Anschauen Un traductor

Un traductor

Un traductor is a movie starring Rodrigo Santoro, Maricel Álvarez, and Yoandra Suárez. A Russian Literature professor at the University of Havana is ordered to work as a translator for child victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster...

Other Titles
1989, A Translator, Tłumacz, A tolmács, O Tradutor, 翻译家
Running Time
1 hours 47 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Sebastián Barriuso, Rodrigo Barriuso
Lindsay Gossling
Yoandra Suárez, Rodrigo Santoro, Maricel Álvarez, Nikita Semenov
Canada, Cuba
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A Russian Literature professor at the University of Havana is ordered to work as a translator for child victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster when they are sent to Cuba for medical treatment.

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Janet photo

This is a very good film, not the best that I have seen, but a very good film. It is the story of an American family who, despite living in a small town, are living in an isolated home. The family have two children, a son who is an alcoholic and a daughter who is having trouble with a difficult relationship with her father. This film is very good. It is based on a true story. The film is very well made, and the cast is excellent. I do not think that this film is to be missed. It is a very good film, and worth watching.

Phillip Larson photo
Phillip Larson

I have seen the DVD version of this movie and it is very good. It is not a movie for everyone but if you like the drama and the drama-like plot, you will love it. It is a good story about a family and how it is a family. It is not about a boy who is gay. It is a story about how the family is struggling with their emotions and how they are not sure if they can change their family's situation. There are many scenes that will make you laugh or you will cry. The acting is very good and the story is very interesting. I recommend this movie to everyone who like good drama or drama-like movies. I also recommend it to those who like a good story.

Martha Jensen photo
Martha Jensen

I can understand that a person's reaction is to not appreciate what the film is saying, but I was very impressed with this film. All the shots were dark, low-light and carefully selected, allowing for the cinematographer to film the scene from various angles to create a sense of tension. The actors are all great, and the story moves along at a steady pace. I think it has some of the best language in a film. Sometimes the sentences become more meaningful because the actors can relate to them.

Bobby Romero photo
Bobby Romero

The title is a fake advertisement, though the film is a good one, it also contains nudity. It is a weird thing, but this film did an excellent job to depict the real life problems of the individual. Also, the story is good, although you can find some superficialities and mistakes in it. It is a good film to watch, but you have to know a little about a local culture or how to appreciate the situation in the past. It is not a film to be watched for its subject, it is also not a film to be watched for a cheap idea, a surrealistic film, but it has a point and a story, not just a funny one.

Jordan Banks photo
Jordan Banks

I have to admit it's been years since I saw this movie but it's still worth watching. I first came across this movie during a lot of post production and production crews. So much talent that it truly makes you wonder what the filmmakers must have gone through to come up with that unique story line and characters. I won't spoil the ending but the cinematography is simply stunning and does work. It's definitely a movie for the movies lovers and it deserves some exposure in a theater. For me personally, the direction and the characters are what truly stand out. A small, reserved, but proud young man who learned a life lesson and has seen the world from both sides and is the type of person that sticks to his guns and does what he says. His older brother is a one-eyed man who still insists on waiting to be taught about the war and the bad times in his life. But his goal is to be there for him and makes sure his brother is okay. The movie is shot in a simple yet beautiful way that captures the life in the trenches. And the main characters have a certain aura of stoicism, dignity and elegance. The movie is a lot like a newspaper movie and while some scenes are difficult to watch and some characters are a bit exaggerated, the most important point to keep in mind is that it's all about how the story develops. I have been in war myself and I can tell that this movie is much more realistic than most. It's a movie about not only how the war took effect on the characters, but the ways that it affected the people and the people's relationship with each other and the life in the trenches. And that's what makes this film so powerful. It's one of those movies that is an essential addition to any collection of the best war movies ever made. Even if the movie has been shown for 30 years. I have no doubt that it will find a way to find its way to your home and continue to make an impact on you.

Roger B. photo
Roger B.

The story of a young woman living in Italy. She has two parents who are divorced and her brother who is still living with his father, due to complications between his parents. She doesn't know her father and her brother is still in Italy. She feels that her mother is a bit distant to her, and also her brother, who is an artist. She also falls in love with a man, who is also in Italy, and they start a relationship. But the more time goes by the less they know each other, and eventually they decide to end their relationship because they don't have any more time together. When the film finishes I felt that everything that has been told so far, about the couple and the woman, and everything that has been shown in the film, was, in one way or another, nothing new and that it didn't make me understand anything of what the film was about. So it wasn't a documentary at all, but a drama. But the cinematography was very good and the movie isn't boring. I also liked the character development and the way the film tells the story and the way it brings it up to a point of realism. It didn't feel contrived. It's a very good movie, but it is also not a good one. It is interesting but it is a bit hard to make a decision about the overall quality of the film.

Jack P. photo
Jack P.

This is an independent film that just happens to have the two of them in it. I would say it's a 7 out of 10, but it really comes down to personal preference. I found it very realistic and interesting. I would recommend this for people who like to watch the "whole picture" of the story. I found it very deep and moving, and I really felt for the characters. I also think that it is important to have a good supporting cast, as this story does not have that many points to make. I can honestly say that I am glad that I took the time to watch this film, and that I got a great amount of enjoyment out of it.

Eric Wood photo
Eric Wood

This movie was totally boring, it just ends and the story begins over. I hate when a movie stops. The guy seems to have a lot of energy, that's what I like about him. I would really like to see this guy in a more serious role. I didn't feel there was any chemistry between them at all. I was disappointed by the whole plot, and it seemed to be there only to end the movie. But the ending was really cool.

Ann L. photo
Ann L.

This was a very nice and entertaining movie. From the start, it keeps you in suspense, is very interesting and interesting enough to keep you interested. The acting was great, especially from Joel Edgerton, as was the cinematography. The ending is also really touching. I recommend this movie, it's definitely something to watch on a rainy day.

David Harvey photo
David Harvey

I saw this film at a film festival. It was directed by the brilliant Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, who previously directed Juana and I Walked With A Zombie. I read the excellent synopsis of the story and I thought I would like it. But there were things I found, not just in the film itself, but also in the writing. The film portrays a lot of angst. The three main characters are struggling to cope with their own faults and problems. It shows how much can happen in just one day. Especially in a moment where the man loses his temper and gets his head bashed in. This is one of the best scenes I have seen in a film. The camera doesn't linger, but stays on the situation. It becomes almost an torture. But what I also find interesting is how much the guy also suffers from his own fears and problems. That his mind and his fear can't be away. You feel like you know him, but he is isolated. I believe the three of them should be closer, but they aren't. He feels the pain from the other two, but doesn't show it. I also found the story itself intriguing. I didn't understand it and I didn't know why the characters were in the situation they were in. I found it interesting the relationship between the three main characters. I also liked the acting of the main actor, Mr. Alcala. I don't think he is just a great actor, but a great guy. He made me believe he is the main character, because I saw what he was going through. I liked his voice, it gave me a feeling I didn't know I could have. That's one of the reasons why I liked the film. I also loved the camera. It was the only thing I didn't like about it. It was definitely fast and heavy, but not really. It was slow enough to look at and build a scene, but at the same time not slow enough to look back at. But at the end, there was a bang, and that was the end of the film. That's one of the main things I hated. The other thing that bothered me about the film was the fact that I found it predictable. The film tries to make the audience believe that the other two characters have the same problems and problems. But then, the film decided to throw in an ending that was so predictable that it didn't matter. Maybe the author was trying to make the audience care for the main character, but in my opinion it wasn't necessary. I also disliked the title. It made me think of a movie I haven't seen called The Village, which I haven't seen in a long time. The Village is a much better movie than this. This one is one of the best I have seen. I hope you like it. 7.8/10

Edward B. photo
Edward B.

The film opens with the words "A woman's mind is like a stormy sea". That's what I took from it. It's a very strong opening, and you think that the film is going to be more like a drama, but then the film goes into a non-linear narrative and you start to wonder, what is the point? The film is made up of many pieces that don't all fit together in a meaningful way. You think the story is going to be more linear, but then it goes to a non-linear narrative. The story goes through a lot of sequences that don't make any sense. There are some good performances in the film, but it's not a good film.

Emily Estrada photo
Emily Estrada

I was really looking forward to this film. I had heard all the hype about it, and the reviews on IMDb were very positive. The movie had a good cast, and the cast did a good job. The problem was, it was not a good movie. The acting was pretty good, but the plot was a bit confusing. Some of the dialogue was good, but it was too much. I think the movie should have been longer. There were a few scenes that were good, but a lot of them were not. The script was a little weak. It seemed like they had a good idea, but they just couldn't put it into words. I think the movie could have been better, but it could have been better, but it was not good. I would recommend it to people who liked "The Truman Show" or "Troy".

Deborah Kelly photo
Deborah Kelly

The low-budget nature of this movie helps to give a sense of realism, despite the impression the plot is contrived. It is set during the last years of the French Resistance, when the resistance was not really serious, and where all the guerrillas were laughing at their heroes, sometimes they even despised them. They were not fighting for the country, they were fighting for their freedom. This movie portrays the in-between life of this resistance movement, where reality was a minor and even unimportant part of the resistance, but where in the movie reality is almost non-existent, in fact it is about nothing. This is not a documentary, or a history lesson, it is an animation. Thus it is a story about the daily lives of a Resistance fighter, but on a much smaller scale. The movie keeps to the plot and background of the Resistance movement. It is a drama, a comic, a musical and a comedy. The movie deals with reality, but not with a high degree of accuracy, so you could do worse. In fact, if you have not read the book, you will probably find the movie quite dull, but if you have read the book, you may find the movie quite interesting.

Adam C. photo
Adam C.

With the shooting of him (Jon Pertwee) by the government as a result of his being recruited to the Secret Service, we find ourselves in the world of the Secret Service and the responsibilities it takes to protect the President. It's a great subject and the movie's feel is excellent, it's very fast paced. While it's slow in parts, and while the Secret Service has been downgraded (due to the growing crises and terrorist attacks), the film is focused and there are a lot of scenes with good dialogue and real situations. The movie manages to pick apart the problems and problems of the Secret Service, and how their relationship to the President is strained. One of the best parts is when Jon Pertwee is discussing the problems of his men to the President, and he feels like he's in a prison, because he's paying so much attention to what he's told, and for him to be honest, he's in the military. The problem with this film is that it isn't very insightful on the subject of government and the security services. While it does bring the subject of the Secret Service up, there's not a lot of information, it doesn't dig deep into the work of the Secret Service, but rather how the Secret Service sees itself, and the issues of its performance. For some, this could be a weak point, but I think it's a worthwhile effort for people who appreciate good films and an intelligent view on government. Overall: 8.2