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Prey is a movie starring Logan Miller, Kristine Froseth, and Jolene Anderson. A young man must survive an island retreat while a sinister force hunts him, leaving bodies in its wake.

Other Titles
パラサイト 禁断の島, 惡靈20, Pasala, Solo, Đảo Săn Mồi
Running Time
1 hours 25 minutes
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Thriller, Horror, Adventure, Mystery
Franck Khalfoun
Franck Khalfoun, David Coggeshall
Jerrica Lai, Jolene Anderson, Kristine Froseth, Logan Miller
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Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A young man must survive an island retreat while a sinister force hunts him, leaving bodies in its wake.

Comments about thriller «Prey» (23)

Melissa Valdez photo
Melissa Valdez

I would say this was a bad, bad, bad movie. I think it was intended to be the classic that it turned out to be. You can tell the director had a lot of respect for the original and liked the idea of a few new ideas. That said, this was a bad movie. It was far too slow. It could have been done much better. It would have been a really fun film if it had only gone a little bit faster. The acting was poor, there were too many characters, the direction was not as good as the original, and it was so poorly done. I would give it a 6 out of 10. If you liked the original, you'll like this. If you liked the original, you'll probably hate this. I give it a 6 out of 10.

Zachary A. photo
Zachary A.

The climax is well executed, but the plot holes are huge. Everything about this film is almost fake. Where are the people, and why are they so scared? Why did that masked killer even appear? There are really a few red herrings thrown in the wrong places, and the film has a weird plot twist that's too stupid to have been there the first time around. I can't believe this film won best foreign language Oscar, I think that the film should have been made with a more serious tone. It would have given it some credibility.

Eugene M. photo
Eugene M.

This is an intriguing film that is designed to be scary and suspenseful. I enjoyed the "jumpy" editing in the beginning and the unusual camera movements, the original score, and the new ideas that were put into the plot. This is one of the most underrated movies that I have ever seen. It is a well made film and I suggest you check it out. Not a very suspenseful film but a very good one.

Jennifer W. photo
Jennifer W.

I had read the book and thought it would be a great movie. I was right. The book is great and the movie did very well. I really enjoyed the movies characters. When the movie was over I was just thinking "why didn't they just go into the movie with that knowledge of the book." As it turns out I never could figure out what happened to Mr. Denton's body. The last time I read the book, I was reading to my father, who was now reading to my mother. Now I have to read to myself. The movie is not as good as the book but it's still a good movie. I highly recommend the book. However, I would have to say the movie is more like the book than the book is like the movie.

Ronald H. photo
Ronald H.

I have to admit that I was a little skeptical when I first saw this movie. It was based on a novel and the idea of a supernatural movie was not something I was ready for. I was not disappointed. The movie was very well done and I really enjoyed the acting. I thought that the movie was well made and very scary. I think the movie is worth seeing and it has a good ending. The movie is about a boy who is sent to a boarding school for girls. He meets a girl named Ellie and they begin to fall in love. This is a very good horror movie that is well done. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone.

Rose photo

Just got back from seeing the movie, and I must say that it's a real breath of fresh air compared to the 90's drek! I have to say that the plot was really interesting, and the tension that is put across, is what really makes this movie a good watch. The director and writers have done an excellent job of creating a movie that is really scary, yet doesn't go over the top. Even though I don't believe that it is as scary as it sounds, I still found it quite creepy. The use of black and white throughout the movie is also really nice. And the ending is brilliant, and really keeps the audience on the edge of their seat! Definitely recommended to see!

Ralph Delgado photo
Ralph Delgado

I saw this movie last night and I'm glad I did. It's a great movie and I think that's what you need to do when you see a movie. Go in with no expectations and see it for what it is. The first half of the movie is very well done and you can see that the director has done a good job. I was also very impressed with the acting and the direction. I think the only thing that could have made this movie better is if it had a little more blood and a little more nudity. Overall, it was a great movie and I would recommend it to anyone who likes horror movies. It's a good movie and I think that's what you need to do when you see a movie.

Sharon M. photo
Sharon M.

Prey starts with a little bit of a cliffhanger as we know that the director wanted to end the movie a little bit earlier, so when we get to see Prey's ship taking off, we knew we had something worth waiting for. From there the movie goes down a number of different paths. The first half of the movie is very creepy. It's a bit reminiscent of The Thing, but it has more of a "terrifying" vibe to it. At the end of the film I was left wanting to see what happened. It didn't end in the way I was expecting, but the film ended in a great way. It doesn't give us any answers, but you just don't know what's going to happen to the characters and the other survivors. Prey is an indie horror film that's well worth checking out.

Deborah photo

The only reason I gave this a 10 instead of a 9 is because of the ending. It was a very scary and suspenseful ending. I was able to sit through the whole movie and still felt a sense of dread. This is a great movie to watch with a date or with a group of friends. It is definitely worth a watch.

Vincent photo

The fact that this movie is considered by some to be a scary movie because of all the "freaky" noises and creepy shadows and crescents in it, is the reason why it doesn't get as many votes as it should. It has great editing and it's not cheesy like so many of the "horror" movies. The story is actually good, it keeps you on your toes, and if you keep looking at the night sky, you might just see something. It's not boring. It's not dull. It's got a good plot. It's not what you'd expect from a scary movie, and that's what makes it scary. Not just the "freaky" noises, but the good editing, the directorial choices, and the movie's style of horror. I can't praise this movie enough. It's worth watching. If you're going to watch it, it's worth renting.

Heather Woods photo
Heather Woods

I have never seen a movie that made me laugh so hard. The plot is very original and well done. I think the cast was perfect and they played their roles very well. It was the perfect movie to watch with my friends on a rainy night. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good movie. I give it a 10/10. I hope you enjoy this movie as much as I did.

Joan Griffin photo
Joan Griffin

I love movies that use horror and suspense to scare us. This movie uses both. It is full of suspense, although it is not too scary, it is just not scary enough to hold my attention. You can't sit back and say "that's scary" after seeing this movie. It is scary, and that's what is important, isn't it? That it is a good film. It is not the best, but it is good, and it is very much worth seeing.

Kathleen Fields photo
Kathleen Fields

Et tu, Raoul? If I didn't know better I would have guessed that this is one of those French horror films that get better with age, as it definitely has its most chilling moments near the end. I mean, I didn't like the films from the second film, but this one, this one does hold a charm that really, really holds its ground. It's got a good ending and I would recommend that anyone who enjoys the first film, or the first two, should definitely watch this one.

Rose Guerrero photo
Rose Guerrero

I'm a huge fan of the genre and this movie is great. It's not the best horror movie ever but it's not the worst. The film has a great plot and it's really fun to watch. The acting is great and the story is great. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves a good horror movie.

Patricia D. photo
Patricia D.

The main plot line involves a young woman and a young man who have been friends for many years, but never kissed and, one night, decide to take a trip to the lake. The girl is scared of the lake. The boy is just curious. They go in, and stay at the friend's house. They find the girl in bed, her pants are all wet, and there is blood on the floor. The boy runs away. There is a motel nearby, and the friend and the boy stay there. The boy begins to talk about a story, about a girl and her boyfriend. They see the girl in bed, but do not seem to see her. She asks, "What's going on?" The boy gets scared, and does not say anything. A week passes, and they get a letter from the boyfriend, who seems to be very worried. They begin to suspect that the boy may be in danger, and stay at the friend's house. At first, it is not clear who is the killer, or if he is. Eventually, the boy starts to get into his stories, and they start to get very scary. There is a lot of gore in this movie. The boy gets a very strong attraction to his neighbor's daughter, and this is a very disturbing movie. Some people will find this movie to be frightening. Others will find it to be disturbing, and then there will be some that will not find it disturbing. Overall, the acting was good, and the ending was very disturbing.

Marilyn L. photo
Marilyn L.

Prey is a really smart horror movie. It also has a really good cast, especially when it comes to the main characters. The scares are great, and the characters in the movie are really well written. The storyline is great, and I love that they didn't use the slasher movies cliche for the final scene. It also made it a lot scarier. It also reminded me of Poltergeist. I have never seen any of the other Poltergeist movies, but I heard it was very scary, so I think this was a pretty good movie. It has the same feel to it as Poltergeist, and I think it's just as good, although I'm not a big fan of that movie, I still love this one. All in all, I think it's a really good horror movie, and I recommend it to fans of the genre. I hope that a sequel is made, but I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't happen. Overall, it was a good movie, and I really think it deserves to be more popular.

Karen W. photo
Karen W.

I like when a film comes along that's true to the book, and this is one of those films. As mentioned in the book, there are a few loose ends. But I really didn't mind, since I liked the book. It was a great read, so I didn't really have any problems. I loved the original opening of the movie. This film is much better than the first. The second one was a really boring mess. This one had a couple really good scares, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the book. It's a great sequel. Also, I've heard that the next book will be more graphic, so I'm looking forward to that one as well. All in all, this film is good. I gave it a 7 out of 10.

Arthur photo

Prey is a great horror movie. It's not as good as The Blair Witch Project but it's still great. The cast is great and the acting is really good. It's also really creepy. The ending is also great. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants a great movie.

Peter photo

If you want to see a really good ghost story then you should definitely see this movie. I have seen a lot of ghost stories and I have never seen a movie that is so scary. The actors did a really good job and the special effects were very good. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good ghost story.

Diane B. photo
Diane B.

I have to say, I am a huge fan of horror movies and I really enjoyed this movie. I thought it was a great movie. I was scared at times, but I really enjoyed it. I was a little confused at times, but I guess that is what I would expect from a movie like this. I think the acting was really good. I thought it was really creepy, and I loved the way they filmed it. I loved how they used the music and the sound effects. I thought the whole movie was really good. I really enjoyed the music and the sound effects. I would recommend this movie to anyone. I think everyone should watch this movie. I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I did. I will give this movie a 10 out of 10.

Larry photo

The premise of this film is not anything original. It is a typical slasher/suspense movie. What made this film different from other slashers was that the killer is beyond the boundaries of normal. They are gone, just like they are in the movie. The character and premise of this film were great. I recommend this movie to any one who has not seen it yet. It is a great horror movie that is a great twist on the slasher genre.

Jack photo

I have never seen a movie that scared me the way this one did. I was scared for days after I watched it. I will never get over the fact that I saw this movie. It was one of the scariest movies I have ever seen. I am a huge horror movie fan and this was a great movie to see. I hope that this movie is not forgotten.

Evelyn H. photo
Evelyn H.

The movie has it all. a very good story, a great cast, and a very good atmosphere. I really enjoyed it. It was a great film to watch with my boyfriend and his girlfriend. I thought it was very scary and the actors did a very good job. I was really impressed with the costumes and makeup. I thought it was very interesting to see a movie about a person who has been possessed by a ghost. It was very well done and I enjoyed it very much. I hope that there will be a sequel to this movie. I think that there should be. I think that it is very well done and I am looking forward to seeing it.