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The Times of Bill Cunningham

The Times of Bill Cunningham is a movie starring Bill Cunningham and Sarah Jessica Parker. A new feature film documentary about legendary NYTimes photographer Bill Cunningham.

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The Times of Bill
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1 hours 14 minutes
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Mark Bozek
Mark Bozek
Bill Cunningham, Sarah Jessica Parker
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A new feature film documentary about legendary NYTimes photographer Bill Cunningham.

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Richard photo

I watched this documentary a few days ago, and I must say it is a very moving and entertaining movie. It does not matter that the subject matter is extremely serious - the subject matter is what makes this documentary a great movie. It's about an interesting, but highly controversial topic - that of AIDS and HIV. It is not about the life and death of an individual or a family, but about the life and death of a nation. This documentary does not shy away from showing the sad, and often shocking, truth of the epidemic, and does not gloss over the deaths and illnesses that have been caused by the disease. This is a very interesting, and in my opinion, very important documentary.

Laura Greene photo
Laura Greene

This is a great documentary about how the CIA tortured people. The film was made in conjunction with the UK Parliament and is the result of a Freedom of Information Act request by the British government. The film is divided into two parts, one about the Agency and the second about the British Parliament. The first part is mostly just the same old story of CIA torture and the British Parliament's reaction. This is followed by a segment on the recent trials of the CIA torturers. The second part is the Parliament's hearings into the CIA torturers and how they came to be in prison. This is a very interesting segment that covers some very interesting things, such as the Church Committee hearings, the CIA's involvement in the Nicaraguan Contra drug war, and the report that revealed the CIA's involvement in the assassination of Martin Luther King. The documentary is very well done, and I highly recommend it.

Dennis photo

In 1978, the big studio system was coming to an end, and the independent film studios were getting the ball rolling. With the popularity of independent films being on the rise, a lot of filmmakers went looking for opportunities and came to the big studios, hoping to be discovered. What happened to them? Well, a lot of them didn't make it. I'm going to tell you how, and how it ended up. I will not reveal the ending, but I will say that this documentary does a good job of showing how the big studios saw independent films and how they worked to keep them from reaching the big screen. The first documentary I would recommend is "The Big Picture", which was released in 2001 and is still a very good documentary. I would say that "The Times of Bill Cunningham" is a better documentary, but still not a great documentary. It doesn't have the same high quality, but it is a good documentary and it shows how independent films were made. This documentary is a good documentary to watch on a rainy day or when you are on a rainy day and you need a little inspiration. It is definitely worth watching, and I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of independent films. This documentary is good for a rainy day, but it is not a great documentary, but still it is good and worth watching.

Lauren B. photo
Lauren B.

Bill Cunningham was a top actor in the 80s. He starred in such great movies as "Dirty Harry", "Rabbit-Proof Fence" and "A Clockwork Orange". "The Times of Bill Cunningham" is about his life and how he became a pioneer of film making in Australia. The documentary starts with a short biography of Cunningham. Then we are introduced to his work, his early films and his career in Hollywood. The movie then jumps to the present day where Cunningham has become a superstar in Australia and the US. He has appeared in "The Beatles", "The Godfather" and "The Godfather Part II". This documentary is a great film to see and you will be touched by it. My rating: 8/10

Eric G. photo
Eric G.

This is a very moving documentary about a couple of Marines who were married for over 25 years and their efforts to become a family. This is the first film by a woman to have a male protagonist. The story is very realistic, and the way the viewer is able to connect with the characters is very powerful. I also enjoyed seeing the historical aspects of the film, especially when they were filming at the Marine Corps Base in Coronado, California. The film shows the Marines in their everyday lives and their commitment to family and the community. There is a lot of insight into the Marine Corps, and how the culture is slowly being changed. The film is a must see for anyone who has ever lived in a family that is not a military family.

Christine Pearson photo
Christine Pearson

I've never read the book but I've heard it's a good one. I'm not going to say I loved it because I don't, but I liked the movie. It's not a very good movie but it's not bad. The movie does a great job of explaining the concept of "the fifth estate" and how it's used by both government and the media. The movie also shows the government's "lack of transparency" and the news media's "tolerance for government secrets" and how this affects people's lives. I especially liked the movie's analysis of how "information warfare" works. I think this is a great movie for anyone who wants to learn more about the concept of "the fifth estate" and how the media can be used by the government. It's also a great movie for anyone who wants to see how government has been covering up important information about the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The movie also shows how the media can be used by the government to try and sway public opinion. If you're interested in this, I recommend watching the movie. It's a good movie.

Dennis James photo
Dennis James

This is a fascinating and poignant look at the history of the Australian War of Independence and the Australia's struggle to become independent from British rule. For many Australians this is the most important event in their history and it's hard to find people who don't know about it. The film is also a great piece of propaganda. It shows how the people of Australia have been divided and the very real possibility that there could be another war, or at least a bloody civil war, if there was a repeat of the war in the late nineteenth century. This is not a film about the war, it's about the war itself and how it affected the people and the nation. It also shows the negative effects that the war had on the young. This is the film that Australia was going to make for most of its history, and it's a shame that it didn't make it.

Johnny photo

It's a good documentary, with a lot of detail and very well presented. But the main problem is that the movie doesn't really explore the history of the school. It's like the movie is based on the book, but it doesn't really tell the story. In the book, the school was a Christian school, and the main problem was the fact that they weren't allowed to use the word "Jesus" in their school. In the movie, they try to show the history of the school, but the movie is a little too short. It's only about the main characters and they don't really explain a lot of details, like the teachers' salaries, or why the school was closed down. The main character, Bill Cunningham, is really interesting, and it's a shame that the movie is so short. Overall, the movie is good, but it doesn't really tell the story of the school.

Rebecca P. photo
Rebecca P.

This documentary about the life of Bill Cunningham, the most influential jazz pianist of the 20th century, shows him in the studio, playing at the top of his game, making music that will not be duplicated, and the controversy surrounding his career. It is a story of one man, and one man alone. It is a great documentary, but it is a little bit too long. The film is well made, and it is a must see for any jazz fan, but it is too long and a little bit too much.

Robert photo

I found the documentary a lot of fun. It has a great focus on the subject, but it's a very serious documentary that does show the inconsistencies in the story. The film has some really interesting insights into the nature of the marriage. But there is some major problems with the film that I thought could have been handled a little better. For example, I thought the people who were the main witnesses to the crimes should have been more prominent in the film. The film would have been more accurate if the main witnesses had been the husband and wife. It would have been more interesting to see the wife's reactions to the crime, instead of her being the primary witness. I also thought that the documentary was a little too serious for some of the people in the audience. It did show the crime scenes in great detail, but it was a little hard to believe that this was actually the real story. I think the film would have been better if the crime scenes were a little more distorted to show how the story was actually portrayed. The movie could have used some editing to show how the police and prosecutors actually reacted to the crime scenes. Overall, I thought the film was very good and interesting. It is a very good documentary and it shows the complexities of the story. I would recommend it to anyone interested in the subject.

Dorothy photo

The film is a portrait of the life of a very difficult man, a very popular comedian in a very long life. His life is told through the eyes of his close friends and those who knew him, all the way to his death. The film does not shy away from the stories of his relationships with the women he was with, his friends, his family and his own family. It's clear that he had a very difficult life, and that he was a very complex person, which is evident from the fact that he never married and never had children. The film also shows the different times he lived through, and how he reacted to different situations. It also shows his struggle with his wife and his children, and his life in general. The film is an interesting look at a very complex man. The performances are excellent and the cinematography is excellent. I was particularly impressed with the sound design, which was very effective. The only slight disappointment is that it doesn't get very close to the time period of his life. Still, it is a very interesting look at the life of Bill Cunningham. I recommend this film to anyone interested in the life of Bill Cunningham.

Julie M. photo
Julie M.

This is a very interesting documentary. It is a very well written documentary and it is full of interesting facts and interesting facts. I have to admit that it is a little hard to follow the movie in the beginning, because it is very graphic and it is very slow. I mean, the beginning of the movie is very graphic and slow, and then you have to read the rest of the movie, and then you have to see the movie again. It is really a tough process to watch a movie and then read a book to see it again. This movie is very good. It is very well written. It is very well acted. It is very well directed. It is very well produced. It is very well made. I think this movie is very good and very well done. It is a good documentary and I would recommend it to anybody.

Martha Gomez photo
Martha Gomez

I was lucky enough to catch this on TV recently and I was very impressed by the way the movie was presented. The movie was very well made and I liked how it was told from the perspective of a person who has been involved in the culture of prostitution in the area. The viewer can see that the people who are in charge of the prostitution are all very self-centered and self-serving and that is why they are so violent and corrupt. I also liked the way that the movie was presented in a way that was not overtly graphic and that the viewer could not see the sex acts. There were some parts of the movie that were very graphic and very disturbing but I think the viewer should be able to see the act without being disturbed. I thought that the movie was very well presented and the actors were all very good. I also thought that the movie was very realistic and that I would like to see more movies like this one.

James Hunt photo
James Hunt

The Times of Bill Cunningham, a documentary on the life and times of one of America's best known authors, is an interesting look at the life and times of one of America's best known authors. It's a very difficult thing to capture the time period, but the director does a good job of it. He gets to the heart of the times and lets the audience see that the times were different. The film isn't really about the author, but the times. The film doesn't give us much information about the author, but the times. The times were different, the author was different, but the times were still the same. The director captures the times and lets the audience see that. The film is a great look at the times, and it's an important look at the times. I recommend this film to anyone who likes a good look at the times. It's a good look at the times, and it's an important look at the times.

Zachary photo

I am very much a fan of David Bowie and this documentary gives an excellent insight into the man, his work and his life. The documentary is really a love story, Bowie and his wife are on screen together, and they both work in the same company. Bowie was a very private person, he was very private about his work and his personal life. It is very touching that he managed to get his family to agree to this documentary, and it is a great testament to his work. Bowie's life was very short and it was a very happy time for him, his work was very important to him and he lived the life he wanted to live. I would definitely recommend this documentary to anyone who is a Bowie fan, or is interested in Bowie. It is a very touching documentary, and it is very moving.