Anschauen Ocean's Eight

Ocean's Eight

Ocean's Eight is a movie starring Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, and Anne Hathaway. Debbie Ocean gathers an all-female crew to attempt an impossible heist at New York City's yearly Met Gala.

Other Titles
Oceanovih 8, Оушнових 8, オーシャンズ8, Okeaninih 8, Ocean 8, 瞞天過海:八面玲瓏, Ocean's 8: Las estafadoras, Oito Mulheres e um Segredo, Ocean's 8: las estafadoras, Băng Cướp Thế Kỷ: Đẳng Cấp Quý Cô, Okeanovih 8, Ocean's 8: Jaf cu clasa, Oušenas 8, Debbie Ocean 8, Debbie a její parťačky, Debbina 8, Oceani 8, Ocean's 8: Az évszázad átverése, Ouseno 8, Η συμμορία των 8, Ocean's 8
Running Time
1 hours 50 minutes
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Thriller, Crime, Action, Comedy
Gary Ross
Olivia Milch, George Clayton Johnson, Gary Ross, Jack Golden Russell, Gary Ross
Cate Blanchett, Mindy Kaling, Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway
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Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Debbie Ocean gathers an all-female crew to attempt an impossible heist at New York City's yearly Met Gala.

Comments about thriller «Ocean's Eight» (19)

Johnny photo

I actually had some expectations for this film, considering its packaging, having seen the trailers a few times, and hearing a lot of positive things about it. After reading a few reviews, I was very glad to hear that they were not at all representative of the overall value of the film. The film is a decent ripoff of Bourne Identity, the story and the characters are very similar, but the overall feel of the film was very different. This film is very good in that it has a very good feeling, some good jokes, and good action scenes, not the best in the world, but better than many comedies and action movies that do not have good acting, but there is always room for improvement. The cast is definitely one of the best in the industry, and a young Seann William Scott is very good in his role. He is just terrific. I would also like to mention the whole cast. The cast is very good, and it was very surprising to me that even the very few actors that I do not like, such as Matthew McConaughey and Hugh Grant, did a good job. Also, I liked the people from Breaking Bad. The directing is very good, and the screenplay is pretty good as well. The writing, when compared to other films, is really good, the story is very interesting and it is nice to see a film with such a high production value that is not just an average comedy. This film is definitely one of the better comedies of the year, but not the best. 7/10

Dylan photo

I had my doubts about seeing this movie as I had heard some negative comments, but I must say that I did find this movie extremely entertaining and extremely funny. The plot is quite simple and the jokes are all there. There is no action, no exotic locations, no aliens, no giant robots, no dragons.just a bunch of guys who go out to a country club. These guys guessed it, no aliens, no giant robots, no dragons, just a bunch of guys who go to a country club. If you are looking for some great entertainment, this movie is for you.

Keith photo

If you're looking for a fun time in the summer, rent "Ocean's Eight". "Ocean's Eight" is a very entertaining film. It's an entertaining film because it's fun. If you are looking for a great action movie, rent "Ocean's Eight". It's a great action movie because it's fun. If you're looking for a fun time, rent "Ocean's Eight". It's a great time.

Rachel Keller photo
Rachel Keller

This film is very entertaining and enjoyable to watch. This is one of the best movies I've ever seen. The plot is simple and straight forward and very well written. The characters are excellent and each one of them has a specific purpose in this movie. The actors are very good. The sound track is excellent, and is very appropriate for the movie. The special effects are outstanding. The action scenes are very exciting and thrilling. The music is very good. The only problem with this film is the fact that it's not very long. The movie is about two and a half hours long and it would have been more enjoyable if it had been shorter. I recommend this movie to all people. It's a very good movie and is worth watching. I rate this film 8/10.

Sara Schmidt photo
Sara Schmidt

First I'll say I am not a fan of this genre. I hate "thrillers" (unless they're with The Rock) and usually the "thrillers" are not well written. That said, I was pleasantly surprised. I thought the movie was quite well written. The writing is strong, and I think that's what people will be attracted to. The story, though a bit predictable, is fairly engaging. The movie also has an interesting cast. The characters are interesting and you root for them. The acting is solid and I found myself laughing and enjoying the movie. The action is also good. I thought the action was great, and the movie is very exciting and very well written. I think this is a movie you should watch. It's entertaining and the story is good. It's not the best movie I've seen, but I thought it was good. I'm sure it will do well at the box office. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes thrillers, action movies, or just movies that are well written.

Rebecca photo

The sequels to this film (Diamonds Are Forever, and the sequel, The American President) are a series of bloopers that are completely different in tone from the original film. The first is an action-packed comedy that will make you laugh a lot, the second is the only sequel to succeed as a comedy. In both cases, the film is packed with guest appearances by many celebrities including, Michael McKean, Jack Warden, David Spade, Elizabeth Banks, and Jonathan Loken. Both films are heavy on the comedy, and light on action. The first part of the film, when Trump is making it rain gold, is very funny, and you will want to see the second part, which is the laugh-a-minute action-packed adventure. Diamonds Are Forever is one of the better sequels to this film, but it is not as good as the first film. The movie starts out with Trump in the Oval Office, surrounded by more reporters than usual, and he is discussing how much gold is in the Presidency. Trump hears some noise in the building, and he calls up the reporter, John Miller (John Cusack), and asks for his opinion of Trump. Miller has been following Trump for many years, and has become an unofficial consultant, which is a very unusual thing. Trump sees Miller as a threat, and he gets angry. He takes Miller on his team of consultants, where they talk a lot about Trump's sexual problems, and how he can't help himself from being naked, sometimes. Trump asks Miller what they think of his plan to make America great again, and Miller tells him that they think it's best to sell the stock market to the highest bidder. He is working on a plan that will insure that the stock market will go up, and he wants Trump to be part of the plan. Trump refuses, and this is where we start the two-part film. Miller is shocked to see that Trump is indeed a nude model. He tries to push Trump into taking a shower, and when he doesn't take a shower, he gets a nasty surprise. Trump is trying to call someone on his private line, and he puts the call through, and Trump sees a man naked, and he leaves. Donald Trump finds himself with a million dollar check to sell the stock market. Trump does not tell Miller that he has done it, because he doesn't want to be a distraction. Trump and Miller work on the plan, but Miller suddenly becomes very angry at Trump, and he tells Trump that he was not a threat to him. He just wanted Trump to take a shower, but Trump refuses, and Miller takes Trump to lunch. Trump complains about the quality of the food, but Miller suggests that he eat before talking to Trump. Trump eats the food, and tells Miller that he was just trying to help him and he didn't take anything from him. Trump is angry at Miller, but Miller insists that he did not know what Trump was talking about. Miller is also furious with Trump, and he leaves. Donald Trump is enraged, and he storms into the office, looking for Miller. Trump asks what Miller's problem is, and Miller is extremely angry, but Trump tells him that he knows what he is talking about. Trump is furious, and he sends Miller out of the office. Trump is angry, but he finds Miller's phone number, and he calls him and asks Miller to come back to work. Miller goes out to get his lunch, and Trump is mad at Miller for leaving, and he yells at him for being a nuisance. Trump is furious, and he runs into Miller, who has just been fired, and Miller is angered. Trump storms into Miller's office, and he has a few words with him. Trump asks what Miller's problem is, and Miller is angry at Trump for

Timothy photo

As I said earlier, there's really not much else to say about this movie. It's a pretty good remake of the original, a lot better than the original. The only reason I give this movie a 7 is because it's a little more violent than the original, which would be fine, but it's still really entertaining, too. It does get a little cheesy at times, but still is a lot of fun.

Kathryn Crawford photo
Kathryn Crawford

It's too bad this film has not been seen. It had a lot of potential. Good script, good actors. The problem is that it was poorly edited. You can almost tell where some scenes were cut. The problem is that it's too long. A really great premise but shot down by some cheap editing. At least the first half was good. Of course, there is always a reason for every action. The end had no meaning. Maybe that's the good thing. For those that are looking for a action film, it is all you can find. I saw it with a friend who enjoyed it, but we both agreed that it was a terrible film. I agree with them. It is a major disappointment. Like I said, it's a great idea and a good idea, but like most terrible films, the film just sucked.

Patricia photo

This was my third view of the movie since the first one was in the theater when I was six, and it definitely impressed me. After that, I got a copy of the DVD, and I loved it. The movie was more of a group adventure with a lot of action, and was rather likable, too. I think this is the best part of the movie: the group. The comedy of the film was rather good, and although the actors were a little over the top, it was still a good comedy. However, this was also the part where I got most of my enjoyment out of the film, as I like a good comedy when I see it. It's a bit of a family film, and I think that's what makes it really entertaining. Although I think the ending would have been a little bit better if they had just left it at the beginning, but I think it's still a fun movie to watch, and I think it deserves more recognition. Overall, it was an enjoyable movie, and I think everyone should at least give it a shot.

Nathan Reynolds photo
Nathan Reynolds

I saw this movie for the first time last weekend. It was a great movie, that I would like to see again. It was funny, exciting, suspenseful and, of course, the title of this movie. This movie wasn't too serious in the beginning, but at the end of the movie it was. The ending was a little abrupt. It could have been better. In the beginning, I thought that there would be a lot of drama in this movie, because it had a pretty good storyline. But the story was too predictable and, maybe, not really good. I don't really know why it didn't get more recognition, but, I definitely don't regret going to see this movie. It was the best movie in the theater I went to last weekend.

Lauren Owens photo
Lauren Owens

First of all, a real tribute to an actor's career. To me, it's worth going for a second watch to enjoy this movie even more.

Russell Shaw photo
Russell Shaw

I wasn't expecting much from this film and although it was a lot of fun it wasn't as good as I expected. The first film took me through the basics of the genre and this film doesn't do it, there is just way too much action for a film of this type. While the action is fine, the pace of the film is off, and as a result it comes across as a bit long. It is a bit long and even though it is fun and well made it could have been much better. I am still very much a fan of the first film but in this film they go for the serious side of the genre and fail. It is like they are trying to copy the Bond franchise, but fail in every way. So yeah, a very good action film but it needs to be a lot better. 7.5/10

Michelle Estrada photo
Michelle Estrada

You know, I had to watch this film on a flight on my way home from LAX last night. At first, I was sort of bored by the storyline of an airline robbery movie, but it was funny, entertaining, and the plot was there. It's about three guys who take a plane hostage and hold it for ransom. The film stars Charlie Sheen, Emilio Estevez, Johnny Knoxville, Luis Guzman, and Frank Whaley. What I liked about this film is that it was one of those movies that you're not really sure who is the good guy or the bad guy. You know, you always know who the good guy is, and you know who the bad guy is, but you don't know for sure who to root for. I really liked that aspect of the film because it kind of made you root for the characters and makes you want to see how they get out of this. For me, the film really does a great job of making you care about the characters. What I also liked about the film is that the plot was extremely believable. You could feel the pain, fear, and excitement of the group that was trying to take the plane. The three of them worked well together and felt like they had each other's backs. What I also liked about this film is that it has a very good sense of humor. I loved the situations and the lines they gave the actors to deliver. All in all, I think this film was pretty good and I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who likes funny films. Overall Rating: 7 out of 10.

Jeffrey D. photo
Jeffrey D.

This is a fairly successful and entertaining movie in my opinion. It doesn't need a lot of background to understand it, but I feel that this movie could have been better if it had some background on both the main characters and the gang members. As it stands, the entire story is told from one point of view, which is somewhat confusing. The movie is fairly predictable. The characters all have the same plan and plan to bring down the joint. The basic plot is to get back to England and try to get money from the gang. The plot is not too complicated, but there is more than one major plot element. The plot is at least interesting and entertaining. I was not really expecting much. It is rated PG-13, and for some it could be a little graphic. However, I felt like the scenes were not too graphic and that it was not too graphic. I felt that it was okay. If you can't stand graphic violence and it is not very violent, it may not be for you. I recommend this movie to people who are a fan of the genre and want to watch a pretty entertaining movie. For the most part, I enjoyed the movie and was entertained by it. I found the movie very entertaining and satisfying. Rating: 7 out of 10

Margaret photo

It is not good comedy or bad. It is a suspense thriller thriller with a cheap story and the director creates a strange feeling with the scenes that did not flow as smooth as the movie intended to. But what is not bad is the story and the performances of the cast.

Martha A. photo
Martha A.

It's summer time. Usually you can watch it and feel warm and fuzzy inside but this is different. Sure it's better than Jack Reacher but it's not that good. This one has the most beautiful locations in the world, some of the most beautiful women and the most spectacular car chase. This is a good action thriller. Not that exciting but it's not boring. Action film with some adventure. It is a little bit boring in the beginning but in the end I was very satisfied. This is a good action film. I suggest you to watch it. 7 out of 10.

Melissa Morgan photo
Melissa Morgan

This is a "must see" for all Rock n Roll fans, I'm a huge Rush fan myself and "Ramble On" is very similar to "Gimme Shelter" in theme. In any event, the actors, stuntmen, special effects, and soundtrack were all top notch and better than the previous two. Not to be missed.

Christopher O. photo
Christopher O.

This movie is great fun, especially if you like movies with a heavy focus on action and explosions. If you like to be entertained and see an action movie with an interesting plot, you will love this film. The acting is solid, and the story is interesting. The only thing that I didn't like about this movie was the end, but it doesn't matter. This is an amazing action-comedy-drama-thriller that I would recommend to anyone.

Eugene photo

I have seen this film twice now. The second time I was laughing at how bad the script was. The first time I really enjoyed it, I really enjoyed the chemistry between Will and Ace, and how the characters were brought together and were really good at playing off each other. But the second time I was laughing at how stupid it was. This time around I didn't laugh so much, but I did laugh at how the characters were written. The story was stupid, the script was stupid, and the characters were stupid. There was nothing good about it. The only good thing about it was how the director put everything in the film together and made it look like a real movie. I guess it's because they wanted to get it out before they were finished with the film. It's not a bad movie. It's just a stupid movie. I just wish they would have spent some time on the script.