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Union is a movie starring Virginia Newcomb, Jay Galloway, and Marcelle LeBlanc. A woman disguises herself as her dead brother, Henry, in order to survive in the Confederate ranks during the Civil War. He marries a widow to rescue...

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2 hours 15 minutes
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War, Drama, History
Whitney Hamilton
Whitney Hamilton
Virginia Newcomb, Marcelle LeBlanc, Tucker Meek, Jay Galloway
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A woman disguises herself as her dead brother, Henry, in order to survive in the Confederate ranks during the Civil War. He marries a widow to rescue her from an arranged marriage. They keep each other's secrets and find true love.

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Tammy photo

I recently saw "War Horse", directed by Martin Campbell, the most expensive film ever made and the biggest success of a big budget picture. War Horse is an epic, long-form film, filmed in the real world. It is extremely impressive for its budget. My rating is eight stars. There are several elements to this film that I find interesting. The first is the production values. It is obvious that this film was filmed in the real world. However, the production and set design were very professional. The scenes with the animal riding along the ground were captured so realistically that I did not notice any actors. The sets were also very detailed and at times the footage seemed like it was real. The second interesting element is the historical elements of this film. Most of the action takes place during World War One, which was the first conflict that had large casualties. The film is very visually beautiful. The camera was at times very close and at other times farther away. At other times, the camera was completely out of focus. For a feature film, these types of issues are important. The casting of a famous dog in the film was also interesting. The actor who plays Abe Lincoln is a trained dog trainer who is given the task of bringing a trained dog to lead the audience through a battle. The dog is one of the few living creatures that truly was trained and trained. The dog's skill is to deliver all the correct commands to the actors on the battlefield. It is very important that the dog is properly trained, and it was. The dog's job was to command the actors and make them feel comfortable. However, when the dog failed, the dog could not make the players feel safe. In "War Horse", the director did not have the luxury of a dog. The dog was a trained soldier, not a fighting animal. The dogs were trained and placed in a critical area, but they did not handle the important battlefield. The dog was constantly shot and had to be brought to the battle and be shot again, not once every few minutes. It is very important to see the dogs in the battlefield. The dog's trainer was a veterinarian, so the scene of the dog's wounds was very realistic. The dog's trainer, who also was a veterinarian, spent years to train and train and train the dog. The dog's trainer is also involved in the entire filming process. I think the cast is very talented. I do not think any of them could have performed as well as the cast in this film. Although the casting is very talented, it is important to see how the actors are trained and trained. I think it is interesting to see how the trainer for the dog is trained. Overall, "War Horse" is a very impressive film. This film is much better than the average film, which I consider to be average. I recommend this film to everyone.

Kyle L. photo
Kyle L.

Not a remake but a retelling of the Haitian Revolution. What makes the movie stand out is the serious, yet playful portrayal of its characters and their politics. The plot is familiar, the conflicts are familiar. But that's where the similarity ends. There's something different about this film. Maybe it's the dedication to accuracy or that the movie is a testimony to the resistance and sacrifice that the people of Haiti made in the name of the Revolution. Or maybe it's the cinematography, or the acting. Perhaps the appeal lies in the characters. The movie may not be realistic but it is realistic and human. Like the Haitian Revolution, like the Haitian Revolution, the movie remains relevant and relevant.

Rebecca P. photo
Rebecca P.

Robert Redford is perhaps the most versatile actor in the world. The man can pull off any role, be it as a serious character actor or as a comedic actor. Sometimes he's excellent and sometimes he's mediocre but the man can play almost anything and he's amazing at it. In this movie, he plays a part that he really has a great shot at being an Oscar winning actor. He plays Nelson Mandela. This is probably one of the most important roles that Redford has ever taken on in his career. He gets to show what his best work was like in previous roles and has to carry this one off. Redford is good in the role and really does an excellent job. I'm very disappointed that this movie isn't more well-known. It's not that it's not good. It's just that people won't know about it, it's not as big as it's always been. It's a good movie, it's a movie that people will enjoy. I also liked this movie a lot more than I thought I would. I thought it was pretty good. I think it is very impressive that Redford can pull off such a role. He did a great job of portraying the tragedy of Mandela's death and also the transition of the South African government. I think it was the first time that I saw Redford's work in such a dramatic role and I felt that he did a great job of portraying Mandela as a very complex person. He did an excellent job and really portrayed the struggle that he and his family had to go through. The movie does a good job of showing how the South African government were at the time. It is amazing how well it is done and very impressive how well it is done. The movie is very entertaining and I do think that it is a good movie. There is a lot to like about this movie. The movie is definitely not the most sophisticated of movies, but I still think it's an amazing movie. It's definitely worth watching. I can't really say that it's an Oscar-winning movie, but it is an amazing movie and it deserves a good rating from me.

Grace R. photo
Grace R.

This movie had a good message, but it had a slightly skewed view of how WW2 really ended. Like most movies of the time, it had a fairly liberal perspective on how war should be fought, and what kind of moral issues should be addressed. In that respect, it does a good job of presenting a point of view that the average person would never know. For example, when an officer goes on a raid into France and tells the Germans they cannot use the "dung beats mud" strategy because it would put them on a winning streak, the Germans are stunned. They have fought other foreign armies who have been "fighting on the right side of a moral line" for centuries, and they can see how ridiculous this is. On the other hand, when the French boy goes on his two year adventure with the rest of his race, they are not taken aback. They see it as fun and adventure, and have no qualms about it. In fact, they don't mind the fact that the boy has a homosexual liaison with a French woman in the midst of all this fighting. The point is that these characters were not looking at war as an all or nothing game, or trying to prove a point to the Germans. The Germans were looking at the actions of their own government, and were the ones who had to make the rules for what they would do in a foreign country. These characters are just looking at the world through their own lens. This movie is very well done, but its flaws are obvious to those who know the war and have spent any amount of time in France.

Randy Ross photo
Randy Ross

It's good to see a story that's about historical events, it is part of my own history. Historical events of WWII, how they affected us, our lives and our cultures, those moments were very important to us. The acting was great, in my opinion. This is not a movie with spectacular special effects. The drama is what's important to me. This movie show a painful time in our history, without cheap dramatizing. I really recommend it.

David T. photo
David T.

Despite the obvious flaws in the movie's narrative, the point is made. Obviously a significant minority of the population and a significant number of foreigners living in the United States were treated inhumanely by the Japanese during World War II. You can not write about the history of the internment of Japanese Americans in America without talking about that. Well, the real historical truth is that there were no internments in America, and there are two real cases of Japanese Americans interned during World War II. One happened in Arizona in 1943 and the other happened in California in 1944. They were interned on different grounds, and their treatment was drastically different. The only reason this movie is not even slightly better than a B-grade movie is because of the other parts. At times the movie moves at an amazing speed and a whole lot of ideas seem to get thrown out. But the strength of this movie is that it does not apologize for that. In fact, it gives you all the reasons you should never have cared about internment of Japanese Americans, and I will give you a hint: you should never have cared about internment of Japanese Americans. It is an interesting and insightful movie, and I would give it a 9/10.

Olivia Bates photo
Olivia Bates

In War, love is the most important commodity in our lives and this movie, the best ever movie ever made, shows the human emotions on the same plane as the struggles of our lives, with the fall of a man and the rise of a new man, in the same week. The love story is the key, and the movie was great! I loved how this story was told. The director shows the human emotions without us even noticing. The way the characters react to each other, the way the boys talk, the way the mothers feel, even the way the girls feel. In fact, in the very first scene, we are introduced to the hero and the mother. Both of them are trying to find a way to save their lives from the enemy. I was very excited about this movie, and I was not disappointed. I enjoyed the final scene, I was smiling, I was laughing. I loved the acting, the music, the way it was told, the story of the film, the emotions of the characters, the communication between people. I also loved the technical aspects of the movie, the cinematography, the sound, the editing. I think this movie is a great masterpiece, it should be shown on all screens in the world. It will teach all young people to love and fight for their love.

Amy C. photo
Amy C.

Like I said I really wanted to like this movie but.It was just the wrong kind of war movie. Now I love movies that are about killing people, and it's good to see them, and it's good to know that people who think like this think the same way. They're like a deep well of sadistic killing. It's funny, it's cute, and it's really enjoyable to watch. It's pretty much a kid's movie, but it's got adults in it, and not one of them had any problem with it. People get a little freaked out, but it's not because they're dying, it's because there's going to be a bomb, and some of them are going to die. They're all going to die in some way, so why they're all in that kind of rough place in the movie is like another question. Anyway. I enjoyed it. My biggest complaint is that there are no more guns in this movie. It's kind of like this movie is killing all its characters. There is a female character who is killed, and no one takes any notice. One guy is shot and one guy is not. Now you can argue that they just don't care. But they do, it's not a realistic way to make movies. But I digress. I really enjoyed the movie. I thought the movie was cool, and there were some moments where I thought I was going to have to watch it again, just to understand the deeper meanings of it. And it was really moving, and I was entertained. If you liked The Hurt Locker or American Sniper.well you'll like this one too. If you like these kind of movies that are about killing people and shooting people, you should definitely check it out. It's a really good movie, and I think it deserves to be up there.

Tiffany S. photo
Tiffany S.

I loved the movie but did not care for the story. I was not quite sure what it was trying to be. The only thing that would have helped me would have been the story. It just did not have the ingredients to make it great. There were a few parts where it could have used some much needed plot but not a lot of it. But the way it was done, with the different layers and the camera shots, it was pretty interesting. It had a lot of suspense but when it finally did end I was still pretty disappointed. I loved the fact that they did not waste a lot of time on the battle scenes. It was amazing to watch the battle scenes. One thing that I did not like was that there was too much clapping and singing. Some scenes were just not necessary and ruined the movie for me. I am not going to go on about the actors that were in the movie. They did a good job but they were not the star in my opinion. There are some strong characters that were not given enough screen time. This movie had many aspects that did not work. My biggest thing that could have been done better was to show more of the atrocities and deaths that happened. It was good to see the deaths, it was good to see the war, but I wish they showed more of the atrocities. This is a good movie. I really loved it but I think I would have given it a lower score if it was in my opinion. I do not recommend this movie. 8/10.

Julie Ferguson photo
Julie Ferguson

As the title suggests, I can't stand to watch this movie, for the obvious reasons. But I'll be able to do so. I will only watch this movie, and it will be because of the Holocaust. I'll say that I'll never forget that title. Not only that, but the movie is one of the best I have ever seen, thanks to its wonderful actors. I watched the movie yesterday, and it was just as I expected. The actors are good, I loved their work, especially the movie's main actor, George Clooney. He did a wonderful job, I think he deserved the Oscar for best actor. Tom Hanks was also good. His character was not at all boring, and did his job well. As for Steven Spielberg, I had the impression that I liked his movie "Saving Private Ryan", but he was nothing like the "Saving Private Ryan" I was expecting. He was just plain bad, especially when it came to his character of Spielberg. Also, it seems that Spielberg has lost the touch of story telling, he's probably getting even worse, and that is not good. So, the movie has many good points, but the movie's main story is very, very bad. I like the movie, I think it is well made, I recommend it to everyone who has not seen it. And I will probably watch it again, and again, and again. 9/10

Richard photo

Historian Simon Schama uses an unconventional narrative structure to reveal what occurred during the 1944 Battle of the Bulge. As the German retreat from the Ardennes into Belgium and the German Army moves southwards, he shows the human and physical toll that the advance brought. Only one survivor among the 101,000 men of the Third Army, the Count of Ticino, escaped. The bulk of the movie is spent with the surviving soldiers; both German and British, and how each side views their sacrifice. As the film progresses, the German losses begin to increase, and it is the French and Canadians who are left to hold the line in the face of overwhelming odds. Even in the midst of an American offensive, the French will fight on despite their wounds and the presence of American medical teams. It is a fascinating look at the human side of war.

Sara B. photo
Sara B.

This movie is amazing. It is a great movie for people of all ages. I was very surprised that this movie was made by a very small budget, but the movie was so good that I don't think that they could have made a better movie. The acting was amazing and I really enjoyed the movie. The movie is about the German invasion of France in 1940. The movie shows the destruction and the death of thousands of German soldiers. The movie was very realistic and the acting was very good. The movie is very important because it shows how the war started and the people in France were really scared and did not want to see the German army. The movie is a must see movie and I think that this movie is one of the best movies that I have ever seen. I give this movie a 10 out of 10.

Theresa B. photo
Theresa B.

I think that this movie is an excellent portrayal of what it was like to be a Jewish soldier during WW2. The movie is also very informative and provides a good summary of the situation in Germany at the time. The movie does a good job of showing the hardships that the German soldiers had to endure and the atrocities that they were subjected to. The movie also shows the fact that the Jews were also victims of the Nazi regime. Overall, I would recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in WWII history.

Tammy M. photo
Tammy M.

I have been following the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina for a few years. I watched this film in my second year of university, and was blown away by the film's complexity and its impact. It is a true work of art, and one that I will be proud to have in my collection. The director has created a masterpiece of human drama. I was shocked and appalled at the things that were shown in the film. The director has made a film that is powerful, and the audience can relate to the characters, because they are all people who have been through the horrors of war. It is a film that will be remembered, and will be a classic in the history of cinema. I recommend it highly, and would recommend it to anyone.

Michael Hall photo
Michael Hall

I think this film is by far the most intense and graphic portrayal of the German bunker attack on the USSR. It is a fascinating look into the malaise that surrounded the Germans throughout the Second World War. The impact on the families of the men on the German side is very poignant. The effect of the war and the loss of the soldiers is brought out in an excruciatingly realistic manner. The interviews with the men are excellent. The accent of the Russians is very convincing. The portrayal of the very grim scene of the Russian family is moving. The film is very moving and a must see for anyone interested in war. I loved the way the war footage was juxtaposed to the film. The feelings of the German men, their relief and shock, their loss, their grief, and the horrific end of their lives, are all in the film. The film is realistic, does not glorify war, and it is very moving. I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys documentaries. I am really glad I watched it.

Donald B. photo
Donald B.

This movie is a great way to see what the horrors of the holocaust were like for a family. It is a good way to show the human spirit. The movie is very well made and the cinematography is superb. The movie is very moving and will move you. The actors are very good. It is a very good movie. It is a great movie and I recommend it to everyone.

Cheryl Douglas photo
Cheryl Douglas

I saw this movie at a preview in Miami Beach. I was very impressed. This is the first time I have ever seen a film with the whole orchestra playing on the screen and it was very impressive. The music is incredible and very well done. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves a good movie with great music and a good story. I give this movie a 9 out of 10 because of the music, the story, and the actors. I also would like to mention the photography. This movie is very well done and I think that is why it got so good reviews. I would like to say that I will be seeing this movie again because of the great music, story, and actors. I hope that I can see this movie again in the theater and I hope that I can see it again in the next few years because it is a great movie.

Diane photo

I have read the book several times, and I have seen the movie many times. It is not a perfect film, but it is a very good film. I am very glad that this film is not being used as a propaganda tool. It is very real, and has a real message. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in history, or who is a film buff. I would also recommend it to anyone who has ever been in the military.

Diana W. photo
Diana W.

The Franco's we have come to know in history books are depicted as such evil monsters. Not here. A film that was so good I thought I would watch it again and give my favorite film in the series a try. My experience with the Franco's was much more of a peaceful one. This film takes the place of the series and adds some very dramatic events that the audiences will remember. The events that take place during the movie are so powerful and dramatic that I felt that my heart rate was up a few notches. The acting of Peter O'Toole, Robert De Niro and Jodie Foster are all excellent and fit their roles perfectly. I was very impressed with Robert De Niro's performance as the film's villain. He brought the character to life in a way I never thought it could be done. The chemistry between Peter and Jodie was perfect and they became best friends, after the events that took place at the end of the movie. Although I will not compare this film to the series, I will say that the series was a much better film than this movie. It was more realistic and more in line with the book.

Stephanie G. photo
Stephanie G.

I'm a pretty cynical person. But I actually really liked this movie. I wasn't as sure about the ending, but I thought it was done very well. The performances were great. I thought the cinematography was very good. I had some big problems with the music and at times it was pretty irritating. I didn't like how they showed a lot of cities and still, the sound didn't really bring the songs out. If the sound had been more subdued, it would have made the movie much better. Other than that, it was a very good movie. Don't get me wrong. There is a lot of war, and you will be so turned off by the music and the music and then the battles, but it's worth it. Don't pay to see it on TV, rent it or buy it, and I really think you'll be pleasantly surprised. I also think it will get very popular. I have friends who will read this and say that it's a bad movie and that it's a lie, but I think that if they go back to the beginning and watch it again, they will see that this is actually a good movie. I hope I helped you, as I thought the movie was a lot better than I expected.

Ashley photo

I was not prepared for this film. I have never seen a film so good and so moving. It is one of the best films I have seen. The acting is superb. The film is told from the perspective of the English army. The film is not a war movie. The war scenes are not too graphic. I don't think I have ever seen a film that shows the horrors of war so well. I have seen the film several times and I never get tired of it. I highly recommend this film to anyone who loves a good film.

Walter T. photo
Walter T.

I really enjoyed this movie. It's very difficult to define what makes a movie good or bad. It's not about the story itself, it's about the characters and their interactions. This movie is a perfect example of this. I found the story to be very realistic and interesting. The characters are all likable and interesting. You really get to know them and care about them. I also liked the acting. The actors are great. They play their characters very well. This movie is a great movie to watch with your friends. It's a very entertaining movie and very realistic. I think everyone should see this movie at least once. It's one of my favorite movies of all time.

Walter Rivera photo
Walter Rivera

I have been waiting to see this film for ages, and I can honestly say I was not disappointed. This film tells the story of how the British in India during WW2 were trying to stay out of the war, and to avoid being a target. I was very impressed by the acting. Hugh Grant was amazing as the British officer, and he played it extremely well. The rest of the cast was amazing as well. I am very impressed with the cinematography and editing, as well as the story. I think this is the best film I have ever seen. It is a great story that is based on real events. I highly recommend this film, it is a great film that everyone should see.

Megan photo

This is a film that has affected me and my family for years. I had never heard of it until I read the other reviews and the film has stayed with me since. The film is about a group of African Americans who were forced to leave their homes and go to the US during the civil rights movement. They are a group of young men who were forced to live in the ghettos of the south, and were not allowed to go to school, or work. They were the targets of a racist society, and they were forced to live in the ghettos. The film is about the hardships they had to face, and the love they had for each other. The film is very moving, and the performances are incredible. It is a film that will be remembered in my memory forever.