Anschauen Summer '03

Summer '03

Summer '03 is a movie starring Joey King, Paul Scheer, and Andrea Savage. A 16-year-old girl and her extended family are left reeling after her calculating grandmother unveils an array of secrets on her deathbed.

Other Titles
グレイテスト・サマー, Summer for Love, Summer Love, Verão 2003
Running Time
1 hours 35 minutes
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Drama, Romance, Comedy
Becca Gleason
Becca Gleason
Jack Kilmer, Joey King, Andrea Savage, Paul Scheer
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A 16-year-old girl and her extended family are left reeling after her calculating grandmother unveils an array of secrets on her deathbed.

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Lori M. photo
Lori M.

This is a movie that will surely get a lot of attention from the movies community. For the love of God, watch this movie if you are a romantic, you will find yourself falling in love with the characters. I loved every single scene and I would love to watch this again. This is a movie that will become a cult classic. The people who watch this movie should watch it again, it will make them go back to their high school days to relive the good old days and enjoy the feeling of when they had all those really special times with each other. The music is awesome and the acting is top notch. I would give this movie a ten. If you don't like romantic movies then you won't like this movie and this movie will not change your life. If you do like romantic movies, this is one of the most romantic movies ever made and it will change your life. If you don't like this movie you will be able to see everything that I did in my life and what I will do in my life.

Daniel photo

It was a brilliant movie, one of the best movies of 2003. Great cast, perfect score, gorgeous location and the story was compelling. There were moments that I didn't know what to do. Great story, great cast and it had a really good ending. I like the idea that love can cross so many boundaries. I hope this film gets a DVD release, as it deserves a chance. (10/10)

Nancy photo

This movie should be rated R because of the sexual content, but I think it's a good movie. The plot is not what you would expect, but it's fun to watch. It's fun to see a movie with a more serious take on love, but it's not one you can take seriously. You can watch it and laugh at it, but it is well-made and well-acted. All the actors did a great job. The direction is good. The ending is perfect. I liked this movie.

Tammy Alvarado photo
Tammy Alvarado

I went to see this movie for the first time in my life and was very impressed. It is so true and touching to see two people growing apart and growing closer. Both men are in a very rough patch financially and they have to use the last of their savings to keep a family together. The story is very realistic and the end scene is very touching. The film is very funny at times and very sad at other times. The actors portray the emotions perfectly. The movie is definitely worth watching. All of the cast members are excellent and I definitely recommend this movie to anyone that wants a good time at the movies.

Philip C. photo
Philip C.

Here's one for you if you're not a big fan of the original: Is this the cut-and-paste remake or the original? If you're new to the original, try not to take it so seriously. You'll enjoy it more. As for the remake, it's still very good. But it's just a little better. I don't know what went wrong with the original. They sure made a lot of money on it. I love the movie, and I think it's a great movie, but I don't think it's a great film. I think there were too many characters, and the story was too simple. It was too much of a change of direction for the sequel. It was like they had too much money and wanted to make it the same as the original, and that's what they did. I think the original is better. If you love the original, don't go to see the remake. But if you're not a fan of the original, see the original. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. I recommend it.

Hannah L. photo
Hannah L.

After watching this movie I was on the edge of my seat, and I was laughing for the entire time. I don't think I laughed so hard in any other movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone, especially if you are a Harry Potter or Sherlock fan. I would also recommend this movie to anyone who thinks that the movie world is not as the magic is portrayed. I thought this movie was great, and I will be watching it again soon.

Melissa Davidson photo
Melissa Davidson

This is the best movie I have ever seen! Well worth the time and money to see it. I love this movie, and can't wait to see the second one! I know that the DVD will come out soon. I can't wait to see it! I always like all the characters, especially the girls and the guys. They are funny, sweet, and in love. It is a great movie and I love it. I think that all the actors did a great job. They were not only funny, but also had a great sense of humor. It has a great story and is a great love story. The movie is great, and I love it!

Jacob H. photo
Jacob H.

I'm a fan of the O.C., and this movie is a blast. The film is really fun. It has all the elements of a great romantic comedy, and it is really well done. I know that all the reviewers raved about the movie's songs and the plot, but I thought they were all great. There's really nothing I can say bad about this movie except that it's not the most action-packed, and there are some parts of it that are a little predictable, but all in all it's a great movie that will keep you laughing and have you hooked. It's one of the few films that I know are worth watching more than once.

Lauren Williamson photo
Lauren Williamson

What is the most meaningful thing about a movie? The most enduringly memorable thing, perhaps? "Life Is Beautiful" is not that movie. There are no memorable moments, and nothing makes you laugh out loud. It is a dull and even depressing movie. Yet, despite its drab, depressing nature, it is a lot of fun. "Life Is Beautiful" is the story of Dinesh (Saif Ali Khan), who has been exiled from India because of his reputation for infidelity. He is trying to make a life for himself in America, but it is a difficult journey. Along the way, he meets the beautiful Helen (Jennifer Garner), a woman he falls in love with. Through their adventures together, they begin to fall in love and discover more about each other. Meanwhile, Dinesh struggles to pay the bills, while trying to make his life in America in his own unique way. This is a very basic movie, but it is a very enjoyable one. There are many moments that will have you grinning from ear to ear. There are moments that will have you on the edge of your seat. There are many laughs. There are many heartbreaking moments. "Life Is Beautiful" is a very simple movie, but it is a very enjoyable movie. The screenplay is brilliant and the actors play the parts extremely well. Saif Ali Khan has always been a great actor and he always shines in this movie. Jennifer Garner, however, has a very small part and is really only seen briefly. The best performances in the movie are those of the actors who play the characters of Helen and Dinesh's wife. If you haven't seen this movie yet, then it is a very good idea to watch it. You will not regret it. I am giving it a 9/10.

Sean Lee photo
Sean Lee

The movie that Michael Douglas and especially Emma Thompson could not escape after their successful appearances at the Academy Awards was given the ultimate high marks by my friend, co-author and friend Steve. His words ring in my ears. He said: "In real life, they are as alike as your and I, and they don't get their hands dirty like you and I in life." That is what the movie portrayed. "The title of the movie was: "Romeo and Juliet: An American Romance" but the movie was not about "Romeo and Juliet." It was about being Romeo and Juliet. The movie is a celebration of love and love conquers all, both of us as adults, and as teenagers. The movie depicts a very realistic romance. There were many of us who were teenagers and never really understood the wonders of romance. The movie, for me, made us realize that no matter what age we are, or if we are adult, we can still fall in love with another person. As a result, the movie gave us a whole new appreciation for love and romance. If you have a love interest, get the movie and watch it with her or him. It will be a special experience. A lot of people have complained about the romance, but I really don't understand it. It is so romantic and so true to life. I find it hard to believe that in today's world of a lot of self-absorbed and shallow people, many of us still fall in love with someone we have known for a long time. I believe that most of us have loved someone before, and we are able to express that love, and this love, without giving it away or giving it to someone who is out to get it. I think the reason we are able to do that is because we have been in love with someone who has known us, and we have felt the same way about that person. I'm sure you can imagine this if you have ever been in love, and the movie will bring that out. Emma Thompson and Michael Douglas both give amazing performances. I think this movie has many parallels to Shakespeare's plays, both in terms of story and characters. My only complaint is that I would have liked to see more of Michael Douglas and Emma Thompson in this movie. Maybe, someday, they will come back to the director's chair to direct other movies.

Lisa photo

I was extremely disappointed when I learned that this movie had to be re-edited in order to keep it's R rating. I was especially disappointed when I learned that the director, Bryan Singer, who directed the original, had left the project. I thought this would be a very good film, because I liked the original so much. I was not disappointed. The movie has wonderful performances from many great actors and actresses. One of the best scenes in the movie was with Robert Patrick as a smartly dressed millionaire. He was so funny, and I was shocked that he was able to carry such a large part of the film. I was also very impressed by the performances of Jeremy London and Keeley Hawes as two of the maids. The scene with Elizabeth Berkley, played by Jeremy London, as a waitress in a drive-in theater was very touching. Jeremy is a very underrated actor. I was especially happy that Robert Patrick made his appearance in this movie. I hope he continues to make movies as a director. I was very disappointed when the director, Bryan Singer, left the project. I think he should have stayed. Bryan, I have been a fan of your films since I was a teenager. I am very disappointed in your departure from this project. If you will consider me, I would like to keep my admiration for your films. Bryan, please consider me. I would like to see the film from the beginning, and from the point of view of the "lovers" as you put it, rather than the "traditional" view.

Brittany Keller photo
Brittany Keller

This film was so funny and life changing. It made me laugh so hard I cried. It was so beautiful to see Johnny Depp play a person that is not good at anything. He is such a good actor that even when he is very bad he still makes you laugh. It is amazing that they are able to get him to do a really bad film and you are not even that much disappointed. I just loved this film so much I will be seeing it again and again. I love how everything was in this film it is just so beautiful. I am so happy for all those people who didn't know this is a good film and I hope it will find its audience.

Beverly Adams photo
Beverly Adams

Well, I just watched the DVD version of the movie and I think it's the greatest movie ever! It's a lovely film, i have to say. I think that Angelina is beautiful and that she plays her role well. I think that men would love it also. The story is beautiful and very original, and i think that it would be great to see a sequel to this movie! What would you like to see? Oh, i haven't see anything new in it yet, but if it is good i will see it. I like that the film has a lot of humor and a lot of good things that are happening to Angelina. It has a very good idea, it's very romantic and it's very funny. I think that this is a great film! If you are a fan of Angelina Jolie, you have to see this movie!