Anschauen J'ai perdu Albert

J'ai perdu Albert

J'ai perdu Albert is a movie starring Stéphane Plaza, Julie Ferrier, and Josiane Balasko. Chloe has been living a successful life thanks to one trick: Albert Einstein is in her mind. But one day, he decides to move and chooses...

Other Titles
I Lost Albert, Zgubiłam Alberta
Running Time
1 hours 40 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Didier Van Cauwelaert
Didier Van Cauwelaert, Didier Van Cauwelaert, Didier Van Cauwelaert
Stéphane Plaza, Virginie Visconti, Josiane Balasko, Julie Ferrier
France, Belgium
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Chloe has been living a successful life thanks to one trick: Albert Einstein is in her mind. But one day, he decides to move and chooses another body: Zac, a depressive beekeeper.

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Matthew Ray photo
Matthew Ray

When I was an eight-year-old kid, I remember seeing a bunch of children's films on TV. They were all good, but none of them were as good as this one. That's because I had never seen a movie like it. Back then, I thought that films like this were aimed at kids, and therefore I was afraid that I'd have to sit through this to find out. But I didn't sit through it. And now, I'm almost thirty and I can totally understand why. It's so good. I don't think it's bad at all, because you can really understand the characters and their problems. Even though it's not based on a real story, the main character, Alex, is just such a typical eight-year-old that I felt I had to sympathize with him. His mother, J'ai Perdu Albert, is so smart, and we can see how she's dealing with her problems. Her father, Albert, is a doctor, but he always seems to be acting so normal and so full of energy. He's always smiling, always pushing J'ai Perdu Albert to be more confident. And Alex, on the other hand, is full of problems, and he's such a shy kid, and yet he's full of talent. I never understood why he never reached the level of his mother. Alex has a brother named Jean, and he's a bit older, and he's a very sweet kid, and he's always trying to do something good for his family. The characters are full of realistic issues, like jealousy, confidence, and of course love. There's a scene that shows how Alex's father is trying to protect his son from the bullies. The very first time I saw this, I cried, and it made me feel so happy, so it's very contagious. And finally, the film is directed in a way that is really simple and yet really good. It's about a boy who is looking for his parents. I'm not going to tell you the story here. If you want to see a great film about a boy trying to find his parents, you should watch "Ten Things I Hate About You," which is just as good. I recommend "Alex." It's a great film, a great family film, and I think anyone who loves the classics should see it.

Stephanie Rice photo
Stephanie Rice

The film is a comedy film and is very easy to watch. It is a perfect film for a family evening or for a fun night at home. It has good cast and a wonderful story that is very easy to understand. It is very important for you to be a good communicator because in a time when we are so much separated from each other, we need someone to talk to us and to explain things. I believe that this film is very difficult to understand for those who are not educated. So be prepared, do not waste your time watching this film, it is very good and enjoyable.

Philip photo

Like most Frenchmen, I am not fond of Celine Dion but this movie does not disappoint me. Here, she is merely amusing but her presence can be felt in the way she speaks, the way she walks, and the way she looks. The main thing is that it is so very very well made. The direction is also very good. Even the image of her in her swimsuit is very well shot. It's a very beautiful movie and a treat for all the fans of the French cinema.

Patrick Richardson photo
Patrick Richardson

If the idea of the movie was to entertain, it did so wonderfully. It was funny, funny, funny. The actors did a fantastic job and I have the distinct feeling that even if they were acting, the film would still have been enjoyable. The plot was very engaging and the actors did a great job of creating and maintaining the mood of the film. I felt that the film had a great script, great actors and a great message. The director had some very good ideas and some really great camera angles. The cinematography was excellent, very well done. The editing was also very good, with several interesting cuts. The action scenes were very well done, very slick and professional. I had a great time watching the movie, and I think that most people will too. It is a good little film that I highly recommend.

Bryan photo

After watching this movie I can definitely say that it is definitely one of the most under-rated movies I have ever watched. The main character is very interesting, and the situation is always entertaining to watch. This movie is very realistic, and the scenes are very interesting to watch. This movie is definitely worth watching, as you will definitely not be bored. The story is very good, and it gives you a different view on your own life. I would definitely recommend this movie to people who like drama, comedy, or a movie that is well-made.

Martha P. photo
Martha P.

I'll be honest, I thought this film would be a weird one but I was very wrong. I'm sure that the majority of French people who have seen it know what I'm talking about. I don't even remember it being released in France but I remember being very impressed with it. The thing is that it was really smart and had a good plot, it was funny and interesting. It was a very original film that most of us can see and is very entertaining. There are definitely some scenes that I'd like to see again and again, but I think that most people will enjoy this film. I think that it's a very good film and one that everyone should see. It's very good and you should see it!

Jose photo

This was a great movie. It had everything. Beautiful film, great acting, great story, great music. Just perfect. And that is why I have rated this movie a 10. So many people say it's not that great, but I say it's perfect. It's not that good but it is very great. If you love French cinema, then you have to see this. I would like to say that it is one of the best movies I have ever seen. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. You will enjoy this movie a lot.

Bruce Brown photo
Bruce Brown

This is a great satire about the middle of the second world war, full of dialogue and acting of great quality. Highly recommended.

Gary M. photo
Gary M.

This is a Canadian comedy from the 1980's, and I have to say I enjoyed it immensely. The film itself is about a group of friends who go to visit their estranged relatives in Montreal. One of their friends is an artist, who must attend the funeral of one of their relatives. After the funeral, they are introduced to the rest of the town, which is about as colourful as the main characters. The film is very funny, and all the characters are very funny. The film itself is very well made, and the actors are great. The film is very good, and if you enjoy films like "Rough Night" or "Just Because", you'll enjoy this one. My rating: 8/10. Rated PG-13 for some violence and language.

Joan J. photo
Joan J.

I saw this film in the theatre back in the 80's when it was first released. I was too young to remember much about it but when I saw it again the first time, I was shocked to find that it had become an international hit! I know that the world of cinema had changed by then. The acting was wonderful, the music was wonderful, the story was wonderful, the sets were wonderful. It was a movie that was so good, it was a wonder. I saw it on a television show called Planet Hollywood on the eve of the release of a movie called Star Wars. I liked that movie and I was excited about seeing this one as well. What happened? It was awful. I wish I could have been on the set of that movie watching the set builders. They were making a really interesting movie that could have been a real winner if they had used the same set building techniques and the same innovative technique that the film makers used! It would have been a real fun and a real treat to see that movie that you would have enjoyed if you had been there. I could not believe that the makers of that movie did not realize that the characters they created would have been very successful! They could have made a great film if they had used the same tricks and tricks as those who made the movie that I saw. What a shame that they did not realize this!

Amber photo

I was surprised to see the rating on here as it is right on the mark. This movie is the type of movie that you either love or hate, it is a little of both, but I am a fan of both. This movie is about Albert, an artist who has been living in an abandoned house in a small village with his only friend. His life is peaceful, he does not have to work and he does not have to worry about anything. A very happy life for a guy who is broke and without any friends, but is also too good to be true. But when he decides to go out to work, he realizes that life is not always the way he imagined it. Albert and the other artistes (the families) know that he is a sad man, but they cannot stop him from going out to work. Albert goes into the club and the owners of the club tells him that his life is not what he thinks, and it is not what he wants to be. Albert tries to prove them wrong, but what he does not realize is that he is being lied to by his own family. I will admit, I didn't like this movie as much as I thought I would, but it was a really great movie. The acting was very good, and I especially liked how the movie is very serious, but it is not very dark, just in a way. I think that if you are into Movies that have a little bit of humor, you will probably like this one as well. I gave it an 8/10.

Denise photo

This movie was a refreshing mix of genres. I thought the acting was great. The "twist" in the end was unexpected. I was laughing during most of the movie. The story is a bit confusing at first but gets easier to follow once you see it a few times. I really recommend this movie!

Victoria M. photo
Victoria M.

This is definitely a movie for the 70's.The music, the clothes, the plot, the dialogues are good,and the style of the movie is a bit original.This is one of the movies that will make you laugh. But,the story is not as good as it was in the movie The Fourth Man. It is not as good as it was in Dancer in the Dark, however, it is a good movie to watch in the 70's.

Ruth photo

This is a comedy/drama with a few messages. It's a bit of a mess as a movie, but the movie itself is very amusing, especially if you have a sense of humor. The story follows an old couple who have a daughter named Albert. He is a great sportsman and a good father, but the big question is what he will do about his daughter. There's also a similar story of a son whose mother leaves him. They have an extended visit, but are never really friends. They still don't have any children, but he does seem to love his daughter. It is clear that he has no clue what to do about her. The film is very original, but the director does not present it in a pleasing way. There is a lot of slapstick and stupidity in the script. It's not that the director tries to be funny, but that he just doesn't want to do it. There is a scene where Albert is trying to help a woman he has never met before. He goes to the place where the woman lives and talks to her. She is shocked that he doesn't recognize her as a relative. Then he gives her money and they are like a kid again. The big problem is the script. It's like they had a script, but they never had the time or the money to edit it. The scene with the man who is a relative of the old couple's son is really funny. The director tries to be funny, but he doesn't know how. The actors are quite good. It would have been good to have more people in the film, but the whole thing is just too funny. It is very funny, and you will laugh out loud if you watch it. It is very weird. It's something like the comedian from SNL. If you have no sense of humor, don't watch it. If you have a sense of humor, see it.