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Ben Is Back

Ben Is Back is a movie starring Julia Roberts, Lucas Hedges, and Courtney B. Vance. A drug addicted teenage boy shows up unexpectedly at his family's home on Christmas Eve.

Other Titles
Benas grizo i namus, Eve Dönüş, Powrót Bena, Regresa a mí, O Retorno de Ben, 班恩回家, Le retour de Ben, Egy fiú hazatér, Ben on tagasi, El regreso de Ben, Regresa a mi, Bens ir atgriezies, O Ben Está de Volta, Paluu, ベン・イズ・バック, Η επιστροφή του Μπεν, Ben se vratio, Ben Khazar Ha'Bai'ta
Running Time
1 hours 43 minutes
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Peter Hedges
Peter Hedges
Kathryn Newton, Lucas Hedges, Julia Roberts, Courtney B. Vance
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Follows the charming yet troubled Ben Burns (Hedges), who returns home to his unsuspecting family one fateful Christmas Eve. Ben's wary mother Holly Burns (Roberts) welcomes her beloved son's return, but soon learns he is still very much in harm's way. During the 24 hours that may change their lives forever, Holly must do everything in her power to avoid the family's downfall.

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Megan photo

One of the most entertaining films I've ever seen. It's a very strange film, and has some of the most amazing visuals ever seen on film. I don't know if the movie was a real documentary, or if it was just an artistic work of art, but I think it was the latter. It's almost as if the director, director, and the director's friend, or the director's friend, came together and worked on the movie and got their ideas from it. The acting is amazing, the cinematography is incredible, and the story is amazing. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes fantasy films. I give this film a 9/10.

Ethan R. photo
Ethan R.

Barry Levinson's 'Is Back' is a gritty, gritty look at the lifestyle of people who live in the Bronx and Staten Island, where people have no choice but to work. This documentary is a sobering look at the city of New York where people have to work and no one is in charge. One man's idea of a way to make money is to pick up a prostitute. A prostitute with a son and a mother who's been raped, who eventually decides to take care of the son. She does this in the name of her son. It is shocking to see how hard it is to make a living in this city, but these people are resilient and strong and the story really does inspire. This is a film that is incredibly honest and painful, but at the same time, is really uplifting and inspirational.

Mark Jones photo
Mark Jones

I really liked this movie. It's the perfect movie to watch on a rainy night with a bottle of wine and a bunch of friends. I'm not saying this movie is going to win any awards but it's really good. If you haven't seen it yet I suggest you do!

Joe photo

I remember the first time I saw "Tears of the Sun". I was in the middle of a long day and couldn't sleep. I couldn't sleep at all, I was so excited to see it. It was the first time I was depressed and feeling sorry for myself for not getting into art. Then I started to get into art and noticed that it was hard to find in my neighborhood. I was able to get my art in on a few days notice and it started to work for me. Now that I'm in college and trying to make art again, I still see the beauty in this film. This film is not only about art, but it's also about relationships, and how we can use art to connect with the people around us. This film is about the beauty in life, the joy in life, the pain in life, and how we can use art to connect with the people around us. I really love this movie and think it's a masterpiece. It's very important to have a film that makes you feel like you're not alone, that makes you appreciate art, and that makes you see art as a beautiful, meaningful, and important part of life. If you have the chance to see this film, I highly recommend it.

Nancy photo

The movie was a complete change of the way the movie should have been. For starters, it took me by surprise. This movie was about the exact opposite of what I expected it to be. It was so much more than what I expected. I will give it a rating of 9. It's so surprising to see how the movie turned out. It made me think that I've never seen a movie like this before. It was a real feel-good movie. I was just amazed by the talent of the cast and the amazing movie they made. They didn't just make the movie, they made it out of their hearts. I could feel their pain, their emotions, and their happiness. The only thing I have to say is that the music was awesome. It was one of the best movies I've ever seen. It was like a musical. I think it would be great for families. This is a movie that you will want to watch over and over again. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a great movie. This is a must-see. It's definitely worth the money.

Victoria O. photo
Victoria O.

It's sad to see the media in the way it's always been. Every scene is edited and edited again. Everyone is running around in the same spot, with no pause. You'll get a chance to read the story and make up your own mind, but you won't be able to look at the screen without thinking of a scene in a movie you've seen. People like to make up a story about the Oscars, but in reality they don't know anything about the movies they vote for. The acting is so awful. The audience is also much more respectful of the acting in movies. They say to the actors, "This is how you acted in this movie. That's what the audience will think of you". This movie was very well written. It had a lot of suspense and a great story line. I would recommend this movie to anyone.

Debra P. photo
Debra P.

I saw the trailer for this film the day it came out. I was nervous that it would not live up to the hype, but I was wrong. I'm glad to say that this film lives up to its hype and is a lot of fun. I had heard that this was supposed to be a dramatic film, but it really isn't. It is funny and very much a "buddy" movie. I found the ending to be somewhat of a surprise, and the movie itself is also quite entertaining. I think that this is one of the funniest films I've seen in a long time, and it's just plain fun. There is plenty of action, but it is not the kind of action that you see in movies like "Fast and Furious" and "The Matrix". The action scenes are well-done, and you can see the quality that it is. The music is also good, and fits the movie very well. I have seen this movie several times, and I never get bored of it. I highly recommend this movie, and I highly recommend seeing this film.

Katherine Castillo photo
Katherine Castillo

Being a huge fan of the 80's film industry, I had high hopes for this film, especially after the trailer of the movie was released. However, I was not disappointed, in fact I was a little disappointed. I have to say that the movie is not a complete loss, it's still pretty good. It's about a young boy named Jason, who is extremely popular with his friends and his parents. After being bullied by the principal, Jason steals the principal's car and drives off, leaving a video of his attack. His parents are shocked and upset and decide to take him to the police. They are shocked to see that Jason is so popular and rich that they think he's a hero. They are also shocked to learn that Jason is the son of the principal. When the police start investigating Jason, he takes his dad's car and drives off to a desert, where he meets up with his dad and his friend who are out on a camping trip. Jason, who has been hiding from his parents for a long time, starts telling his dad about the attack that he committed and how he plans to become a hero. Jason's dad finally decides that Jason is a good kid and lets him go, but his dad has to take him to a psych hospital to get him diagnosed. This movie is very graphic and very disturbing, but it is also very educational and has a good message. It's a good movie for teenagers, but parents should not let their children see this movie.

Jeffrey Sandoval photo
Jeffrey Sandoval

When I first saw the trailer for "Is Back" I thought it was going to be a bunch of nonsense and a silly film. But I was wrong! It was an awesome film, filled with real emotions, real love and real suspense. This is the best of the James Franco's films and probably his best work ever. The director really makes the film believable, everything fits and makes you believe in it. It is not a film for the faint of heart, and I do believe that a lot of people won't like it. But I loved it, and I'm sure many others will as well. The characters are great, they are very real and relatable. I do have to admit that the ending was a bit abrupt, but it made the film a bit more intense. The movie was very entertaining, and I recommend it to anyone. It is a good, slow paced film, and you'll enjoy it!

Nancy Mendoza photo
Nancy Mendoza

What a perfect blend of artistic beauty, life, death and life again. To me this film reminded me of the feeling I get when I'm in the middle of a long, rousing, high octane roller-coaster ride of feelings that I've been experiencing for a while, but I can't quite put my finger on. The audience has a lot to say about this film, and I love hearing it, and I love hearing what people think of it. It was a joy to hear from people who love this film, but also hear what people who don't like it think of it. I thought the performances were superb, as always. Kristen Stewart is brilliant as Kate (I can't think of a better actress for the role), but I also think that Rose Byrne, J.K. Simmons, and Robin Wright Penn were very good, too. But the real magic of the film is the cast, and the film itself. If you love films that are life-affirming and empowering, you will enjoy this film.

Jack L. photo
Jack L.

I went to the screening of this movie in Philadelphia. The theater was packed with very interested people. I have never been so impressed with a movie in my life. It was completely honest, not at all "cheesy" in any way. It was a very true portrayal of what went on behind the scenes of the trade. I was very touched by the movie. I recommend it highly to anyone who wants to learn more about the trade. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Joshua Holland photo
Joshua Holland

Just saw this movie and i'm blown away. Its a great story of a guy named Ben who has to come to terms with the past of his life and its whats being done to him now. He is now a cop with the name "Daryl" and he is now a mentor to the young lad with a lot of life ahead of him. Its a very good movie, but a little slow in parts, but its not for those who can't stand watching a movie this slow. But if you can just sit back and watch the story unfold, its one of the best movies I've seen. I would have to say it was really good, but could have been better.

Doris Watkins photo
Doris Watkins

I have not seen the film in full length yet. I went to see it with a friend last night and I was surprised to see how much this film affected me. I've been to other movies that were more intense than this film. It's the kind of movie that leaves you with a profound sense of its beauty. In my opinion, I would give it a 10 out of 10. One thing that I liked about the movie was the fact that it shows how our lives can be turned upside down and how powerful these changes can be. I think this movie is one of the best movies I have seen this year.