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The Eyes of Orson Welles

The Eyes of Orson Welles is a movie starring Mark Cousins, Jack Klaff, and Beatrice Welles. Mark Cousins dives deep into the visual world of legendary director and actor Orson Welles to reveal a portrait of the artist as he's never...

Other Titles
Os Olhos de Orson Welles, Lo sguardo di Orson Welles, La mirada de Orson Welles, Oczy Orsona Wellesa
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1 hours 55 minutes
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Mark Cousins
Mark Cousins
Jack Klaff, Mark Cousins, Orson Welles, Beatrice Welles
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Mark Cousins dives deep into the visual world of legendary director and actor Orson Welles to reveal a portrait of the artist as he's never been seen before.

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Philip Ruiz photo
Philip Ruiz

I saw the trailer of this documentary about the making of The Eyes of Orson Welles, and I was immediately intrigued. I'm a huge fan of Welles' work, and have been since I was a little kid, and I've always been a fan of the documentary on the making of the film, 'The Hours', which was also the director's personal favorite. But, it is one of those documentaries that a lot of people are not aware of, and so they have no idea of the history that was shown in it. So, I was excited to finally see it, and I was very happy that I did. I thought it was very well done. There were a few things that I was disappointed about, but I was never in any way critical of the film. I thought that the documentary did a very good job of showing all the different angles that the director, John Alcott, had of Welles' life. It showed a lot of well known angles, and also showed all the different moments that Welles had to go through in order to achieve his goals. He made his documentaries to get his work seen. He wanted people to see them, and if you look at some of his other documentaries, you can see that. It was a really interesting documentary, and it was very well done. I would definitely recommend it to anybody who is a fan of the film or has any interest in Welles' life. It is definitely worth seeing, and I would definitely recommend it to people.

Rachel photo

A wonderful hour and a half. The theme of Orson Welles is explored in depth by the expert panelists, all of whom are part of the surviving family of Orson Welles. Welles' wife and his family were so taken with him they considered him a God. All of them remembered him as the perfect man, an extraordinary actor, a great director, and a true genius. So if you are a Welles fan or just want to learn more about the man you will be very pleased with this documentary. Some of the comments made by the experts at the end of the documentary are pretty funny, and all of the comments made by Welles himself are fascinating. The documentary also includes footage of Welles' family and their lives through the years. A lot of the subjects that were explored in this documentary were never discussed publicly before or after. The main theme of the documentary is the relationship between Welles and his family. Some of the information that was uncovered in this documentary is very interesting, as well as the way in which the documentary was made. Welles' best friend in life, Marjorie Merriwether, is featured in the documentary, and she has a lot to say about Welles' death. A lot of the facts and information are never shown on the documentary, but the experts at the end of the documentary make sure that you will hear it anyway. A wonderful documentary!

Laura photo

I've been a fan of Orson Welles for many years, and I've seen all of his films. The documentary film "The Eyes of Orson Welles" is a work of genius that makes me believe that Welles was truly a genius. This is a unique film and one that I cannot recommend enough. I have seen the film twice, and I will see it again. The story of Orson Welles is truly fascinating. This film gives you a true look into the man that gave us the brilliant films "Citizen Kane" and "Casablanca", and also the truly terrifying "A Day Without a Mexican". If you haven't seen this film, you really should.

Laura Ford photo
Laura Ford

A visual and aural treasure for all the Orson Welles lovers. These movies are the basis of the extraordinary saga of Orson Welles' life and the problems with the film festival that he fought so long to have approved. The movie is an excellent story of a brilliant man and a brilliant actor. The production is amazing, the acting is superb, the cinematography is superb, the costumes and sets are great, and the screenplay is brilliant. The movie begins with the birth of Orson Welles and ends with his death, and it's a story of the birth of a genius and the creation of a story. The movie follows the evolution of Orson Welles and his struggles with the censorship of the film festival. The movie is a film of the conflict of Orson Welles and his friend Halley Carrol. The movie is an experience of a great man, who left behind many great movies that were significant and important for the history of film and art. The movie is a film of the conflict of Orson Welles and the censorship of the film festival. The movie is a movie of a great man and a great actor, who was killed before he could finish his masterpiece.

Arthur Henry photo
Arthur Henry

The film is about Orson Welles, who was known for his radio broadcasts. But his work is not the only thing he was known for. He also wrote the scripts of the films "The War of the Worlds" and "Jaws." This film covers his career from his early days as a young boy who creates fake sound recordings for his radio broadcasts to his early days as a star in Hollywood. This film covers all of Welles' great works from his early days on in Hollywood. But it does not cover his early days in radio and it does not cover his radio broadcasts. The film is a biography of Welles, a guy who is still considered a legend. But this is not what the movie is about. It's about Welles' genius. This is a great film and a must see for anyone who has ever heard of or seen a radio broadcast.

Madison photo

.but in truth, we know as much as they do. It is not just the lack of transparency about this wonderful film. It is the lack of real insight into how things actually happened. It is the inability to see that the cinematography and sets and music and all the rest of it are part of the artistic experience of this film, not its entertainment value. I also found the editing sloppy and the acting uneven, but in the end, the film is great. The movie starts and ends with a beautifully photographed sequence of Orson Welles performing. This scene is the most moving and beautiful thing in the film. And then the film fades to black. What is the point?

Frank photo

Although I'm not sure how much I want to give it a 10, I think it's a great documentary. It contains wonderful interviews with Welles, "The Other" writer Harold Pinter, and the great Richard Strauss, as well as Welles's great friend Henry Ford and his friends. Most of the material is taken from Welles's own oral history interviews, as well as interviews with Welles and Ford. The content is generally interesting and well-documented, and the fact that Welles went through a lot of painful mental illness during this period is fascinating. The fact that the material was almost entirely forgotten for decades and is now coming to light makes this film even more interesting. The images that the film highlights are some of the most moving and powerful images that I have ever seen in a documentary. There's not a single boring moment, and the research and interviews are very thorough. The cast of well-known guests are very good, and even Richard Strauss who played Welles's alter-ego in the movie, gives a very good interview. I'd recommend this documentary to anyone who likes documentaries, or just someone who is interested in Welles's life and works.

Joe photo

I loved it. If you're a fan of Orson Welles, this is a must. The film is a fascinating look into Welles' obsession with an actor that he fell in love with. He saw him as an all star, and believed him to be capable of such acting. However, it wasn't so. The story is fascinating and the film is fascinating. This is a must watch.

Dorothy C. photo
Dorothy C.

I don't usually like documentaries but I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I was only able to view it a few days ago and I want to know more about the history of this film. I'm glad I didn't pay to see it. The acting was top notch and there was never a dull moment. The main subject of the film was Orson Welles' relationship with the artist Paul Mazursky and the relationship between Welles and Sidney. This was a great love story. I loved the documentary itself and it didn't detract from my viewing experience. I really recommend this documentary to everyone. The focus was on the people who made the film and not on the personalities. I would also recommend seeing the documentary before you see the film. It gives you a better understanding of the film.

Eugene photo

I have to agree with another reviewer. If you haven't seen this film, DO NOT MISS IT! The film is fascinating and worth seeing again. The story follows Orson Welles in the 1930s. Orson is a brilliant writer and a genius at manipulating his audiences. Orson wanted to produce a film that would be in the same category as Citizen Kane and what he got was the film version of Citizen Kane. Orson had an idea that he wanted to use for a film. He wanted to use the words of Shakespeare. He was going to use the words of one of the most influential writers of all time. His plan went wrong and he ended up producing this film, the film version of Citizen Kane. What he failed to realize is that it was too successful. People loved this film and this film is still considered a classic in the movies today. The film is well made. The acting is good. The director, Marlon Brando, is a legend in his own right. I think that Orson Welles and Marlon Brando are the two greatest directors of all time. If you haven't seen this film, do it, and then watch it again and again and again. It is worth every minute of it.

Barbara photo

While there is not much in the way of history, the BBC series "The Eyes of Orson Welles" did a pretty good job in piecing together his life story and how he used his medium of film to tell his story. The television show is not a lot different and does a pretty good job, except that you can skip some of the more riveting parts. You can't. But the TV series is entertaining and informative and well worth watching. The TV series is a great way to get a general sense of the man and his works. The movie does a good job of showing how Orson Welles made his films, but it has some flaws. One of the main problems is that the movie does not show all of his films that well. We get a few brief glimpses of each film and they are not very informative. Also, the music from his films is not very good and not very memorable. In addition, I found the end of the movie disappointing. I found it to be a little to long for what was supposed to be a 90-minute movie. I give the movie a 10/10.

Jessica W. photo
Jessica W.

This is an excellent documentary about the life of Orson Welles. You will hear from many of the people involved in the making of the movie, and this will give you an idea of the high level of talent involved. In the documentary you will hear from Orson Welles, the original actors, the producers, and you'll hear from many of the people who worked with him. This is a must see!

Judith W. photo
Judith W.

I went to this movie not knowing what to expect. I have a few friends who were going, and it was just a one-time ticket, so I thought it would be a fun way to kill a few hours. It was not. While I did learn a bit about the movie and the process of creating a movie, the movie itself was not particularly well done. I didn't have any issues with the pacing, but it didn't flow well at all. The first half of the movie seemed like it was going to drag on forever, and I really didn't care about any of the characters, not even the one guy in the movie, even though I loved his character. I don't want to give away anything so I won't say much about it. I can only say that I am glad I did not pay to see this in theaters, because I would have had a bad experience. So go see it if you like sci-fi and/or have friends who are going, but if you're expecting a great movie, I'd say pass.

Gary R. photo
Gary R.

I am a film lover. I love to be entertained and always looking for a new view on a movie. And that is what I find in this movie. It is a documentary about the life of the great director Orson Welles and his life and career. It is the story of Welles' life and career. It is a well documented life and career. I am glad that the movie has been made. I know it will be very difficult to show the movie and its content, because many people don't understand it. So I suggest that you watch it and you will see. I am sure you will appreciate it. I hope that you will feel free to share your thoughts about the movie with me. I am very interested in your comments. I hope you will love the movie and I hope that you will enjoy it.