Mask was a Korean actor, and he has taken part in many film before. This is the only movie he did for a sequel, but he had also done two previous movies that were directed by Michael Shumacher: The Way of the Gun and The Running Man. Tiger Mask is a great character, but it is also a very complicated story. It is a story of a man who is depressed and takes pills to deal with his problems, while his girlfriend is still trying to find her own way to life. It is an interesting and colorful story that you have to see and have the time to see it.

Aaron Miller photo
Aaron Miller

I'm a fan of boxing. I've always liked Jackie Chan, but I was always a little wary of him. I've always enjoyed watching him fight, but he was never the kind of fighter I would have liked to see him fight. I'm happy to say that I have finally watched the Jackie Chan documentary. I think it is a very interesting look at a man who is one of the most talented and respected martial artists in the world. He was a boxer for the first time when he was 13 years old, and he still has his incredible skills. This documentary is very informative and interesting. It shows you his early life, and it shows you the events that led to him becoming a world champion. It shows you his early training, and his early career. It also shows you his early fights, and how he went from fighting to fighting. It also shows you the things that happened to him when he was a young man, and how he became a world champion. It is very informative and very interesting. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who wants to learn more about a very talented man.

Mark photo

It was as good as the best of Documentaries I have seen. I mean, I like to watch documentaries. But this one was so different from the others. I love the people that made the documentary. And the famous people that are interviewed. It was amazing. I will buy this one when it comes out on DVD. I recommend this to anyone who likes to watch Documentaries or just a good story. It was like they had to make a whole movie to tell it. So, I would recommend this one to everyone who likes to watch good Documentaries or just a good story. If you are a movie-goer, you will be very happy watching this one. Thank you for reading my review. =)

Jordan Jenkins photo
Jordan Jenkins

I had the pleasure of seeing this film at the 1999 New York Film Festival. I thought it was a really good film, and I would like to see it again sometime. The film was a real eye opener. I had not known that Chien-Ming Wang had been a star in her day. The film shows her as a young girl who is a star in her own right. She is a talented gymnast, but also a great dancer, singer, and actress. Her story was told in such a way that it was as if the audience was seeing her story for the first time. I have to say that the film is quite entertaining. I would recommend this film to anyone who has never heard of Chien-Ming Wang. It is a great story of a very talented woman.

Kathleen Davis photo
Kathleen Davis

I've watched this movie a couple of times now, and I love it. It's a great movie to watch when you want to understand the man who created the game of baseball. I think it's an important movie for people who are interested in the game of baseball. I think it's a great movie for people who are interested in the sport. I think it's a great movie to watch if you want to understand the man who created the game of baseball.

Melissa M. photo
Melissa M.

I have been watching this movie for the past few weeks. I think it is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. The story of Chien-Ming Wang, a Taiwanese gymnast, is fascinating and really shows the life of a gymnast. Chien-Ming Wang's life was filled with success, fame, and personal problems. She was an amazing gymnast and the film is showing her life through the eyes of her husband and father. The film also shows the life of her mother and the stories of her brother and sister. The film is very inspiring and really shows the life of a person and their struggles. The documentary is very good and I highly recommend it.

Alan R. photo
Alan R.

I am very pleased with this film. I watched this film twice and did not have to pay to see it. I am highly recommending it to everyone I know. It is definitely a must see. This is truly a movie worth watching and a MUST SEE.

Katherine photo

KIMMAY YU, an American historian, is an extraordinary person. After my wife and I watched this film, we felt the same. In a nutshell, "Kimmay Yun" is a piece of cultural history that uncovers a hidden life in China, a life that is not documented by the Chinese government and a life that has always been underwritten by the Chinese people. This film is an insight into that hidden life. As well as the life of a Chinese person in the late 1800's and early 1900's. The film is very real and well told. The film uses photos and filmed footage that tell a story that is compelling and is a bit emotional. The film is interesting in that it shows that there is a great deal of confusion and contradictory information about the origins of the Chinese people and of Chinese life. There is a great deal of conflicting information about the Chinese people and about their history. The film is extremely informative and in that respect it is a must see. I give it a 10 out of 10.

Bobby L. photo
Bobby L.

This is a must see film for any athlete. It is truly a life changing film. Chien-Ming Wang is a young man that was born a girl, but later in life came to understand and appreciate being a woman. This film is a wonderful biography of the life of Chien-Ming Wang, and a must see for any female. Although the story itself is real, the film goes to show that it can be done in a very realistic way. There is never a doubt that this film was produced on a budget of only a few hundred dollars. I think that the film should be included on every woman's must see film list.

Jonathan Mendez photo
Jonathan Mendez

I just got to see this at a screening in San Francisco. I just want to say that I was so touched by this film. It was not at all what I expected. I had not heard of Chien-Ming Wang and just got to know about her through some media about which I hadn't paid much attention to. I was blown away by this film. It has been years since I have seen a movie that affected me the way this one did. There are so many emotional scenes that were so well done. I really hope this movie gets made and distributed in some way. It's definitely worth a look. This is a film that really changes your mind and your perception of people. I hope people see this film. I have to give it a 10 out of 10. I know some of the people who were at the screening and had their hands in their mouths a little bit but for the most part, I was very moved. It's definitely worth seeing.

Russell photo

I grew up in Taiwan and in the early 90s I went to Taiwan to attend an international film festival. I went with my brother and his brother. He was 15 and I was 19. We both were passionate about baseball. I made a trip to Taiwan and got my chance to watch Jackie's career. When I came back I asked myself, "What am I doing this trip for?" It turns out that I was able to watch Jackie play a whole lot of games. He was starting at the bottom of the system. The first thing I noticed was that he could play the whole field and was physically ready to do so. His bat had a different swing than a lot of players had. He was capable of hitting the ball in the gap between the third baseman and the first baseman. He was an offensive, raw, amateur, low budget player who could hit the ball, but I could not recall seeing him drive it or play the position. He did play all three positions. He had to learn how to do it and learn it by heart. Jackie was an excellent fielder. He had a great arm and could get the ball out of the infield. He had a nice approach to hitting. His batting was something that we have seen in recent years. He made me remember that I had seen him do things that no other player had done. I had no idea that he was such a great player. I did not realize that he had done this many times. The stories told in the movie show what a great player he was. He made the transition to the major leagues in 1997. I had not seen him play for so long. He had more life in him than I had ever seen him have. It is amazing how he learned to play baseball at the age of 19. I think he could have played with anyone. He was a great baseball player. He made me realize that I had never seen anyone like him before. He was a talented and extremely talented player. The guy had a little bat, and he could hit the ball in the gap between the third baseman and the first baseman. He could hit the ball over the fence, he was a special player.

Roger photo

I have been a fan of Chien-Ming Wang since I first saw her film "The Killer Angels" in 1998. After this, I became a fan of her work, and I have always been interested in the process of film making. This documentary is a very well-done, entertaining, and informative look at the making of "The Killer Angels." The director, Harry Manfredini, provides a wealth of information on the film's production and distribution, the interviews with Wang's producers, and her family and friends, as well as Wang's personal life. The film provides a fascinating look at the development of the film, as well as a look at the love and hate relationship between Wang and her mother. I found this documentary to be very informative and entertaining, and I hope that more people will see it and learn more about the making of this film.

Joseph photo

When I first heard of the Chien-Ming Wang story, I thought it was a stupid movie about a Chinese man who was trying to get into the Olympics. But I decided to watch it and I am so glad I did. I found the story fascinating and the man's story was fascinating too. I was also impressed by the cinematography and the music. I'm not sure how the movie got such a low rating. I think it's because the story is not original. But it is still a fascinating story. I can't wait to see it again.

Frank Watkins photo
Frank Watkins

Well done to everyone who has had the opportunity to take this movie to the theater, for this is a really important story to be told. It is inspirational and it is really moving. It is the story of a man who took on two men who were nearly killed in a race at the 1976 Olympics and won. The one man who ran with him was Chien Ming Wang who is now a film producer, and has a whole lot more to share. The story is not just about the 1976 Olympics. The story is about the love of one man to another and how he showed everyone what is important and what is important for life. Everyone should see this movie.

Kyle Robinson photo
Kyle Robinson

To his credit, Chien Ming Wang's film Chien-Ming Wang Story is a wonderful tale of a middle-aged man who was obsessed with baseball until his fateful encounter with the cat. And how it affected his life. Like a cat's breath, he knew he had to lose his life. But he didn't care if he had to give it up. And by the end of the movie, you know that he will. In fact, you can't help but feel for him. You want to give him a happy ending, but you know he'll still be struggling to come to terms with his life. What is really interesting is the way he is portrayed by writer-director Ken C. Rain. It's hard to think of someone so dedicated to his work. He is a very down-to-earth, everyday man. The movie does not show him as a "hard-nosed" man who never shirks from an opportunity. He never has a chance to be unkind to anyone, because he never tries to be mean. He has been through enough, and he's a man who has experienced so much. In fact, the last time he saw his mother was three years ago, and that's when he finally lost his job. When he realized he had to go through it all, he didn't seem to be going through it alone. He didn't need any other help, and he didn't need anyone to remind him to go on. In fact, he showed a tremendous desire to be a better person. He was a good man who had to deal with the difficulties of life, and he knew that he had to accept that. He had to figure out what was important in life, and he had to learn to live life to the fullest. If you want to know what his life was like when he lost his job, this is a movie that will teach you. It's a documentary film about a man who has to deal with all the difficulties of life, but he never lets it get to him. He had to go through it all, and he didn't need anyone to tell him how to live. His life story is something that needs to be told, and you should be proud of what Ken C. Rain did with it. This film is a great tribute to Chien Ming Wang. He's been an inspiration to millions of people, and I would be honored if you could see it. It's a movie that I could watch over and over again. It is a movie that is worth a second or third viewing. I wish I could give it a 10, but unfortunately I can't.

Patricia Hanson photo
Patricia Hanson

This is the best documentary I have ever seen about one of the best martial artists of all time. For years I was told to watch this documentary because I believe Chien Ming Wang would make a fantastic boxer. After watching this film, I believe I will go watch him in boxing as soon as possible. The documentary looks at Chien's life in Hong Kong, his family, his fighting career, and the problems he faced when he had a stroke. I will never watch a documentary that is as amazing as this. This is my favorite documentary, and I hope others like it too. If you are a fan of Chien-Ming, watch this documentary!

Dorothy Harrison photo
Dorothy Harrison

Just watched this documentary about the life of Chien-Ming Wang. I thought this was an excellent documentary on the life of one of the greatest basketball players in the history of mankind. I have learned a lot from this documentary and from watching the movie Chien-Ming Wang. I know that this was one of the last basketball movies in the history of mankind. A lot of sports movies get made and I was looking forward to seeing the movie about Chien-Ming Wang. This movie was extremely interesting and it did a great job of presenting the life of the great Chien-Ming Wang. This documentary is very interesting and it makes you think and understand about the life of Chien-Ming Wang. I also learned a lot from this documentary and I recommend it to everybody. The people who like sports movies should definitely watch this documentary. This is one of the best sports documentaries ever.