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The Grinch

The Grinch is a movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Cameron Seely, and Rashida Jones. A grumpy Grinch (Benedict Cumberbatch) plots to ruin Christmas for the village of Whoville.

Other Titles
Grinčs, Le Grinch, Ha'Grinch, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, グリンチ, Le grincheux, Grinchen, Dr. Seuss' The Grinch, 鬼靈精, Dr. Seuss' the Grinch, A Grincs, O Grinch, Der Grinch, Il Grinch, Grinch, Grincas, Ο Γκριντς, Grinç, El Grinch, Grinč
Running Time
1 hours 25 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Family, Fantasy, Animation, Comedy
Yarrow Cheney, Scott Mosier
Tommy Swerdlow, Michael LeSieur, Dr. Seuss
Cameron Seely, Benedict Cumberbatch, Rashida Jones, Pharrell Williams
France, Japan, USA
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Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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In the town of Whoville, human-like creatures called Whos are filled with excitement about celebrating Christmas. The only one who isn't amused is a cantankerous, green furred creature called The Grinch (Benedict Cumberbatch), who has a heart "two sizes too small" and lives in a cave on the top of Mount Crumpit just north of Whoville. The Grinch's only friend is his loyal pet dog Max and they both only visit Whoville when the Grinch needs to buy food and do bad things. Meanwhile, six-year-old Cindy-Lou Who (Cameron Seely) notices that her mother Donna (Rashida Jones) is overworked trying to take care of her and her twin infant brothers, Buster and Bean. She at first decides to send a letter to Santa Claus to help her mother but after encountering the Grinch, who sarcastically says that she'll have to talk to Santa face-to-face about it, she eventually decides to try and trap Santa with the help of her friends.

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Peter Carroll photo
Peter Carroll

I am not sure how the movie got such low scores from people who haven't seen it, but it's a great movie. It's been so long since I have seen a movie that made me laugh the whole time. The Grinch is a great movie that will stay with me for a long time. I haven't been this entertained by a movie since The Matrix.

Amy photo

I am a Grinch and have always loved this movie. This movie made me smile from beginning to end. It is the funniest movie ever. It has such an adorable story and it is also the best thing ever! The best part is that you get to see this movie and you get to feel the same way I do when I watch it. I always have to look at the Grinch. He is a hero and he is one of the best things in the world. This movie is the best and the best movie ever!

Angela C. photo
Angela C.

The Grinch, is one of the best animated films I have ever seen. I was never really a fan of Grinch before seeing this film. I liked the Grinch as a kid, but I never really liked his personality. He was very hard to like. Now that I have seen this film I can say that he is a true character in my eyes. This movie was so funny, I was on the edge of my seat all the time. The animation is great. The characters were great too. The Grinch was also funny, but also sad and lonely. His voice was so unique. Overall, I give this movie a 9 out of 10. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

Joyce Santos photo
Joyce Santos

We had the pleasure of seeing this film on the big screen and I have to say it is an awesome film. The Grinch was a great film and had some great animation and voice talent in it. This is the first film to ever win the Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film and it is a very good movie. I do recommend seeing this film.

Philip Alvarado photo
Philip Alvarado

I recently saw this movie on HBO. The Grinch is the best movie of 2013. It was so much fun to watch it. I laughed at all the lines. Every time I started to cry I laughed. The story is awesome. I didn't want it to end, it's so funny and fun. I'm going to watch it again right now. My kids are 12 and 9. I think it's a great family movie and I recommend it to everyone. 9/10

Benjamin photo

A brilliant film that is filled with everything that children love. Its heart-warming and it makes you feel good inside. The characters are really funny and the plot is also very clever. The Grinch is a one of a kind character and so is the film itself. I am really proud of the film and the cast.

Pamela H. photo
Pamela H.

This is my favourite Christmas movie of all time. It's the best Christmas movie I've ever seen. The animation is superb. The characters are perfect. The story is simple yet captivating. I can't get enough of this movie. It's the best animated movie I've ever seen.

Deborah photo

This is my first review and I am going to try to keep it short. This movie is so different from the rest of the animated movies. It has a lot of emotions and it makes you feel happy. I really liked this movie because I like all the characters. I really liked how they talked and they acted. It's a great movie for everyone, no matter how you feel.

Virginia H. photo
Virginia H.

I saw this movie the other night on T.V. and i was very excited. I am a big fan of the Grinch. I think this is the best animated movie of the year so far. It's a great family movie with great voice acting and a wonderful plot. I loved the Grinch and this movie will probably go down as one of the best movies of the year. If you are a fan of the Grinch you will enjoy this movie very much. It is a great story about a Grinch and his relationship with his neighbors and his heart's desire for Christmas. The Grinch is portrayed by Jim Carrey who is very funny and awesome. Jim Carrey is great as the Grinch and he was the best choice to play the character. The rest of the voice cast is awesome and they did a great job. I think everyone in the theater that I saw it in was laughing and they were all so happy. This movie was amazing and everyone should see it. This movie was a wonderful way to end the year. Thank you Jim Carrey for giving us the best Grinch of the year. We will be seeing it again!

Alexander Lucas photo
Alexander Lucas

This movie is simply a masterpiece. The animation is top-notch, the characters are a joy to watch and the songs are hilarious. I remember watching the movie in the theatre, and just walking out of the theatre, a joyful feeling in my stomach. This is one of those movies that you can watch over and over again, without even getting bored of the story. A perfect movie for all ages. It is a masterpiece. Disney's Cinderella is a wonderful movie, and I would recommend it to anyone who has not seen it.

Jesse G. photo
Jesse G.

This film was so well done that it just goes to show that a kid can do so much with a script. This film was so good and was much better then the original because of the addition of two new characters (the Beavers and Moggi), the Grinch, and the Grinch's assistant (the Rabbit). I had heard a rumor that the main character of the film was going to be different. I was so glad that he was, because the Grinch had so much to do with the story, and I had never seen the Grinch be a character that was so vital to the story. The entire movie was very well done and I am a huge fan of the original. It was well worth the price of the movie. If you haven't seen it, I strongly recommend it.

Danielle Ryan photo
Danielle Ryan

I was so pleased with this movie. I was really surprised by it. I was actually surprised by the way it was written and how the characters were written. I am glad to see that in the future, more people are starting to realize that The Grinch isn't just a kid. I think that the way that it is written and the way that it was shot was perfect. The way that the characters were written and the way that they were portrayed really makes this movie stand out. It is not just another movie with a fluffy story line. The Grinch is truly the greatest Christmas movie ever made.

Helen N. photo
Helen N.

The Grinch is a great movie for everyone. It is a great story of friendship and family, friendship and family, and even friendship and family. It is a wonderful story about the Christmas spirit, and it is a wonderful movie about the Christmas spirit. I loved it, and I would recommend it to anyone who loves movies.

Bruce photo

This is a great film for families. My 8 year old son and I loved it! It is a classic Disney film with a great message about life and all the little things in it. My son was really into it and I loved the message. My favorite part was the dialogue between the Grinch and the Tin Man. I think the Tin Man was the best part of the movie. He was funny and smart. I loved how the Grinch was so clever and wise. The Grinch is a character that everyone can relate to. The Grinch is not a great character but he is still a great character. The Grinch is a great character because he is not mean and he is not a bad person. He is a good person. I think the Grinch is a great character because he is not a good person but he is still a good person. I think that everyone should see this movie. I give it a 9 out of 10.