Anschauen Es war einmal in Deutschland...

Es war einmal in Deutschland...

Es war einmal in Deutschland... is a movie starring Moritz Bleibtreu, Antje Traue, and Tim Seyfi. David Berman and his friends, all Holocaust survivors, have only one purpose: to go to America as soon as possible. For this they need...

Other Titles
Farvel til Tyskland, Volt egyszer egy Németország, Lehitraot Germania, Det var en gång i Tyskland..., Elveda Almanya, Bye Bye Germany, Es war einmal in Deutschland, Bye Bye Alemanha
Running Time
1 hours 42 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Drama, Comedy, War
Sam Garbarski
Michel Bergmann, Michel Bergmann, Sam Garbarski
Moritz Bleibtreu, Tim Seyfi, Antje Traue, Mark Ivanir
Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, France
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

David Berman and his friends, all Holocaust survivors, have only one purpose: to go to America as soon as possible. For this they need money. Close to his aim, David is not only deprived of his savings but also overtaken by his shady past.

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Donald S. photo
Donald S.

This film is truly a German version of the American "Dirty Dozen", but for a German audience. This is one of the few movies made in Germany that is a real gem, not only in its own right, but also because it's produced by a German. I think you can see that the German film industry is developing rapidly, and it's going to be a major force in the next few years. This movie, as well as "Schindler's List", is a German production. What's more, the German is not only well-spoken, but he speaks it like he thinks German is spoken, not like the Americans. If you don't know German, you won't understand the film, but if you do know it, you will certainly feel the weight of the characters, and the emotions of the movie. I was sitting on the edge of my seat, and it's not a lot of movie to do it with, but the ending of the movie has to be seen to be appreciated. "The Krakow Killing" is a rare movie that is not only made by Germans, but also by Germans, and it's produced by Germans. It is so rare that it's a bit hard to find. I'm really proud of this movie, and I can't wait to see more German movies in the future.

Frances Jackson photo
Frances Jackson

This movie does a great job of telling the story of a man who is slowly losing his sanity and the atrocities that he committed during the war in Germany. He was a Nazi. The director does a great job of keeping the story on track and showing how the film is a window into the mind of the Nazis and the horrors that they went through during the war. The character of Charles Swindon is very well written and played. I highly recommend it.

Janice Perez photo
Janice Perez

It was a great, great movie! A must see! As the title says, this movie is about the most difficult thing in life - war! This movie is about life, life and war - and not only. So it is a bit of a study of human nature - a tragedy, yes, but a tragedy nonetheless. The dialogue is great. The actors, especially David Wenham as German, are perfect, the plot is good. The camera work is awesome! The direction is just excellent! The direction of this movie is better than "Das Boot", "Saving Private Ryan" or even "Apocalypse Now". It's that good. As a German I would have liked a bit more story, but this is a great movie - so I will not criticise the story. If you are German, you should see this movie, it's good for you! 9/10.

Roger photo

I remember seeing this film when I was a teenager, back when the movie industry was still in its infancy, in order to get some life lessons out of the experience. I had never heard of the original German title, and only came across it later on. It was a mistake. I think I liked this film a lot, but I remember hating it, and it took me several years to get around to rewatching it, since I was either too young or too stuck up. The story is well written, the characters are well played, and the direction is well done. A few critics complained about the violence, and I can only think that the critics are in the minority here. When the story gets intense, the viewer may feel slightly unsettled, but the film never tries to shove the violence down the viewer's throat. This is a film that you have to really like, and if you are sensitive to such things, it may be a bit hard to watch. One thing I think the film does well, is to make the viewer think about the impact of war on human beings. The film does a good job of showing that the survivors are people too. The three characters in this film are clearly not perfect people, and they all suffer from a loss of perspective. They are people who can not see the real reasons behind the war. If you are looking for a great war film, this one is not for you. But if you like a good film that you can watch again and again, this is one to watch.

Carol D. photo
Carol D.

This film depicts the tale of a young German girl who runs away from her father in order to join the resistance against the Nazi regime. When she is forced to return to her father's homeland she realizes that the country she left for has turned into a nightmare of Nazi terror. German actress Charlotte Rampling is brilliant in the lead role. Her performance is very authentic, the film is one of the best I have seen from Germany. The story is about a child that runs away from her family in order to join the resistance against the Nazis. She is treated very badly by the Germans when she returns home, her father is not prepared to accept her return and the children of the family are treated very badly by the Nazi regime. This film is an extremely good film, it is really good to see a film with such a great plot. German people should see this film because it is very important for German people. One should not forget that the people of Germany have the same desire as the British people had when they fought in the first world war. The Germans, the British and the French are the same as the Americans. When one is in a German, British or French film you should see the film because you will not see the other film, the other films are not as good. So this film is really good.

Steven Holmes photo
Steven Holmes

This film is a wonderful film. It's not only about the "Final Solution" but about how we, as a people, deal with the past. It is not a movie that focuses on the Holocaust, but how we deal with the past and how we deal with the present. It is also about how we deal with our families. This is a great movie, and I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of war movies, and especially if you are a fan of the movie "Saving Private Ryan".

Philip photo

Watching "Blood and Honor" ( is a nice experience in itself. You can enjoy it and you can see how the Hitler and Goebbels stories, so well documented, have been presented in this movie. If you like to see a nice movie about the relationship between Nazi Germany and France, this is one you should see. 9/10

Helen photo

Worst movie ever.and this isn't just me.I saw it with my wife.there were no laughs, but some very painful moments, that made you think, why did we have to see it, and not just because we were in the cinema.I would say that the story is not really original, the cinematography was great, the actors were great, but it is not a film that you would like to watch again and was only to see the end of the movie, and to see how the last man of the world feels.and i think it was to be honest.the ending was a little bit emotional, it was not in the right place, but overall it was a good movie, and if you really don't like war movies, then you should see it, but do not expect something that will make you wasn't that good.

Juan D. photo
Juan D.

As a German I have read this story. I found it interesting and I'm sure it will be a good movie. I like the cast, and I liked that the story was interesting. I read a lot of German movies, but I only knew the German version. I just think that this movie is really good. I can't understand why it didn't win the Oscar for best foreign language film. I would like to see the German version.

Vincent M. photo
Vincent M.

I have seen this film at least three times, and it is a favorite of mine. It is a great example of German history, and it is so well done. It is a tragedy that a film like this is not available in the United States. The film is not so much about the Holocaust, as it is about the German people, and the German people in particular. It is a must see, and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in the history of the Third Reich, or who wants to learn about the German people and their history.

Walter photo

This is an excellent film that will remain as a classic for years to come. It is about a boy, a girl, a town and the struggle to survive in the middle of the war. There are some parts that are difficult to watch, but that is to be expected. You have to be able to relate to the main character, and that is what makes this film so interesting. You have to see this film, because you will not be able to get it out of your head for a long time.

Susan Lawson photo
Susan Lawson

This movie is just so beautiful! It's an eye-opening look at Nazi Germany and the experiences of the SS. The performance by Christian Bale is just the most impressive thing about this movie. I would say that if you are a Nazi, you would enjoy this movie. If you are a non-Nazi, I think you would love this movie! If you don't have a problem with the Nazi aspect of the movie, I recommend that you go see it! It's a film you need to see! I would have to give this movie an 9/10.

George photo

I've never been a fan of war movies. There's always been an argument between the people who love them and the people who hate them. This movie is a wonderful masterpiece. It is one of those movies that really makes you think about life. I have never read the book, but from what I have read of it I've really liked it. This movie had a great story line and was just amazing. The movie is about a very special person. She had to be special, but it's not about her. It's about a few people who have to be special. We see the story from the point of view of three people. The movie is very intense, and I really feel like I was there. The actors did an excellent job with what they had to do. The director did a great job directing the film. He didn't just put people on a boat and let them go through the movie. He wanted the audience to be an active part of the story. The director also made sure that there were different tones to the movie. There were two different tones in the movie. There's a lighter tone to the movie, and then there is a darker tone. The director is very clear about this in the movie. I think it was very well done. The soundtrack was also great. I think the soundtrack really gave the movie a very good touch. I highly recommend this movie to anyone. You will feel that you have really been there.

Christopher photo

Allied War films usually have a tragic ending. But at least they don't end with the characters screaming like a banshee, the same way we expect in the previous movies. Deutschland 83 is about a time-spanning war between the US and the Soviet Union, and the war is depicted as a serious war, rather than just a case of some jingoistic orgy. The lead character, a young American soldier, is an observer, not a participant in the conflict. He goes to the front of the battle without knowing any of the details. His point of view is the only one that we see, and in the end he says that it is not about his opinion, but the opinion of everyone else who is there. In that sense, he is a neutral observer. But in that neutrality, he is also a participant. The film is a very strong indictment of the United States and its war, and even more a critical indictment of the US government. The Americans are not presented as heroes, but as participants in the war. I would say that this is what we have come to expect from war films. And it is a very strong indictment of the US government. The only bad thing about this film is the ending. I don't want to give too much away, but it was rather anticlimactic. And that, in my opinion, is the only real flaw in the film. As I said, the American soldier is the only one who is not involved in the war, and that's why he has no point of view, and the film ends with his silent protest. As a political statement, that is the best it can be. I also liked the film because it did not just present the war as a terrible war, but also as a moral question. It makes you question whether you are helping the United States or the Soviet Union, and if you are helping the United States, you should do so for the betterment of the US. It is the kind of film that you can watch with your family, and not only as entertainment. Deutschland 83 has an excellent cast, and is definitely worth watching.

Charles Munoz photo
Charles Munoz

I watched this movie for the first time yesterday, and I couldn't get enough of it. The acting was excellent, the storyline was true, and the music was absolutely stunning. The movie really touches on many different emotions, like betrayal, friendship, pride, pride of family, and so on. The one thing that I found missing, and something I have always thought of the human race, was the conflict between people. There is no conflict in this movie. No way a person can be very different than another, not at all. It's sad, but I loved the fact that we have this whole idea of 'not doing things just because the majority says it is wrong' and the idea of 'if we don't do things just because the majority says it is wrong', this movie shows us that there are people who are just as good as other people, who are just as worthy of our love. I found it very touching, and the ending was truly beautiful, it gave me goosebumps. This movie is really an amazing movie. The only thing that I didn't like about it was the constant screaming of the parents, but it was the only thing that kept me from giving it 10 stars. Well, this movie is definitely not for everyone, and I suggest that you don't see it, but if you do, don't see it in a theatre. It is truly one of the greatest movies ever.