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Maria by Callas

Maria by Callas is a movie starring Fanny Ardant, Joyce DiDonato, and Maria Callas. An intimate look at the life and work of Greek-American opera singer Maria Callas, as told in her own words.

Other Titles
A Maria Callas-sztori, 私は、マリア・カラス, María Callas, María por Callas, Maria By Callas, Maria Callas - Em Suas Próprias Palavras, Maria by Callas: In Her Own Words, María Callas: En sus propias palabras, Maria Callas Be'Milo'teha, Maria Callas - Em suas próprias palavras, Maria Callas
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1 hours 59 minutes
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Music, Documentary, Biography
Tom Volf
Fanny Ardant, Maria Callas, David Frost, Joyce DiDonato
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Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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An intimate look at the life and work of Greek-American opera singer Maria Callas, as told in her own words.

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Brian Weaver photo
Brian Weaver

This was a terrific documentary about Joan Crawford. Joan is one of the greatest actors ever and she is still alive. She is really funny and witty. This film really makes you wonder about her career and the world of celebrity. I was really surprised about Joan's death, it really felt like it had been forgotten.

Wayne photo

I'm not a big fan of Meryl Streep and I'm sure that for many viewers, the entire movie will be about her, which is a shame. However, the fact that she is the star of this film is an advantage. To say that this film is about the star would be a big understatement. One of the things that really amazed me is the amount of footage that has been taken from the White House, from this film and other historical films. The film was very moving and I really feel for the woman who was involved in the making of the film. What I really didn't like about this film was the idea of pretending that the film is about the real people in the movie and making them the center of the story. The way she described what these people were like is an interesting thing to point out and I certainly enjoyed that part of the film. This is the movie that Meryl Streep was born to play. The rest of the film is directed by Amanda Plummer. She is a great director and I was impressed by her direction in this film. The acting in this film was very good. Meryl Streep was great as the lead character of Amy, and Streep and Seth Rogen also had very good performances. Emma Stone as Elizabeth Taylor, who was in the film for only a few minutes, was a great performance. Also, the supporting actors were very good. I especially liked Ashley Judd as the wife of Taylor. A lot of the other performances in this film were really great and I thought that the film was an excellent study of a woman who was a real powerhouse. Overall, this is a great film about a woman who changed the world for many years and who is still relevant today. There are many parts in the film that were very moving, and they really touched me. I liked this film because it was about a real person who really changed the world.

Linda photo

Based on the documentary movie 'The Life of Joan of Arc', this documentary is a good overview of Joan of Arc, her life and its effect on history and on the emotions of the French nation. At the same time, it also gives the idea of the reality of the life of Joan of Arc, both in the past and in the present. It also includes some scenes of Joan of Arc's so-called 'true' appearance. It can be compared to a movie in a way, since it is based on real events. However, the movie is very technical and well directed, and therefore a good documentary for people who want to know more about Joan of Arc.

Philip F. photo
Philip F.

Maybe I missed it the first time around. After all I saw it as an ode to the music of a legendary composer of his generation. But it turns out that I missed it the first time around because I missed something. I was more interested in the music. You see, while he was alive, just like when he was alive, the music of Bach was not. So, just like in his best movie, the music is at the forefront. The music of Bach is in a lot of films, but here it is in every frame of the film. That is good. For that reason alone, I am very grateful that this film was made. But the acting was still really bad, even for an Oscar winner. And I don't mean that in a positive way. No, I mean that it is really bad. And it's even worse than Keira Knightly's acting in "The English Patient." All I can say is that I hope she doesn't get nominated for Best Actress because I can't think of one way that she could do it. But overall, the film is well worth a watch. And I just loved that they shot it in Toronto.

Ashley photo

I was surprised to find out that this was a great documentary, especially since I'm a fan of Corinne being an artist. This documentary does what it sets out to do, and is well done. The interviews of Corinne, musicians, and Corinne herself were very interesting and informative. However, the film was slow, and some of the editing was very difficult to follow, especially in the interviews with other artists. The songs used in the film were all old (many of them were released before their time), which may have distracted some from hearing the songs. I felt the movie could have benefited from more footage of Corinne performing, which would have made the whole experience better. But, I found this movie to be very enjoyable, and I would recommend it to anyone who is a Corinne fan. If you are not a Corinne fan, or want to know more about her, this documentary may not be for you.

Peter Holland photo
Peter Holland

the most interesting part of this film was when Kimba was in the swimming pool with everyone and talked about how she could never quit her dream, i wanted to shout "you didn't quit your dream" she really did! she said she wanted to be a singer but she never had the chance, and she said she wanted to be a singer in her sleep. it made me cry. it was a lot of "are you kidding me?" i couldn't believe it. and that was the best part of the film. i hope i'm not giving anyone the wrong impression because the films doesn't really have any action or "plot" it's all about music. but i loved it!

Daniel photo

I think the documentary movie is a great way to go about the important topic of sexism in the film industry. The problem here is that the movie is a bit too soft on the subject. The main issue is that in this movie we have a female director, a female producer, and a female screenwriter. It's a few steps above the typical presentation of the female director's film, but still way too soft. It is a little too friendly, it's too easy to identify who the female director is and how she is perceived in the industry. It is too easy to get along with the female producers and female producers. It's very friendly, too friendly to one person. I also find the way the female producers are depicted in this movie a bit too friendly. In general, the female director in this movie does not get along with the female producers and with the female screenwriters. I think that's too nice to say about the female director, and I would not recommend this movie to anyone, especially to the younger generation. If you want to see a strong female director, go watch "Femme Fatale." I believe that's the best way to go about this topic. It is also a good way to talk about how women are treated in the film industry, how the industry is more like a girls' club and how the women are portrayed as whores. To me it's also a good way to talk about how society deals with this topic, how people see women in films, and how the women are treated in the industry, but it's a bit too friendly. I don't know if I would watch the movie again, but I would definitely not recommend this movie to anyone.

Thomas photo

The film is short and sweet, but by no means good. It's not supposed to be a masterpiece, but it has a certain visual style which is not at all over-the-top. I don't know about you, but that is what I like most about it. I love that it looks like it was shot in a fairly serious fashion. And, the fact that the film is only an hour long is an enormous plus for me. I actually liked it, but it's not a masterpiece. The fact that the film doesn't have the scope to show the entire thing in one sitting is a plus, too. By no means is it a great documentary. But it's definitely one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. And as a documentary, it's great. The problem is that it's not very well done. I guess there are some clips that are just wonderful, and they deserve to be seen. But, to my mind, there is really nothing much to the film. And, the questions that are asked are not very interesting. It does a good job in introducing the songs. And, the idea that Ray Charles was close to getting an Oscar for his performance is almost as good as the idea that he got an Oscar. The film also covers the whole period from the early 40s to the late 60s. And, that covers all the major artists. But, by the end of the film, it just feels like it has been overlong. All in all, a good documentary. And, it was well done.

Craig Kim photo
Craig Kim

I saw "The Girl in the Spider's Web" by Sofia Coppola at the Toronto International Film Festival and it was very interesting, but I didn't really buy the film or believe it. I was completely underwhelmed by the film. Coppola's style is unique and her films are a bit hard to figure out. I found myself continually saying to myself, "Oh, Sofia, that doesn't make sense." "I don't get this", "It's too abstract" and "I don't get that". I didn't really understand the symbolism that was being portrayed. I did think that the film's primary focus was on the "real" Maria. Coppola seems to want to present a movie that's more about the girl and the movie rather than about the issues surrounding her. It's just too weird to me that she would feel the need to mix her themes so heavily. I am not a fan of Nina Simone, and I don't want to see her on screen and go out of my way to see her. The film does have a few good points, though. The performances were very well done and the footage of the Berlin theater performances were fascinating to see. The documentary-style style of the film was very cool, especially in the second half. I'm not a big fan of documentaries and I'm sure some people will hate it, but I liked the documentary-style approach. I like the fact that the movie had some nice visuals. I also liked the fact that I wasn't necessarily that deep into the subject matter or trying to think about it to my detriment. "The Girl in the Spider's Web" definitely has its moments, but I think that the film is not as compelling as I expected.

Jack Lee photo
Jack Lee

For anyone who has a thing for the music of The Rolling Stones, they will love this documentary. The story of Mick Jagger and his group The Rolling Stones, was told with great passion, details, and a very personal story. The subject of the documentary is that the group's life took a turn in the mid-seventies when they were forced to disband due to drug abuse, but all the surviving members were willing to share their stories with the audience. There are lots of great stories of the group's lives in this movie, including the times they spent together with John F. Kennedy, the time they spent touring in Africa with Lynyrd Skynyrd, the time they spent in Las Vegas with Cream, and of course, there is the time they spent in London during the summer of 1967. Mick's trip to India, to tour with the British Invasion, was also a highlight of the documentary, as well as their stay in Moscow. The one story that really got me was the time that they spent in Paris, where they performed during the 1968 Olympics. That trip was interesting to watch, as they got to spend a couple of days in Paris, with a lot of backstage interaction with the top athletes. Another thing I really enjoyed was that Mick showed a little bit of humor during the time in Paris. While on the road, Mick was a little too serious, but that didn't take away from the content of the documentary. Although I do understand that the purpose of the documentary is to tell the story of the Rolling Stones, it still does well to tell a story about the band as a whole. The documentary is very good at telling the story of the band, but there are also a lot of interesting stories about Mick, his band, and his personal life. This is one of the best documentaries that I have ever seen.

Douglas photo

I am a huge fan of Madonna and I believe that it is good that she has decided to make this documentary. I believe that it is good to make such documentary because it is true and I believe that this will also be good for Madonna. She is one of the most amazing artists of the century and she knows how to make her voice sound and it really brings her songs to life. I have never been a fan of Madonna and I am really happy that she has made this documentary because she has really reached a lot of people who are not so much fans but she has made it a really good documentary. So go watch this and have a good time with Madonna.

Stephen Holland photo
Stephen Holland

I saw this at the Los Angeles Film Festival. Some of the things I saw were: 1) The French government releasing this film for the first time; 2) The actual film, showing the press conference and the initial response from the French government; 3) Dictator in the White House meeting with President Bush; 4) Oliver Stone having his "Who Shot JR?" interview; 5) The actual film of the Presidant's remarks; 6) The actual film of the French government releasing it. The fact that the French government is releasing the film was a major plus for me. It was a bit of a disappointment, however, that some of the things that could have been brought up are not mentioned at all, such as the role of C.C. Penelop, as well as other key members of the group. Overall, a really good documentary about the assassination of JFK. A must see for all.

Alice G. photo
Alice G.

That this film is about the famous French singer, one of the best in the world is a big secret. "A person who was killed, that had sung with a famous singer" - this is the synopsis. Also this film has a great cast - so many famous artists and singers - that the top actor here is Jean-Louis Trintignant who's a great singer, actor and screenwriter. He directs this film and the great actors. The song that made this film became famous - I'm sure everyone knows it - and there are some great stars here. It is a great biographical film. It is a documentary about "L'Aube" - one of the biggest and most famous singers in France in the 20th century. She was "the best singer in France" - she was considered a great artist and so many of her songs are still played in France and sung by everyone - but not so much as many others - "a woman with a big voice." - this is the description. The film is about the impact she had on her fellow artists and musicians - but not so much on the people who had been listening to her music. It was also about her relationship with her own family. She made a lot of money but she didn't have to do much to be famous. It is a great film about this superstar - one of the greatest singers of the 20th century. It is also a documentary about her and her music - because the two are very similar. It is a great biographical film about a singer. You can't get better than this one! It is great - I recommend it! It is great. I'm giving it a big thumbs up.

Tammy photo

It is a remarkable documentary that had me hooked from the start. First of all the biographical content of film, and what made me aware of the situation was the performance of James Franco. The way Franco delivered his speech was brilliant, he kept on creating moods with his eyes, the way he was singing, making it a very entertaining and powerful documentary. Franco's documentary was very well filmed and beautifully done. He also had some brilliant interviews with great singers and songwriters. It is not an easy thing to get interviews with musicians and singers, as they tend to say more than the normal subjects of interviews. James Franco is the exception. Franco showed a very personal and beautiful story about a man who was young when he was making a lot of money, and was well aware that he was playing with a lot of luck, not only from the audience, but from the time that he was making the records. After this documentary, I am convinced that a lot of music industry people are now changed from what they were before and I am sure that James Franco will get a lot of praise for his story. 7/10