Anschauen 7 Nyeon-eui bam

7 Nyeon-eui bam

7 Nyeon-eui bam is a movie starring Seung-ryong Ryu, Dong-Gun Jang, and Kyung-pyo Go. A man dumps a girl's body in a lake after accidentally killing her with his car on a dark and foggy night. Her enraged father soon hatches an...

Other Titles
Siedem lat jednej nocy, Night of 7 Years, Seven Years of Night, 七年の夜
Running Time
2 hours 3 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Drama, Thriller, Action
Chang-min Choo
Yong-Yeon Lee, Chang-min Choo, You-Pyung Lee, You-Jeong Jeong
Seung-ryong Ryu, Kyung-pyo Go, Dong-Gun Jang, Jong Hee Moon
South Korea
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

A man dumps a girl's body in a lake after accidentally killing her with his car on a dark and foggy night. Her enraged father soon hatches an elaborate plan to find the perpetrator and take revenge.

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Samantha Owens photo
Samantha Owens

I saw the movie last night. (I did not see it on the big screen) As a Korean with English as a second language, I was very disappointed to see that it was not just a single special effects fight with one-liners. I expected a little more of the story. The acting was very good, the plot was a little weak, but I was surprised to see an immigrant be very good at the police as well as the criminals. I don't know why the movie got a bad review. I don't think anyone with a decent intelligence would think that it was bad. I think it was a great movie, the special effects were very good and the story was good. I would definitely give it a 10 out of 10.

Hannah G. photo
Hannah G.

I guess it must be hard to kill a body during the gunpowder plot, when you leave the protagonist in the hospital. The fact that the hero has no choice but to go back to the theater and take up a job in a theater in the middle of a gunfight is simply incomprehensible. This is the most unemotional moment of the movie, but it's not the only one. The way the policeman writes a suicide note in a movie shop, the way he plays cards with the tragic "hero", the way the hero tries to put all the pieces together, are very moving. This is what I like about "Resident Evil" - the protagonists are supposed to be weak and in need of a heroic role model. I find this kind of movie a lot more powerful than "Lost in Translation", which is another very similar film. It makes me think: if you aren't strong or the hero is a weakling, how could you do such a thing? One could only have a weak man to take a heroic role, but who is it? A liar, a coward, a fool. Is it me, or does this movie feel like a cheap rip-off of "The Patriot"? "The Patriot" is a movie that has the power to move people and left a lasting impression. This is what I am talking about when I say "Resident Evil" is one of the best movies ever.

Carl G. photo
Carl G.

A rogue US Army unit is called in to rescue an Indian submarine in the middle of the ocean, but there is something much bigger at play, and what can you expect from these types of movies? The guy who made this movie is no stranger to the action genre, and he does a nice job mixing it up with the story. There is always tension in the air as well. There is never a dull moment in this movie, which helps to make the movie even more enjoyable. I was impressed with the fact that most of the soldiers in this movie are actually Indian, although a few are American. It is great to see a bunch of Indian soldiers on the screen, since it can help to add a certain authenticity to the film. Also, the fact that this movie is set in the middle of the ocean means that this movie is definitely going to be one to keep an eye out for in the future.

Kyle C. photo
Kyle C.

This is a well made Hong Kong movie about a group of people who are trying to infiltrate a terrorist group and are framed for crimes that were never committed. I know what you are thinking - a good action movie and a good cast. The acting is excellent - there are quite a few scenes that could have gone for a little more body language. However, this is just an exercise in creating an atmosphere. I think the actual terrorists who are the focus of the movie do a pretty good job of acting. There are a lot of scenes where you can tell they are not real and they are meant to be that way. The shooting is done very well - very realistic. The action doesn't come to an end until the very end of the movie. I had to watch this movie to the very end just to finish it. It is a great movie to watch if you are tired of the usual action movies. For the action movie fan. Check this out.

Julie P. photo
Julie P.

This is a film that I thought would not be very good, but I must admit it was very good. Although the ending wasn't as good as I thought it would be, it was still very good and very original. One of the things that I loved about this movie is the excellent background score. The acting was also excellent. I enjoyed the acting of Lee Byung-hun, the guy who played Joon's character. He played a very good actor. I enjoyed watching him act. I also thought the supporting actors played very well. In conclusion, the ending was a bit cheesy, but overall, I really enjoyed this film. I really hope it's not forgotten. I highly recommend watching this movie.

Debra photo

You know the movies are over when the remake/reboot also stars Jae-Hyuk and is a direct remastering of the original Korean film and is highly suitable for its audience - so says me. This is a unique movie, and its all what I would have expected from this movie (and I liked most of the Korean movies made in the 2000s). The plot is entertaining from the very beginning. It is simple but interesting. The acting is superb and the choreography is fantastic. The story is brilliant and somewhat predictable, but the story doesn't matter in the movie. The execution of the story is everything. I'm sure everyone wants to see such a movie. And the scenery is excellent. I like the whole beach scene in the beginning and of course the party scene. The acting is great in many areas. I like the actors all, especially the lead actors. The best acting performance is probably by Jonghyun Jae-Hyuk, as he did the best Korean actor in the 2000s. (The #2 in my top 10 of all time list, and one of the reasons I went to see it.) I think this movie should be released in the US, as it is such a great movie for adults. Adults like to watch movies and they like Korean movies. The movie is a great example of modern Korean cinema and as I said the production values are great and the photography is nice. My favorite part of the movie is definitely the music by Taeyang. Taeyang sings very well and his music deserves more praise.

Ashley B. photo
Ashley B.

The movie is set in what is then South Korea, and it's about the first female executioner (played by Kim So-yeon) and her plans to assassinate a revolutionary leader (played by Yoo Mi-young) while having a baby with her lover. The story is a little more complex than the plot in the movie "The Handmaiden" from 1998, but not as intricate as the plot in the "Leaving Hong Kong" from 1999. The movie is also rated M, but that's only for its strong martial arts, and there are a couple of brief sex scenes and nudity. This is a good movie, but it's not a masterpiece. The acting is great, but the story is a little too complicated for it to be completely thrilling.

Mark Barrett photo
Mark Barrett

I had heard nothing but bad things about this film, so when i saw it, i was very skeptical. i knew it wasn't as great as the previews said. however, it turned out to be one hell of a film! i've seen this film three times now and every time i enjoy it more. not as good as the previews made it out to be. but its still a great movie. i've never seen so many bad reviews, so many people hating on this film, so many hate on it. but i've been fascinated with this film ever since i heard it was made. this is my number one favorite film of all time. always say this, never forget, never say this.

Katherine Scott photo
Katherine Scott

The first quarter of The Hiding's "Hiding" begins with a concert in the middle of a big city, with everything going smoothly until one of the performers is killed by one of the audience members. Soon after, a second performer is kidnapped and the police begins their hunt for the killer. Not only is the first act extremely well-acted, it is also the most violent. The band members get attacked and killed by several thugs, a group of terrorists who attack the police, and a mob of people who throw gasoline on the performers. Each attack is brutal and bloody, with the audience members getting shot with a machine gun and a pistol. The movie ends with the third attack, in which the killer is discovered, but the police can't seem to catch him. He is taken to the hospital where he is stabbed in the stomach with a knife and falls unconscious. The man tries to kill himself, but is stopped by a policeman. "Hiding" is an exceptional movie that shows how violent and violent the Korean society is. It also shows the state of the media in the country, and how the police are getting increasingly corrupt. Although the first act has a great, stylish look, it doesn't give the viewer much insight into the protagonist's character. The acting in the second half of the film is even better. Kim Su-jin's performance as the killer is very convincing. He makes us believe that he really is a crazed maniac, without anyone even noticing him. Hwang Jung-hyun plays the boyfriend of the second performer, and as the leader of the band, he is always calm and composed. This is the most surprising performance, as the character of the girlfriend was very overplayed in the second act. However, I can't say that she was given much to do, and only added to the boring first half. The second act of "Hiding" is a good introduction to the characters, and the music is more than enough to entertain. There are plenty of tracks that I like, including "Doll Shop", "Black Market", and "Afterglow". "Hiding" is definitely worth watching. "Hiding" is a good action movie, and I hope that it will have a long-lasting place in the Korean film industry. My rating: 8/10

Lawrence W. photo
Lawrence W.

This movie is definitely one of the most powerful and sad movies of this year. This movie is made on Korean reality. The setting of the movie is Korea during the Korean War. It's the "19th year of the Korean War" and it is where the war started. The movie is also a Korean War movie. I was very surprised of how the movie was made. I also was surprised that it's a Korean War movie, but it's actually a very well-made and well-acted movie. The movie has a lot of drama, the acting is really great, especially by Yoo Hye-su. I can say that her acting is the best ever. The story is really good and interesting. The only thing I didn't like in this movie is that it's a bit slow and the movie isn't really entertaining. I would give it a 9/10.

Scott photo

Some of the film's best scenes occur when the young men (Yoon and Ryu) observe what their father (Yoo) is up to. They are fascinated with him, but they still believe that he is using the cash to run a full-fledged business in the neighborhood. It is not until Yoon's daughter is abducted by another man that Yoo decides that something must be done about the money he is concealing. He decides to hire Yoo's former childhood friend and old lawman to carry out the task. Only Yoo's friend is in the wrong place at the wrong time, and the order to execute Yoo falls on Ryu, who will soon be involved in the deadly business he believes his friend is hiding. The nature of the money is revealed as well as the real reason behind the two men's bizarre chase. If the director had used a weaker cast, the movie would have been dragged. The actors do a good job, but the movie is still very good.

Alexander photo

I love Nyeon-eui bam. This is a film that my friends and I watch over and over again. I am an artist, and this film is a perfect example of that. The reason I love this film is because the film makers never give the audience a story. You never know who is really the bad guy. The actors do their best to make us believe that. I think the film is very underrated. This is the best film of 2006.

Victoria photo

Stunning images and high-spirited romance. Almost unlikeable characters and strong yet touching in-depth drama. Strong conflict and intense scenes that can't get lost in the entertainment. A story of young people with rather normal lives but they are on a mission to put an end to a terrorist attack that targeted their family's house. They were chased by these people and had to stay alive and solve the crime. I think this is a very good film, although there is one big flaw. It's very hard to think of a more cliche character from the Korean drama film. The character is so typical that I think it doesn't help the story, but it's not completely a problem either. They don't get their time to shine, the conflict between the families doesn't do anything, the drama feels really flat, and it's quite possibly the biggest disappointment of the film. That's the main criticism I have. But overall this is one of the best Korean film I've seen in a long time. The rest of the cast is also really good. 9.5/10

Jesse Bradley photo
Jesse Bradley

Fantastic thriller. I saw this movie without reading the plot, I just thought it would be an exciting and brutal movie and it was. Brilliant. The movie started with my favorite part, the moment the airplane crash and then a girl jumps in front of it, and it was just great. This is a movie that has a lot of drama, romance and suspense. It has a lot of action. It is not too bloody but not too subtle either. It is the most intelligent movie I have ever seen. The actors all did a great job. I would definitely recommend this movie to everyone, I highly recommend it. If you liked Armageddon, I recommend this movie to you. I would give this movie 9 out of 10.

Steven photo

I really love martial arts movies, and I always watch them as if I were watching a real life martial arts movie. The character of Kyong-seok was great. He was great to play as an actor and he is very sexy. I really enjoyed his fight scene, his ability to catch the wind. I have seen him on the television a lot, he's very talented. But I think the one who made the movie was Jeon Ji-hyun. She did a great job in making the movie, I loved her fight scene in the movie. I really liked the way she defeated the teacher and how she dealt with the teacher and the teacher did a great job with his students. He gave a great performance. I also enjoyed the fact that he died and then he went back to the living world. That was a very touching scene. I recommend watching this movie, it's great.

Margaret H. photo
Margaret H.

Su-na's husband is a professional hit-man but his real objective is to make a living as a korean investigator. He knows all about the president's own son. With the help of a disgruntled police officer, the woman takes revenge for her husband's killing. The wife has committed a crime which isn't very serious, but the wife's baby is in danger of dying and the baby's life is in danger if the victim doesn't talk to the wife's husband. Oh, and Su-na is involved too, but that's the story of the movie. The movie is well-written, with some neat twists and a good plot. The acting is okay, except for the wife's character who is the worst I have seen in a movie in a long time. Her lines are out of place and often very boring. Oh, and the ending of the movie is also very predictable, so don't expect a brilliant plot. The movie is aimed at an audience who can understand Korean, the role of Korean as a country is very important in Korean culture. The movie is worth seeing, even though it is only for its possible spoilers. A good movie if you like this genre.

Mark C. photo
Mark C.

My friends have never seen such a good film. I've never seen a film that makes my jaw drop so hard. There were some shocking scenes that shocked me. When you look into it and see how real it was, the movie is unreal. This is the real life that we're living. There was a scene where Lee Young Duk's character almost died. She put her hand in front of her face, so when Lee Young Duk's character did that, her hand went into her face. I've never seen that. If you watch the movie, you'll know what I'm talking about. When I look at the movie, I cry. It's so good that the actor is Lee Young Duk. It's the most difficult part. When I watch this movie, it makes me think about the Korean War and the people who died there. People's lives are so important and tragic. When I watch this movie, I really feel bad for the people who are left behind. How can I make the best out of the opportunity when I'm no longer alive. The movie gives me hope and I don't want to leave this world. I want to be happy when I die. That's why I love this movie. I hope you enjoy it.

Lisa S. photo
Lisa S.

There have been so many non-conventional and unconventional movies coming out of South Korea that I feel the need to make a difference, and the result is this film. Even though it doesn't hit the heights of much of the films that come out of Korea, this film is one of the best I've seen in quite a while, and is one that should be seen by anyone interested in foreign films. The story is simple: an American doctor, Michael Haran (Bradley Cooper), is asked by an international organization to investigate a possible biological weapon on a fictional island in the Pacific Ocean. Michael works with an African man named Vincent (Ben Mendelsohn), who has moved with his family to the island and is apparently having a hard time adjusting to the lack of sunlight on the island. Vincent is able to maintain contact with his people on the island, but he struggles to accept the loss of his older brother and his father who were killed in the attack. He is also missing his girlfriend. His lack of understanding about the disease is in large part due to his weak immune system. Michael, after speaking with some of the locals who know the area, is able to secure supplies to diagnose the disease and to assist in the rescue of the Africans. Once he starts to do his investigation, the rest of the story is revealed. The reason that we as the audience know what is going on is because we already know how this story will end. It is not an ideal ending, but it is not anything that could have been shown in the least bit disloyal to the original. At no point is this a movie that will put anyone off watching the rest of the film. The overall story is one that is both interesting and credible. There is no loose plot here. It is written as an analysis of what actually happened in the attacks on the UN. It is not a fast-paced movie, but it is extremely well acted. Cooper is very believable in his performance, with an amount of sadness and pain you just cannot look away from. Mendelsohn is absolutely perfect in the role, although I have a hard time with his performance at times. He is able to convey some of the emotion that Vincent is feeling, but he also remains very calm and collected throughout most of the film. While it is quite hard to pinpoint who I think is acting better, it is definitely Cooper who shows the most range in the movie. The main reason for this is that, while Cooper has been a part of movies I have liked, I have found him to be far less convincing than Mendelsohn. Despite all of this, I think it was a very good movie. The story is intriguing, the acting is top-notch, and there is a lot of emotion to go around. The only issue that I can see in the ratings of this film are the music videos. I mean, I don't know if this film is for everyone, but I think that music videos are too quick and overly dramatic, but if you are able to look past this, this is a very good movie.

Hannah T. photo
Hannah T.

As a martial arts movie, this movie is very high. There are so many fighting scenes, the fights are so realistic. It is one of the best martial arts movies I have seen in my life time. There are so many amazing fighting scenes, it is hard to describe them all. I could say that this is one of the best martial arts movies I have seen in my life time. The acting is very good. The acting was great, it was a very impressive acting. I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys martial arts movies.

Olivia Hopkins photo
Olivia Hopkins

An effective thriller about life and death. The film explores the different senses in a very realistic way. No wonder this film is nicknamed 'Achingly realistic.' Director Park Ji-woon displays a natural flair and his pacing is tight. He shows us the fear of doing wrong by cutting the movie short with a shock ending. And he gives us ample time to show us the various causes of death and the mechanics of the process. Overall, it is a highly recommended film to be watched.

Madison Mitchell photo
Madison Mitchell

The movie has many interesting scenes, lots of action and a good climax. Good acting from the whole cast.

Kyle O. photo
Kyle O.

If there's one major problem with the movie, it's that we have a decent villain who isn't given enough screen time to start really delving into her actions. Granted, if she had more screen time in the beginning and at the end of the film, her actions would make sense, but the movie doesn't give her enough screen time to show her true purpose. The movie is also inconsistent with the comic, which isn't really a bad thing, but it does give you a problem in terms of the story. As with most Korean crime movies, the villains have villains (the bad guys). The good guys have good guys. This results in an uneven story that's hard to follow. This doesn't mean the movie is bad, but it would have been nice to see some action from the bad guys and the action scenes weren't all over the place. I also believe the movie is based on some of the comic book characters. So, there are some super powers (similar to Iron Man) and there are some Marvel fans who will enjoy this film. It's good, but there's a lot more I want to tell you. Otherwise, it's a good movie with some flaws.

Emily photo

I think this is one of the best made movies I have seen in my life. The plot is somewhat interesting and the plot isn't predictable. It keeps you guessing as the film goes on. I think this film is most loved by the Korean cinema lovers. This is a great Asian action film with a great storyline and it has a great cast. This film is not for the youngest audiences though, as it contains a lot of blood and gore. There are some disturbing scenes in this film that are shocking and can really make you think. I think this is a great film and definitely worth watching.

Christine Carr photo
Christine Carr

This is another great action movie from South Korea. Not much to say about it. Although the story is a little long, I'm not complaining. The story is actually good. The acting is also good, although it was a little boring sometimes. The director also did a good job. He gave the movie some originality, so it is a good movie for the fans. Although it is a remake of the 2003 movie, this one is actually better, because it has a lot more action, more explosions, and it is much more realistic. It also gives a lot more originality to the story. It is a pretty good movie to watch if you like action movies. I suggest that everyone should watch this movie.

Brittany photo

Kangwon Seong-hun's 'The Hunt' is an excellent martial arts film from a director that clearly knows what he is doing, and he also knows when to switch the genre up. This film is a great example of how a film can do what it is supposed to do without having to resort to excessive violence. The film starts off with a normal murder mystery that is supposed to have a villain, and then goes on to a very well done, smart and exciting action-packed mystery that is very unique in that the antagonist is never identified as being the killer. The film is a complex and fascinating mystery that will keep you guessing and engaging. It also uses some psychological twists and turns that I won't spoil for you. It is a great movie that definitely deserves a chance at a second viewing.